“The fulfillment of the warnings I have been giving you is close. It’s at the door.”

I live in Houston, but on August 21, I was on military leave on a two-week vacation with my family. I had planned this vacation around the eclipse about 3 years ago.

That night, I looked at the weather (since I am a 30 year meteorologist) and saw what would later become hurricane Harvey. I knew we would probably have to cut our vacation short.

Then we drove to our next destination (Lexington, KY) so we could go to the Ark Encounter.… [Continue reading...]

The Coming Storm Will Hit Quickly and Unexpected

On the morning of March 3rd, 2017, I awoke at 3:53 am from a terrible dream. I believe it was from the Lord. I have a peace about it and I have increased in knowledge about it over time (it has become more vivid). It does not violate scripture and it agrees with the Rhema the Lord has revealed to His servants.

I was standing in a large formation of several hundred military personnel. It was summer. We were in a run-down industrial complex of some sort.… [Continue reading...]

God is Sending Revival, But Satan is Preparing to Infiltrate by Sending Angels of Light

I want to share a dream I had on the night of February 20 2017. It serves as a warning to not let our guard down.

The day before this dream, I had returned from a prayer retreat where the theme was repentance and revival of the nation. Prophets, pastors, and teachers had gathered from various parts of the nation and for two days focused on prayer.

In the dream, I was at a prayer retreat, very much like the one I just left, small and intimate.… [Continue reading...]

God Will Hide His People in Plain Sight

At 1:30 AM on 28 September 2016, I dreamed I was walking alone along a small river/creek, which had a lot of brush growing along the banks, and some small trees.

Within the brush were shanty-type huts. Some were nothing but tarps spread out among the limbs of the small trees. The creek made a 90-degree bend to the right. As I was walking there, I was joined by someone and was having a conversation with them. We walked in along what seemed to be a “right-of-way.” To the right was the creek and the brush.… [Continue reading...]

“America Will Crumble. It is My Will. I Will Establish it.”

On August 3 2016, I received the following word from God for the United States of America.

“Thus says the Lord, My hand of vengeance is upon this land. My hand is upon the church and my hand is upon the fields. Your harvests will fail. My hand is in this election. I will accomplish My will for My glory. I will not be mocked – whatsoever a nation sows, so shall it reap.

The US has sown destruction – it has sown violence – debauchery – lasciviousness – and sin.… [Continue reading...]

Great Judgment is Coming on the Church in America

On May 14 2016, I dreamed I was in a small room filled with people, young and old, from all races. They were all standing because there was no place to sit and waiting on a word and a touch from the Lord.

There was excitement in the air because everyone was eager to experience the goodness of the Lord. I laid my hands on a young boy who I felt had a demon. As I touched him my hand tingled.… [Continue reading...]

Judgment Coming to America’s Defiant Sleeping Churches

I had a terrible dream on the night of May 8 2015. It was very vivid and terrifying. I awoke in a cold sweat and immediately knew this was a dream from the Lord.

In my dream, I walked up to a concrete slab (maybe 20’ x 20’) situated in the middle of a green field. One by one, four men laid down individually. All of them were nude in various poses. A voice told me, “These people will burn.”

Then I saw a giant blow-torch, about three feet in diameter, belching a long stream of blue flame, which consumed each of these people, one at a time.… [Continue reading...]