The Line of Demarcation Has Been Drawn

Last week while in my kitchen, the TV was on and a commercial came on ABC for “When We Rise,” which is a homosexual themed miniseries. I had not heard about it before and when I saw the commercial, within my spirit I cried out, “Dear Father.”

Immediately the Holy Spirit said, “What do you not understand about judgement coming upon the earth?”

As I prayed about the Holy Spirit’s response, I was led to read Jeremiah 24, which speaks of baskets of good and bad figs.… [Continue reading...]

Awakening Coming to the Church in Two Phases

Through a vision that was given to me twice in the past two years, the Holy Spirit has been revealing to me an awakening coming to the Church. In the vision I was standing looking down upon a map of the United States. All across the great plains, the Midwest, the southwest and the southeast was amber gold. The northeast and northwest was green. I immediately asked the Holy Spirit what this meant and His response was immediate.

“There is an awakening coming to the church in the areas represented by gold.… [Continue reading...]