Prophetic Dream Exposes False Churches

She named the boy Ichabod, saying, “The Glory has departed from Israel”—because of the capture of the ark of God and the deaths of her father-in-law and her husband. (1 Samuel 4:21)

In early spring of 2009, I had a very unique dream. The setting was in a large city somewhere in the United States, but the exact city is inconsequential. What was important was the whole atmosphere and the characteristics of it. It was indicative of our current church situation in this country.… [Continue reading...]

God Provides for His People During Total Grid Down

One night in the winter of 1981, I had a vivid prophetic dream of what it will be like in the last of the “last days”. I believe it is prudent to take heed.

It was more like a vision, sort of an “out of body experience”. I was in the spirit, moving from place to place, unobserved (most of the time). The setting was a time of catastrophe here in the United States, a total “grid down” situation. No one had electricity, natural gas, or any other means of heating or illuminating their homes–and it was a very cold winter.… [Continue reading...]