In about two seconds, Donald Trump turned into Barack Obama

Back in December 2016, I made lunch plans to meet up with a Z3 author that I had met in our area.  They were telling me all that God was showing them and we were talking on the phone.  After speaking that night, I asked the Lord if Obama was really going to stay in office like some others had said.  I asked Him to tell me the truth.  I asked Him if we would have martial law and Obama stay in or if Trump would take office, to please tell me the truth.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dreams Reveal America Invaded by Foreign Troops

Just before we moved to the Ozarks, I began having dreams that lasted all night long.  After we arrived and settled into our new home, on a Saturday night in September 2016, I went to sleep and woke up around midnight in the middle of a war scenario in our country,

In the first part of the dream, my daughter had just arrived for a visit.  No sooner did she get there when planes started flying over us. America was being invaded by foreign troops.… [Continue reading...]

Intense Dreams Reveal Coming Famine and Homelessness in America

In August 2016, I received three very intense dreams, more intense than any of my previous dreams and much different than usual, more like a vision in which I was actually there in the middle of it all. Each dream lasted all night long. The increased intensity was extremely scary to me.

These dreams started the moment I went to sleep. When I woke up to go to the restroom and fell back asleep, I went right back into the dream and entered the same scenario again, ALL night long until morning. … [Continue reading...]

God Identifies Ozark and Smoky Mountains As Safe Areas

I had been praying for a year for confirmation on exactly where to go to be safe from the trouble coming upon the United States. Then a couple of months ago, I had the following dream from the Lord revealing the two safe areas.

I saw a map of North Carolina outlined and shaded in bright red. While I was looking at the map, the Lord said, “North Carolina will be uninhabitable due to flooding.”

This was the second time He gave me information on this.… [Continue reading...]

Violent Terrorist Attacks and Flooding Coming to America

Right before the terrorist attacks in Paris, God gave me a dream. In this dream He handed me a scroll, but it was a living scroll.

It was alive, yet it was on parchment paper. The Lord narrated parts of it to me. My daughter and I unrolled the scroll and saw it had news articles on it and prophecies. It said terrorism was getting ready to come to America and there would be violence like we have never seen before, horrible violence.… [Continue reading...]