“You cannot store enough for the days ahead. I must be your portion.”

 “I love you with an everlasting love, My children. Follow Me. I AM your Shepherd. Bless Me, sing praise to Me, I will bless you in return.

Love Me with all of your hearts. I AM MOST HIGH. There is none other than Me. Lay aside your cares and your worries. I have them in My hands. I have your days in My hands. Your days are short.

Turn to Me. I AM God. I will defeat My enemies. I AM a God of judgment.

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“I Will Divide Your Nation!”

I received a warning from God for our nation as I was in church Sunday morning, January 15 2017, the same day as the UN Paris “Peace” conference concerning the division of Israel.

During the worship service, I was worshipping my Father in Heaven. His Spirit came upon me very strong, and Father began to speak. His voice was fierce and angry. I have never heard Him speak that way before. In some places, it almost seemed like He was shouting.… [Continue reading...]