“I saw many of the world’s elites meeting together.”

On September 4, 2019, I had a dream where I saw many of the world’s elites meeting together. I saw governmental leaders, religious leaders, and many advisers.

In a clear mockery of purity, they all dressed in white, but in this dream, the Lord allowed me to see that in fact, these people had very dark hearts. I recognized many of them, but some I had never seen before.

There was truly a sense of unholy unity among them.
I was only allowed to hear certain portions of their discussion.… [Continue reading...]

We are one event away from gun confiscation.

I’m telling you fellow patriots that we are ONE EVENT away from the MAJORITY, as insane as they are, of Americans agreeing that there should be a “GUN CONFISCATION”! Seem farfetched? Think again!!!

Many in power in both the House and the Senate are feeling the “heat” from liberal constituents to do something EXTREME!

Even though SANE people know that “bad guys” will never obey the law of the land….it’s NOT about THAT! IT IS ABOUT disarming “We The People” so that one day, we will be unable to defend ourselves from a potentially tyrannical government!… [Continue reading...]

His head was a Baphomet!

I received this dream on November 17, 2018:

I saw myself walking into a beautifully ornate church, filled with gold and silver. I saw idols of gold and silver and other costly items. It seemed to be a Tabernacle of beauty. It was so white and seemingly spotless inside. I stopped to look back and this church seemed be stunning in beauty, yet I felt my spirit greatly grieved.

As I made my way up the aisle, I saw a figure standing in front of the church between the pulpit and the altar.… [Continue reading...]

“It will happen in a flash.”

On July 15, 2018, I had a very disturbing dream, which I consider vitally important. I saw a particular city getting hit by nuclear weapons. At the time, I did not reveal the name of the city, but I also saw and heard other cities getting hit in like fashion. Now, I will tell you the city I saw was… SEATTLE! I clearly saw the Seattle Space Needle in my dream.

I shared this dream on Facebook and spoke about it on “The Prophecy Club” with Stan Johnson.… [Continue reading...]

“I looked up into the sky and there were missiles, more than I could count!”

In a dream last night, I saw war! I was with two men a bit younger than me, whom I did not know.

As I’ve seen in other dreams, people were living their daily lives. Across the media, social media, television and radio you could hear the war rhetoric was ramping up. Even though these DIRE WARNINGS were being issued, we saw people partying, drinking, and living it up.

I saw homes and restaurants where the warnings were being broadcast, and telling of the rising tensions, yet no one seemed to be paying attention.… [Continue reading...]

I saw America divided, perfectly divided, right down the middle!

At 1:43 am this morning, October 23, 2018, I was awakened by the Lord after a very sobering dream. IMMEDIATELY upon waking up, I heard the Lord say these powerful words:

”Son, do not be afraid to speak of the lateness of the hour, nor of the desolation to come! I have told My prophets, My watchman, My servants and My hand-maidens to warn and they have!

In My mercy, I always warn. I always warn!!

 Do not be afraid of what the world says, and do not be afraid of what some of My own people say.

[Continue reading...]

I saw inner cities blazing with fires and teams of gangs of all races and creeds and ethnicities banding together.

I’ve been extremely hesitant to share what I’m about to share. I don’t say these things or share them lightly. Pray about what are getting ready to read.

First know ahead of time, I’m completely aware of how odd and maybe even strange this sounds. Yet what I say I have seen….I HAVE SEEN!!

Now having qualified this somewhat, here goes.

On at least three occasions in the last month, I have literally felt as though my spirit was leaving my body. … [Continue reading...]

“I knew that whatever had happened was on a very large scale.”

Last night, I had a dream of what appeared to be a “mass casualty” type of event. I was in a hospital and it seemed as though the entire hospital was on lockdown, with the exception of those being brought in through the Emergency Room.

I noticed as I walked through the hallways there was an unusual amount of Hospital staff, doctors, surgeons, specialists, nurses, nurses aids, and what appeared to be clean up crews of some type. As I passed by one room, I heard the families talking of how they had lost loved ones and they were grieving deeply.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic dream reveals great end time battle

In a dream on October 7 2017, I saw WAR!

I saw mass casualties, but I could tell this was no ordinary war. It seemed to be truly “other dimensional”.

I saw saw the wounded, the sick, the weak, the lame, even those who were still in the fight yet trying to protect others still. I recognized some of these people as “first responders”. Being in law enforcement myself, I realized there are also “first responders” in the Spirit.

As I saw the fight ensue, there was weaponry I had never seen before.… [Continue reading...]

“There is a new music coming, a music that will usher you into My PRESENCE.”

I keep hearing the Lord saying, “There is a new music coming, a music that will usher you into My PRESENCE in a way you have not known before…..because in the midst of your praise, you will be joined by a sound from Heaven that your heart and spirit will immediately recognize that is coming from Me.

The Lord says, “We will have a closeness and a communion that you’ve not known before….your praise will draw you closer to Me and My love and care for you will be tangible.… [Continue reading...]

“Watch the Baltic Sea, Watch the Baltic States!”

July 3rd, I awoke in the morning and heard, “Watch the Baltic Sea, Watch the Baltic States!”

Well, check out this report from Newsweek yesterday:

“Russia has also fortified its’ side of the border, which includes the Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad. Last year, Moscow moved nuclear-capable missiles along with other military assets to the coastal territory, which lies between Lithuania and Poland. Both sides of the conflict have also separately held a number of drills in the strategic region. Russia’s latest drill includes China, and an upcoming exercise with Belarus called Zapad, or “West,” will utilize up to 100,000 troops in a simulated NATO invasion from the Baltics.… [Continue reading...]

The roaring sounds came, then the impact, then the winds, then the greenish night air.

It was a normal day at work when suddenly the air became thick with anticipation. Then I heard the alarms go off. Then came the first blast with the force and thrust of a tornado.

Oddly, it blew my cell phone out of my hand and my wristwatch off my wrist. My police officer co-workers were frantic with great desperation trying to reach their loved ones. If you were separated when this hit, ALL FORMS OF COMMUNICATION CEASED immediately. One had to walk and hope and pray to find loved ones and when they came together, it was by happenstance or the mercy of God.… [Continue reading...]

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.”

Today I saw a night vision of MUCH CHAOS. Gospel meetings were set up to quickly share the gospel as world events begin to quickly, very quickly disintegrate. Special emergency meetings were taking place everywhere, including the U.S., Canada and even the church in Israel.

I saw strategy meetings where believers prayed and discussed target areas to present Christ to people because the “time was at hand”.

I saw several mass exoduses as people gathered in their vehicles and RVs. Some were attempting to escape the coming judgments, but others were attempting to make it to their families just to spend their last hours with their loved ones because they knew what was coming.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals a Fierce Storm Coming

I had a very vivid dream in the early hours Monday morning, May 22, 2017. I saw a fierce storm with dark thunder and lightning, but mostly I noticed a great wind and the power of that wind.

I saw buildings that were dark, dingy, and corrupt. There was something evil about these structures that seemed to reach into the stormy night sky. I saw people climbing them, mostly young people, some well-dressed, some not so much, but all were climbing to try to reach the top because they believed at the top was something good and desirable.… [Continue reading...]

“I could hardly believe this sight that I was viewing and beholding with my physical eyes!”

I am not one who EVER seeks a sign or any supernatural event. I never ask for anything like that. Yet at times, the Lord in His will and sovereignty chooses to show me certain things.

Today was by far one of the most amazing. As I was quietly sitting outside, taking the day off to recover from a headache, my eyes were drawn toward the eastern sky. I observed a rather strange cloud formation. As I began watching it, it started swirling in all manner of directions.… [Continue reading...]

Vision of Hell: “I was in that terrible place of torment.”

For several weeks now, I’ve contended with the Spirit of God dealing with my heart about the message of hell. As Christians we preach, teach and sing of the splendors of Heaven and eternity with Christ, but do we also have the same passion to tell men that although hell was never made or intended for man, many, in fact most will spend eternity in that dreadful place?

Yet the American pulpit does not warn. It largely stays silent about this more than uncomfortable topic.… [Continue reading...]

“I saw multi-stage Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles flying over the skies of America’s rural country areas”

Early morning on March 25th 2017, I was given a dream in the middle of the night, which was one of the more frightening dreams I’ve ever seen.

I saw multi-stage Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s) flying over the skies of America’s rural country areas. It was a clear morning as they flew over a downtown area that was low traveled and quiet.

I saw a white church steeple sticking above the green, very green, trees as this missile began to break up into different stages with one going to one predesignated target and another toward another predesignated target.… [Continue reading...]

An Exposure is Coming and It Will Rock the House of God

A demonic spirit of perversion is going to be on open display in our land. Things, many things are not as they appear. A flood of filth is coming and with it things will be brought to light that most thought were hidden.

Even professing Christian churches will begin to display a level of perverse activity that was once thought to be only in the world. Pride, perversion and arrogance will take the same stage. Seemingly solid doctrine will be brought forth with a demonic mixture of filth.… [Continue reading...]

They Will Lash Out at All That Resembles God and His Holy People

What I’m about to say, is NOT from a dream, not from a vision, as most of us understand visions, yet I have seen. It’s a sense in my spirit that is SO strong that I must warn, even though I know ahead of time this will be discounted, mocked and even ridiculed.

In my spirit, I know and have seen there will be attacks coming to the U.S. during our church worship services. I’ve seen the doors burst open and black hooded men in camo coming through with guns and shooting indiscriminately.… [Continue reading...]

The Lord is About to Send To and Through His Servants a Message of Repentance

You’ll seldom ever see me post that I have heard from the Lord. This post is different because I have. I understand the gravity of that statement.

I’ve had this STRONG sense over the the last few days that the Lord is about to send to and through His servants a message of Repentance, first to the church and then to the lost world.

NOT ALL churches and Pastors will reject that message, but MOST will and those who deliver the message will NOT be welcomed by the vast majority of American pulpits.… [Continue reading...]

“The Storm is Coming! You Need to Gather Your People Now!”

Yesterday, I dreamed I was standing in what appeared to be wilderness with a large group of people. I noticed the sky was growing dark and clouds were gathering. Then it got even darker and then VERY DARK!

Then someone spoke above everyone else and said,”The storm is coming! The storm is approaching! You need to gather your people now!”

Then I saw a large group of people beginning to move all around, seemingly without direction. I then heard the same voice say, “You leaders need to hold up your hand so the people will know where to go!”

I did as instructed and announced “Those in my group need to gather quickly over here with me!”

A small group of people, both young and old, began to gather with me as I was standing beside my shelter. … [Continue reading...]

“I Looked Up and Saw Fighter Jets Filling the Skies”

Last night, I dreamed a close friend of mine, who is an airline pilot, escorted me and my family to a very tall high-rise building. We entered the building and went up to a high level. The building had many large glass windows, so we had a stunning view overlooking a huge city, filled with people, residential houses, and businesses.

As we looked at the city below, we suddenly heard a weather report warning of tornados approaching. We looked down upon the city and saw a large tornado forming.… [Continue reading...]

“My Church Does Not Really Believe I’m Coming Back Soon!”

On Friday, July 17 2015, I went into complete acute respiratory failure due to a perfect storm of health issues coming all at once. At the time, I was 51 years old and had been serving as a full-time police officer with the New Market Police Department in New Market Virginia for nine years.

Within 48 hours, I went “CODE BLUE” twice. I was placed on life support, breathing with a respirator, had a tracheostomy surgery, and spent two weeks in a coma.… [Continue reading...]