Watching for Small V-Shape Pattern in Silver Prices

Spot silver prices have moved into the range where I saw some graphs back in March. The current price is $17.47.

On March 16 2017, I saw a graph of silver dropping down steeply to $17.10, then bouncing back up to about where it was, then it continued working its’ way down, but I did not see how far down. It might have made it back to $17.10.

Four days later on March 20 2017, I saw a graph of silver moving a little lower, maybe 10 or 15 cents, then it dropped straight down, but I did not see the price at the bottom (my guess is $17.10).… [Continue reading...]

Four Major Turning Points in 2017

By putting together recent prophetic revelations, we get a clearer picture showing 2017 is a major turning point in history. Big changes are coming upon the world, resulting in increased light and darkness at the same time. Here are four recent examples.

The Final Jubilee:

There are now about sixteen weeks remaining in the Hebrew calendar year 5777, ending at sunset on Wednesday, September 20. I don’t normally pay much attention to the Hebrew calendar, but I believe this year is more significant than others because it’s a jubilee year.… [Continue reading...]

“2017 will be the Year of the Seventy”

In an article posted in Neville Johnson’s May 2017 newsletter, Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj shared the following revelation he received from God regarding 2017.

On 10 December 2016, as I was waiting on God I saw in a vision the number 70. The Lord Jesus then told me, “Look out for this number 70. The coming New Year, 2017, will be The Year of the 70.”

I pondered much about this vision and was bemused about the significance of the number 70.… [Continue reading...]

Mighty Outpouring of God’s Presence Coming in 2020

I went to bed Thursday morning around 2:30 AM and slept great for maybe an hour, but then I woke up and was wide awake. I was very tired, but somehow knew I was not going back to sleep because I felt an unusual tension, like something was not right, but I did not know what.

As I laid in bed wondering about it, I knew there was something different about this. It was not like the fears and anxieties I was used to battling for many years.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals Oil Prices Moving Up $7.20

Today I had a dream where an unseen person told me the price of oil had moved up by $7.20. I assume that means per barrel, but they did not say.

This is a market I have not been watching, but I am starting now. For most of 2011 to 2014, prices stayed in the $80 to $110 range before dropping in July 2014 and finally hitting bottom, below $30, in February 2016. Since then they bounced back up. The current price is $49.27.… [Continue reading...]

“Surround the President with prayer. They need to organize a governmental prayer watch.”

Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj recently shared a prophetic word for the United States. The 8-minute video shown at the bottom of this post was uploaded to YouTube on May 8, 2017. The following text provides a transcript of part of his message.

“The Lord Jesus Christ appeared unto me and I thought He was going to speak to me about this meeting, but He spoke to me about this nation. He said, ‘This is what you need to tell the people about this nation.’

Chiefly, it concerns President Donald Trump.… [Continue reading...]

“Life-giving, Life-releasing women will rise up in the nations in this hour.”

Prophetic evangelist Patricia King received a powerful word from God revealing His plans for women of faith in this hour, as shown below. Patricia King is an apostolic minister of the gospel, successful business owner, and an inventive entrepreneur. She is founder and President of XP Ministries and co-founder of XP Media.

“Women of God Arise! You are ‘Life givers’ – ‘Releasers of life!’ I have anointed and appointed you to create life and impart life in everything that you do.… [Continue reading...]

America Now More Divided than Ever, Drawing Closer to Civil War

As I was scanning through the news headlines today, I saw confirmation after confirmation of a dream I received in December 2013. That is not good.

The dream revealed a covert civil war in which factions within the United States federal government coordinated with the mainstream news media to deceive the American public while systematically destroying their opposition, even using military force. I saw U.S. military aircrafts shooting down other U.S. military aircrafts. I saw the news media had prior knowledge of the attack, but reported it as something else, following a pre-arranged false script.… [Continue reading...]

“I want My people to pay attention to the favor.”

The prophetic word shared in the 4-minute video shown below from Bernard Boulton confirms what I have been hearing for this season. We are in a time of transition, being sustained and carried into the next season by the supernatural favor of God.

It reminded me of what Joe Joe Dawson shared about God catching some people up and what Doug Addison heard a couple of weeks ago, “People everywhere are about to reap what they have sown.

“The Lord says, ‘I am giving you favor in transition.… [Continue reading...]

Peculiar Faith Begins with Peculiar Vision

To believe the impossible, we have to see it first. The 2-minute video clip below shows a new ad from Samsung that captures what Z3 News is all about, seeing what others don’t see, causing us to believe what others don’t believe and to behave in the most peculiar ways.

Others look at us and gulp when they see us doing the impossible, even mounting up with wings like an eagle, or how about an ostrich?

[Continue reading...]

Prophetic Vision Reveals Obama Betraying Muslims to Empower Himself

The prophet Daniel saw an evil king arising at the time of the end who will magnify himself above every god. He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers (Daniel 11:36-37). Instead, he will honor a god of fortresses, which is the god of empowering himself by rewarding those who honor him with gold, silver, and great wealth (Daniel 11:38). In other words, he will use people to promote himself.

Today we call it crony capitalism, which Obama hypocritically claims to oppose, but he is actually the worst offender.… [Continue reading...]

“There is going to be a major kingdom explosion of unity.”

What amazing times we are living in today! Just as the prophet Isaiah saw thousands of years ago, our generation, the generation of the Lord’s return, is now witnessing an exponential increase in both darkness and light at the same time, darkness in the world and the light of God arising on His people. (Isaiah 60:1-5)

Another great contrast is also arising now. As the world becomes increasingly divided with increased tensions between races, income levels, ideologies, religions, and nations, God’s people are becoming increasingly united, gathered together from their places of isolation and joined together as one body, all sharing a common purpose, the advance of His kingdom and the display of His glory.… [Continue reading...]

“Dress rehersal is coming to an end and it’s time to get this show on the road.”

Many prophetic confirmations of what God is doing in this season have come forth in recent weeks and two new ones are shared below, both posted on Facebook yesterday. The common theme is a shift in seasons, the end of a long season of testing and the start of a new season of activating and fulfilling our assignments.

Prophet Phyllis Ford posted the following word on her Facebook page about 12 hours ago. Phyllis is founder of Phyllis Ford Ministries.… [Continue reading...]

The rain clouds are coming to establish us in ruling and in reigning.

As we endure the trials of this life, it is easy to lose sight of the awesome day ahead when we will see the Lord Jesus returning in the clouds, but God does not want us to lose sight of our hope because He has a great purpose in everything we are enduring now, which is to prepare us for that day. His purpose extends far beyond us to include the whole Church because we are part of a living body, all of us joined together as one body of the Lord with Him as the head.… [Continue reading...]

Three Short Visions Last Week Could Reveal Future in Equities Markets

I saw three short visions last week, which I believe were showing future movements in the equities markets.

In the first one on May 2, I saw a stream of falling brown dirt almost like a waterfall of dirt falling straight down. It caused a big brown cloud in the air around it, so the falling dirt was only visible near the top. After that it was hidden by the cloud. Since brown is often associated with equities in dreams, I believe it was related to equities.… [Continue reading...]

Podcast: “Many will come in My name and will mislead many.”

When His disciples asked Him what will be the sign of His second coming at the end of the age, the Lord Jesus answered, “See to it that no one misleads you, for many will come in My name saying, ‘I am the Christ, and will mislead many.'” (Matthew 24:3-5)

Of all the things He could have said, the rise of false prophets was His number one concern, His number one warning, and He was specifically speaking about our generation, those living when He returns.… [Continue reading...]

America’s Leaders Reject Our Only Hope at National Day of Prayer Service

I had mixed feelings, but overall was disappointed after watching the 37-minute video shown at the bottom of this post from yesterday’s National Day of Prayer service in the Rose Garden of the White House.

On the one hand, I thank God we are no longer listening to Obama’s lies and witnessing his offensive actions against God and against His people. I thank God we now have a man in the White House who appears to be doing his best to honor God by holding this event in the Rose Garden.… [Continue reading...]

“There are unusual realms of demonstration being unlocked in this hour.”

God is raising up a righteous remnant in these last days to demonstrate His power in unprecedented ways. And why not? It makes sense that during the same time when unprecedented trouble and unprecedented darkness are coming upon the world (Daniel 12:1, Isaiah 60:1-5), God would not leave His people powerless, but would grant us unprecedented works of power to show the world He is God and no one else can compare with Him.

Just as He promised, “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.” (Isaiah 59:19 KJV)

This righteous remnant will fulfill many prophecies that have previously been glossed over and misunderstood, such as when the Lord Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.” (John 14:12)

That’s an amazing statement because He performed many great miracles, which is why many people have reasoned He could not possibly have meant what it sounds like He meant.… [Continue reading...]

“This is a time of promotion and favor that will come from My hand.”

Prophet Phyllis Ford posted the following word on her Facebook page on April 27, 2017. Phyllis is founder of Phyllis Ford Ministries.

“During this time, I am releasing a deep emotional healing. I am the lifter of your heads, I am a bearer of your circumstances, and I will bring you through the adversities of the day. For I am able to reconcile all things as you enter into My presence. It is a new place of forgiveness on every level.… [Continue reading...]

Five Reasons Why Germany Might Crash on September 25 2017

As watchmen, we watch for the fulfillment of events God has warned us about. It is like watching in the middle of the night because our information is only partial, but we watch and wait and report what we see.

In early September 2015, we received a prophetic warning about a coming crash in Germany from Pastor Louie McGeorge, Associate Pastor at New Promise Christian Fellowship and Phoenix House of Prayer. He shared the following details:

“In this dream I was with some friends in Kansas City.… [Continue reading...]

Sudden Promotions Coming Soon to Many of God’s People

Yesterday, I dreamed there was a sudden turn of events, which caused me to find myself in Washington DC where I was being sworn into office as Vice-President of the United States. I was not seeking the position, but somehow it suddenly opened up and was given to me.

I saw some of my cousins outside on the White House lawn playing and having a good time, so they were there to join in the celebration. I did not see any members of my immediate family, including my mother.… [Continue reading...]

Doug Addison: “The wind of change is blowing and we are going to see something start to happen right around the middle to the end of May.”

On April 27, Prophet Doug Addison posted on his Facebook page the 8-minute video shown below. In this message, he shared what He is hearing God telling him about what is happening during the next 45 days.

He did not identify the exact start date for the 45 days, but said it will spill over into June. If it started on April 27, then it would end on about June 11. If it started the day after Passover ended, April 19, it would end on about June 3.… [Continue reading...]

“I will make a distinction between My people and your people.”

A couple of nights ago, I had a vivid dream that had me thinking about it so much I shared it with my wife. She asked me what it meant and I said, “I have no idea.”

Then yesterday during my prayer time, God gave me the interpretation. In this dream, I was walking down a straight path. On my left was a neighborhood of small white houses. I walked past them toward a large body of water, perhaps the ocean.… [Continue reading...]

Joe Joe Dawson: “This is Your Now Moment, Your New Season”

In the 42-minute video shown below, Joe Joe Dawson encourages those who have been waiting a long time for the fulfillment of God’s promises with this prophetic word,

“I feel the Lord is saying to so many people, ‘This is your now moment. This is your new season. This is the time that you are supposed to transition into what God has called you to.”

His message parallels a new post today from Lana Vawser about clouds of condemnation because he rebukes and breaks negative words spoken over people, including words of criticism, which have hindered them from stepping into what God has for them.… [Continue reading...]

God Now Giving Keys to Unlock Door to New Season

In the past month or so, a flurry of prophetic words have been posted here on revealing a significant shift is coming soon, a changing of the guard, the end of a long season of waiting for many of God’s people, and the rise of those whom God will use as Josephs before the Lord returns.

I believe these words all reveal different aspects of the same events. By putting them all together, we can see more clearly what is coming.… [Continue reading...]

Two Prophetic Dreams Warn of War Approaching, but Not Yet Starting

The Lord Jesus told us one of the signs of the last days would be wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24:6).  Lately, we have been hearing lots of rumors coming from news reports as well as many prophetic warnings.

Two Z3ers posted comments today sharing dreams they had last night, which both have similar warnings of war coming, but not quite starting. The first was shared by sgd:

“I had a very vivid dream last night of a war. There were fighter jets racing low through the sky and smoke and people were running.… [Continue reading...]

“My glory will spread across South Africa, Africa, and will then continue to flow to cover the whole earth”

After enduring an extended period of severe trouble, including economic hardships, a weakening currency, racial violence, and murders, South African Christians have gathered today in large numbers on farmlands in Bloemfontein asking God to heal their land. The event is called “It’s Time” and was organized by Evangelist Angus Buchan. According to some estimates, over one million people are attending this event.

Earlier today, Cape Town resident Angie Van Greuning shared an amazing prophetic word she received yesterday and this morning concerning what God is doing through this prayer event.… [Continue reading...]

God Sounding the Wake Up Call for Sleeping Americans

When America was attacked on 9/11/2001, the numbers 9-1-1 were already well-known as an emergency telephone number, but they took on a whole new meaning after the deep state successfully orchestrated their false-flag attack on New York City and Washington DC.

9/11 marked a significant turning point in history as the American people began to willingly surrender their liberties in exchange for increased security and surveillance, which was the whole purpose for the attacks. The deep state prospered because of the deep sleep of the American people.… [Continue reading...]

“Many will be deceived and believe and follow them blindly to their own death.”

In the 3-minute video shown below, Sister Barbara shares a prophetic word she received yesterday regarding the little horn, the son of perdition.

“Daughter, speak of the little horn. As kingdoms change power from one man to another, ten final kingdoms with ten earthly kings, except one, the little horn, whose kingdom has come. The little horn is not an earthly king. He has been numbered and he will deliver his evil and terror on the nations. They do not know where he comes from, but it is written, ‘He has the eyes of a man and yet he is a beast.’ His wickedness and evil has never been unleashed.… [Continue reading...]

“Now is the Time. Breakthrough is at hand. Jesus is ruling in your favor.”

In the 13-minute video shown below, Pastor Joe Joe Dawson shares a powerful testimony of an encounter he had with God last night. Joe Joe Dawson is the Staff Evangelist for First Assembly of God in Texarkana Texas. His encounter started when he cried out to God saying, “God, I must have a breakthrough. I must have something from you tonight.”

He then went to sleep and had a vision that was so strong it woke him up. In the vision, he was looking up into the clouds and saw a war going on in the heavenly realm.… [Continue reading...]