A Storm of Incredible Force is Going to Hit the East Coast of the USA

Very early on the morning of August 2 2016, I received a vision.  In this vision, I was just above the ocean looking at a couple of buoys, one white and one orange. Both buoys were being buffeted by a storm of increasing intensity coming in off the ocean.  As I was pondering what this could mean, I was moved to look towards land. As I did, I saw light houses jutting up out of the ocean, as opposed to sitting on the shore.… [Continue reading...]

Blood Cries Out from the Land of Canada

I received this word on October 23 2015 and I really feel led to share it.

“I am grieved, Oh Canada. Oh My people, I have longed that you would stand up to take your place, Oh Canada, as a TRUE North, pointing to that which IS True. A North STRONG, standing against the tides of destruction.

Oh Canada, I had longed for you to be a FREE North, free to choose many things on many levels, and yet you have chosen against this.… [Continue reading...]