Hillary Laughed Like a Monster

On December 24 2015, I dreamed I was in a clothing store with lots of clothes tightly hung on a long hanger. Checking on each of them, I was slowly walking sideways to my left. I didn’t see there was someone standing on my left, so I lightly bumped into a woman. I immediately said to her, “Sorry.”

She turned her face toward me and it was Hillary Clinton. She was enraged. It was the most evil look on any human being’s face I have ever seen.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Is Going To Shed Blood in the Church

The Lord started giving me dreams and visions in 2006. Up until October of 2013, I was just a typical housewife and satisfied with daily news feeds from CNN and MSNBC and naively believed everything they said. Then one night, in a dream I saw the word “MATRIX” in green color on a black background. The huge word in all capital letters was shown right in front of my eyes like a movie screen.

At that time, I had never heard of a “Matrix” so I was puzzled and wondering what it meant.… [Continue reading...]