All Eyes Are on One, But it is The Wrong One

All is not as it appears. In the natural there is a heralding of preserved freedom. There is an expectation that as we move forward we will return to a resemblance of a time gone by. There is a resurgence of national pride for many. America is the land of hope restored. Yet this hope is misplaced. It is not hope in Me. It is hope in a man. All eyes are on one, but it is the wrong one.

This is not, nor was it ever, about Donald Trump.… [Continue reading...]

The Greater the Division in the World, the Greater the Solidarity in the Church

This morning, July 14 2016, I received the following word:

“Many in this nation are angry. This anger is not new. It has been building for some time. The questions that must be asked with regards to this anger are, “Why are they angry?” “Who is the object of their anger?” and “What is the proposed solution to satisfy that anger?”

Many discern that changes are taking place in our nation. There is a sense of uneasiness surrounding the word (change) itself and that sense is multiplied as it is mingled with uncertainly and confusion.… [Continue reading...]

“They Seek to Change the Face of America”

How do I describe what is happening in my heart? On one hand, I feel a deep sense of sadness as I watch events unfold before my eyes. The violence is growing in intensity and frequency. In my spirit I know this is it. These terrible events, as horrific as they may be, are still just foreshadowing of what is on the horizon.

It seems like chaos and yet there is order to this pattern of destruction. For all the things that seem to be going wrong the plans of some are succeeding.… [Continue reading...]

While The World Hides in Caves, My People Will Be Hidden in The Secret Place

Often I receive words or pictures from the LORD that are incomplete.  For a period of time I am left only with that revelation without much being added to it.  Then a day comes when He fills the gap so I see a more complete picture or receive a more complete word.

I say, “More complete” because I believe once God seals a word in our heart it lives within us.  While we may think we have received the complete understanding we never know what additional revelation might be added. … [Continue reading...]

Many Are The Voices Speaking Lies in This Season

“An awakening of the prophetic is underway.  In fulfillment of My words in Joel 2 this is coming to pass.  My word is spoken forth by those who have sold out to My kingdom and My purposes.  Those who have submitted themselves unto Me are My chosen vessels to pour forth My rhema words in this season.

The enemy recognizes this move taking place and he has been executing his response to it.  Like dirt being added to pure water he uses the false to pollute the real. … [Continue reading...]

The Days of Elections are Quickly Coming to a Close, Leading to the Days of Execution

Throughout history there is a story of many great nations.  These nations are recorded, but they either no longer exist or they are no longer in power.  At the height of their triumphs, no one could imagine that it would not last and yet it never did.

Now the cities of these once great nations are buried beneath centuries of dirt.  The ideals they sought to advance are no longer observed or even remembered by many.  Each has suffered its demise even as new nations have been raised in its place. … [Continue reading...]

A Time of Great Sorrows is Upon You

“A time of great sorrows is upon you. Never has there been a time such as this in your nation and never again will such a time come. The decisions you have made (speaking to the nation as a whole) are not without consequence. The choice you have made to turn your backs on Me in favor of your own lusts and the gods formed by your own hands have forced Me into a position concerning you. For a season I turned My back.… [Continue reading...]

God is Raising an Army to Make a Bold Stand

As we look at the world around us, it is easy to see the many things that have gone wrong. All too often we focus on the violence that rages out of control, the brokenness that is pervasive throughout the land and the hunger that sends many to bed at night with pangs in their stomachs. We throw up our hands and cry, “Where are you, God?”

These things are realities of the world that we live in and we were not meant to turn a blind eye to them.… [Continue reading...]

The Wheat Will Become Distinguishable from the Tares

The word below I received yesterday morning in prayer.  I hope it blesses and edifies the Body of Christ.

“You look around and realize it is hard to find Me in this world.  It seems as though there is nothing but darkness, even in the places that were filled with light not long ago.  You envision this growing darkness is indeed winning.  You wonder when and if the light will return.  Even love, true love, seems like a distant memory.  That light which remains in you seems like a target. … [Continue reading...]

The Terror of the LORD is Coming to the United States of America

“Oh, My precious child, you are going to need to trust Me, but not just with your pen.  You are going to need to trust Me with your mind, with your heart, and with your very life (Proverbs 3:5-6).  There are things which are about to come upon this land that will strike terror into the hearts of men. (Luke 21:26)  They will search high and low for the causes and the solutions.  They will long for safety and security but none will be found apart from Me (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

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My Hand is About to Sweep Across the Churches of Your Nation

“Let us sit here together.  As you close your eyes and are overcome with peace, remain there.  Commune with Me and I will commune with you.  I am always with you according to My word.  Yet you only sense My presence when you focus on Me and search with the eyes of your heart.  What we desire is the same.  You are mine and I long for intimacy with you.  Sometimes you will come to this place and it will feel as though I have not. … [Continue reading...]

The Calling Given to My Remnant Will Not Be Overcome by the Plans of the Enemy

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.  These words of warning have become the playbook of evil men and women.

There is a public relations campaign to transform the views of people to the point where their ability to tell right from wrong is so warped that their perception of these thing will be turned upside down.  This perversion has been overtaking your nation for years and it is now coming to a head on issues that Bible believing (radical Christians) know to be moral absolutes.… [Continue reading...]

The Enemy From Within Has Opened the Gate So The Enemy from Without Will Meet Little Resistance

I am going to preface this word only by saying I did not want to write it and I don’t particularly want to share it.  However, this isn’t about me and what I like or don’t like. It’s also not about what I want to speak or not to speak.  It is about the LORD God Almighty and what He has to say.  So with that I will get out of the way.  What follows is the word the LORD gave me early this morning. … [Continue reading...]

You Stand on the Edge of the Abyss

This is the word of the LORD given to me this morning in prayer. Please take this word before Him in prayer to confirm it. I am just the messenger and it is my desire that the message be true to what the LORD Jesus is saying in this hour.

“You stand on the edge of the abyss and yet most are blind to it. Their vision is already consumed with their hearts’ desire and that desire is for the things of this world.

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