“The separation to take place is to keep this nation from extinction, not to remove it from the maps.”

I received the following word on September 4 2017.

“Your focus is on things of this world; what is happening around you. Look to the spiritual and what is happening. The spiritual in you! You are gaining ground; you are moving ahead. What the world sets as standards are not My standards. What the churches do most of the time are not what I would have them do. Busyness is not godliness. Busyness is just being busy. Continue to pray and prepare.… [Continue reading...]

“The true separation is about to take place.”

In prayer the Lord gave me this word on August 21, 2017.

Tomorrow is another day; another day in time; a time of separation. Separating My own will begin. Preparation to separate from this wickedness is here. It will begin from this moment on. Start to look as in separating yourselves from this wickedness. The next seven years will be a time to bring My people out from among the wickedness; out to safety as judgments come upon the land.

Several years ago, the Lord told me and many other prophets that He will start separating the sheep and goats; that there will be a clear difference in His children and the world’s.… [Continue reading...]

“Nation after nation will be crushed by the crumbling of the economy, and then they are easy to take over.”

Something is up! The Lord has given me a dream and a word yesterday, July 2 2017. I would like to share with you what I am seeing and hearing from the Lord.

July 2 2017 Dream – Two Bombs

I dreamed myself and several others were in a car driving. In the distance, we could see two large black areas of smoke rising in the sky. The driver asked, “What is that?”

I said, “They look like bombs.”

Then suddenly, bombs were falling from the sky.… [Continue reading...]

“The hour for another level of worship is here, an hour of seeing great things manifest.”

I received the following word from the Lord on March 30, 2017.

“The hour for another level of worship is here, an hour of seeing great things manifest during worship. The physical eyes will begin to see what was only seen with the spiritual eyes before, glorious appearings, angelic hosts, gold, gems, manna. These things were seen rarely and by few, but those that will rise up in worship will come to another level in frequency and multiplication. Frequency not only in (the number of) times, but higher frequency of the heavens.… [Continue reading...]

“The church as you know it is over in this nation. I am doing a new thing.”

In January 2014, I began to notice a triple digit of 222. I was awakened and it was 2: 22 a.m. A check I wrote was $222 dollars. It seemed like every time someone called me, or I looked at the time it was 2:22 P.M. On January 26 2014, Rich and I went to Redding California to a Bethel conference. When we arrived to our room there on the door was the room number, 222!

I thought maybe something awesome was going to happen at this conference and it had something to do with 222.… [Continue reading...]

Journal Reveals Pattern of Prophetic Warnings

As I was looking back at my journal of previous words God has given me, I saw a pattern of several things. The following words are in part to show this:

4/18/16 – “I give you a vision today of tomorrow. The bomb will hit, the chaos will begin, and the disaster will be the road to salvation for many. I told you to be ready; I told you disaster would bring them. Preparation must take place.”

9/12/16 – “This hour so volatile, it is on the verge of collapse around the world.… [Continue reading...]

“The Bomb Will Come from the East, Not on American Soil”

I received the following word from the Lord on January 5, 2017:

“The time of preparation is not over. Do not get discouraged or live in despair, but continue this path. I need you to continue this path. Today you trust Me, and hear My voice, for tomorrow you know not what comes.”

As I was praying I kept seeing and hearing a bomb. Then I heard this:

“This will set in motion what must be. The bomb will come from the east.… [Continue reading...]

God is Going to Reveal the Lies and Deception of Our Highest Levels

On October 26th 2016, my husband and I were praying. We had made a commitment to fast and pray until the election. At about 8 pm, I suddenly felt I was above the United States looking down over the entire nation. There was a huge black hole in the middle of the nation, and I felt like I was being sucked into this hole of darkness. This pit just kept sucking more and more and more of the U. S.… [Continue reading...]

“I Have Set Before You a Choice, Blessings and Curses”

Smith Wigglesworth once said, “One word from Him can change a nation.” As I read that quote I began to pray for this nation. This is the word I received.

“You say with your mouth, but you do not do. You stand with your voice, but you do not do. I have heard the cries of selfishness and desires long enough. I have heard of the killings of My people, My people, without a voice to be heard. This nation cries out for yourself but not for those that are voiceless.… [Continue reading...]

The Greatest Time in History We Have Ever Known Has Begun

On October 19 2014, I dreamed I was in a theater with many others. I knew the last days had begun. There was an urgency to get out of the theater, so a group of us got up from our seats and were leaving, heading towards the front of the theater towards the exit door on the left. One of the women looked at me and said, “What’s happening?”

I replied, “The greatest time in history we have ever known has begun.”

As we arrived at the exit door there was a wall in front of the door.… [Continue reading...]

This is a Battle and You Are in a War Zone

My word from the Lord: The hour to speak out is here. The hour to tell others of Me is here. This is a battle, and you are in a war zone. The enemy will come against you and you must stand and fight. You must understand that the Lord is with you. You must understand that trials and tribulations will come, but many victories and successes will come also.

In battle you march towards the battle zone. In battle you fight when necessary.… [Continue reading...]

Will You Fight As If You Could Change The Destiny of This Land?

When the Lord starts asking me questions I know He knows the answers already! But I also know there is a reason He puts this into a question form. Do we know the answer? Have we thought about it? Do we seek Him for the answers? When the Lord asks questions, I begin to ask myself questions, and look at my surroundings to see if I am doing my part.

The Lord gave me the following word to share.

“You must be bold and unafraid in the hour of persecution; wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove.… [Continue reading...]

This Will Be a Sign to You of the Fall of Man and Awakening of a New Order

Winter is a time for cold weather. Why are seasons so out of line? Why in summer is it not hot and spring green with new growth? Why do the leaves stay on the trees in the fall? What is this phenomenon?

“Seasons change in the natural form by Me, yet you see these things so out of time. Manipulation of the seasons is part of a great fall. What you think you need for winter you will need for summer.

[Continue reading...]

False Flags Will Fly and Terror Will Come Suddenly

“The day is gloomy and the night arrives swiftly, as the government of this land goes on with their agendas. False flags will fly and terror will come suddenly and hearts will faint with fear. You have been warned and told of the things that are coming upon the land. There is nothing I have not told you, so you can prepare and expect the great day of the Lord.

As the armies gather together and choose sides, this is a dangerous hour.… [Continue reading...]

I Will Lift Up Those That Have Walked in Righteousness to Know Me in a New Way

It is a very scary world we live in today. The economy is about to collapse. The government is corrupt. The world appears to be on the verge of war. Yesterday as I was praying, I felt peace come over me, and the Lord spoke these words.

“Though I walk with My children they still fear. I say do not fear for I have heard your cries and I, the Great One, will answer your prayers. I will lift up those that have known righteousness and have walked in righteousness to know Me in a new way.

[Continue reading...]

Terror is Coming From Your Own Nation, From the Inside, Not the Outside

Today I had a dream in which I saw Christians being murdered in America.

I was out on the street that was very busy with people going back and forth. There were some people there gathering all of us and putting us in a large room.

I knew it was a church building they were putting us in, and I knew we were Christians. We all began to realize something was wrong, they were going to kill us. We were not allowed to speak or get up, if we did not obey they would kill us immediately.… [Continue reading...]

Out of this Darkness I Will Raise Up an Army

I was driving on my way to work and praying about future events. The Lord showed me a vision of a small whirlwind. As I was looking at it I saw a much larger one coming up behind it and appeared to overtake it.

I then received this word from the Lord:

“As the large comes up and overtakes the small, so it is in this hour. The large will overshadow the small. The small cry for justice shall be overshadowed by the great darkness.… [Continue reading...]