Prophetic dream reveals sudden attack in American city.

During the first week of July, 2018, I had an early morning dream. I do not like sharing dreams of this nature, but I must be obedient to blow the trumpet. I will also include some instructions God gave me in preparation for this event.

In the dream, I was living in a small, upstairs apartment. It was just before dawn and I was asleep. Suddenly, I woke up to a lot of commotion going on outside. It seemed as if civil war had broken out, or perhaps martial law.… [Continue reading...]

“My children, the earth is about to shake like the world has never seen.”

On April 11, God strongly impressed upon me His desire for His people to not fear what is coming. I felt His Fathering Heart wanting to gather His children in His arms, and reassure them with this word:

“My children, the earth is about to shake like the world has never seen. Therefore, I instruct you beforehand, TO NOT LIVE BY WHAT YOU SEE HAPPENING AROUND YOU. I am King, and I sit enthroned upon the floods! Keep your eyes upon Me, like Peter in the storm!

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Prophetic dream warns of American citizens arrested by UN police.

On March 31 2018, I had a dream that was very similar to one I had several  years ago. Due to the violent nature of the dream, I debated whether or not to share it. After waiting on God, I feel an urgency to do so.

In the dream, I was walking down the street on a regular sunny day, nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly, a squad of UN police appeared, flooding the streets and sidewalks on motorcycles, allowing them to easily navigate through the crowds.… [Continue reading...]

They knew they were to begin instructing many with what had been given them.

On March 25, 2017,  God spoke to me in my prayer time that I was to begin publishing the dreams, visions, and downloads He had been giving me about the end times since 1987. He clarified that these were specifically given to help prepare people for what is soon to come upon the earth, and to reveal the church’s part in it.

After finishing my prayer time, I became extremely sleepy, forcing me to lay down for a nap. Almost instantly, I fell into a very deep sleep.… [Continue reading...]

“We have been sold out, betrayed by our own government, like sheep for the slaughter.”

I believe I have received an urgent warning which came to me through through a series of confirmations. This morning I just received another confirmation. All I can say is, every word is true. Judge for yourselves.

It began two or three nights ago when I was reading through other posts on Z3 News. I have only had Internet for two weeks, so I am new to Z3 News. As well, I am not an expert in prophecy and I have no idea why God speaks to me so much about end times events.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic dream warns of American citizens taken prisoner by foreign soldiers

In around 2005, I had a dream that was probably the most vivid dream I have ever had. It was so real it was like I was fully awake, and I still remember every detail as if I had neen awake.

In the dream, I was in my bed sleeping during the early hours of dawn. Suddenly, two male soldiers barged into my bedroom with guns. I knew they were not Americans. They were foreign solders dressed in blue uniforms. I thought they were either Chinese or Russian.… [Continue reading...]

Rapture vision reveals beautiful diamonds forming in the earth

Even though I have been in a church that teaches a pre-trib rapture since I got saved in 1978, I never could see what the teachers “saw” in Revelation 4:1.

Then, in 2012 I had an open vision that propelled me into a deep Biblical study of the rapture. In the vision, I saw the earth hanging in its atmosphere with diamonds buried throughout, representing “true lovers of Jesus”. Then a fire broke out in northern Asia/Russia, which I knew was to happen in the not too distant future.… [Continue reading...]