“Your economy will take the hit for this abomination.”

I received this prophetic word last night for the President, Mr. Trump. The following transcript is a shortened version. For the complete word, please watch the 9-minute video shown below.

I am not pleased with this decision to keep funding Planned Parenthood and the allowance of this barbaric practice of murder is unacceptable in my sight. What I am going to do to show My displeasure for the torturing of the unborn is to shake your economy to her knees.

You think America will be great again.

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“The crash is imminent and you should prepare for it.”

I received this prophetic warning March 5th, 2018.

“I say this out of love once more to warn My people. The crash is imminent and you should prepare for it. Do not ignore what I am telling you to do or you will suffer for it. Take the time and store up some extra food in your pantry. Make sure you have enough to last for a while because as I told you before, the shelves will be bare and you need to gather up extras so you will not be hit so hard by this crash of your economy.… [Continue reading...]

“The crash is imminent and will follow an event that will make you suffer loss.”

I received this word from JESUS November 21st, 2017.

“David was the apple of My eye and I never took away his position as king, but because of his sins he suffered loss. So it will be with America, she will not lose her place as the nation where the world looks and watches at the awesomeness of her, but she will fall for a while while I chastise her for the sins of many who arrogantly say they have the freedom to do whatever they wish.… [Continue reading...]

“The day is coming soon when the earth will no longer seem as if it is Mine.”

I received this word on November 11th 2017.

“I have a word to tell My people who are called by My name. The day is coming soon when the earth will no longer seem as if it is Mine any longer. What you need to know is no one can pluck you out of My hand and evil will never win this battle that is already over from the beginning of time.

You see, time moves on and evil plays its’ game of torment to anyone who gets in its’ way.… [Continue reading...]

“As evil escalates in this world, so too will My Spirit.”

I woke up at 10:34 am on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017, and the Lord told me to write because He had something to say.

“As the wheat and the tares grow side by side, there will begin to be a difference in their appearance. It is hard to tell right now, but as evil escalates in this world, so too will My Spirit and when you look at mankind, you will be able to see a distinct difference between the children of the evil one and My children who are called by My name.… [Continue reading...]