Prophetic Dream Warns of Mass Detention Following Chaotic Event

In February 2014, I dreamed there was a chaotic event in the United States. Out of this chaos, thousands of people were being lined up to go into a cement building.

The chaos was somehow controlled. Everything seemed relatively calm, given the sense of emergency, which I sensed throughout the whole dream. Me, my husband and my daughter were led into a room within the cement facility. It was not a completely unpleasant experience. We were given a few toys for my daughter to play with along with various other essential items.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Warning of Foreign Troops Slaughtering Peaceful Protesters

In summer 2014, I had a dream that I had just given birth to a son during summer or fall. My mother and I seemed quite upset because I was not getting the postnatal care that every mother needs. We found the doctor and pleaded with him to do his job and care for me. However, he was very despondent and barely noticed we were there. He acted like he didn’t want to be a doctor anymore, possessing a “what’s the point” attitude.… [Continue reading...]

Disgusting Dark Green Water Rushed Violently Across the Earth

In the summer of 2014, I had dream where water rushed violently and suddenly across the whole earth. The water was a dark green color and was absolutely, indescribably disgusting; akin to duck pond water. The force of it pulled me underneath. As I struggled to swim to the top, I looked around for a moment and saw dead fish floating everywhere. A great sadness came over me as I looked at the fish.

Then countless voices of people started crying out in agony from every direction, but their cries were directed at nothing and no one.… [Continue reading...]

“Behold, a White Horse, And He Who Sat on It Had a Bow; And a Crown Was Given to Him”

Shortly after I became a Christian in September 2013, I received a word from God about President Obama. It was Spring 2014 and I was running on my treadmill. I was thinking on things of God when out of the blue I heard in my spirit, “Obama third term”.

I then saw enormous civil unrest and chaos among citizens leading to up to this. Obama appeared to be doing everyone a favor, so the majority of people did not fight his decision.… [Continue reading...]