Prophetic dream exposes America’s two-party system for what it really is.

I had this dream Sunday morning, November 11.

I was headed out with all my kids (including my boyfriends kids, we are a blended family💗). Christopher went in another car, ahead of us and led the way for me to follow. I made a stop before heading to our destination and my daughter Jordan and my future step daughter Bella got out of the car with me.

We decided to go inside this building that looked massive. Inside, I noticed tons of rooms.… [Continue reading...]

The woman gave birth and gave the child to the man to devour.

I have had this laid upon my heart to share a recent dream. This may be graphic, but in this dream, I saw a ritual taking place with a man and woman. The man and woman were in union and the woman was pregnant. They were both in some kind of tub and were both being prepped for this ritual. The woman gave birth and gave the child to the man to devour (thank goodness I didn’t see that part, but was made aware of it).… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic dream reveals epicenter of earthquake striking off coast of Santa Barbara.

I have had plenty of earthquake dreams, incuding the huge one coming to California. Here’s the most recent, which was last weekend.

In my dream, I was with a family I have never met before nor did they look at all familiar to me. They looked to be a pretty good size family. After viewing them, I went out to what felt like their back patio and I sat in a chair at the edge of a cement balcony. I noticed there were two boys outside with me, hanging out amongst the chairs with me.… [Continue reading...]