Equity Market Macro Update for the Next Several Quarters

The following video link provides a macro update on the equity market for the next several quarters.  The view is macro, therefore it only provides a broad general outline of the equity market.  This is not useful for daily or weekly trading, but it might be useful for setting broad trading parameters.  Seek the Lord to see if it conforms to what you are hearing.  As always, there is interpretation involved, and therefore there may be error in my understanding.  I will provide updates as the views become more clear as we travel the timeline.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dreams Fulfilled in Equities Market

This provides an 11-minute video update to the prophetic macro picture of price movements in the equities market that I believe have been building and leading up to the diamond top, as identified in my previous video.

This video shows the fulfillment of prophetic insights shared in my previous video, posted on September 5, and looks ahead to next big moves. Click to watch now.

I am not providing investment advice here, so it should not be construed as investment advice.… [Continue reading...]

Equities Market Approaching First Diamond Top Hill

Z3, here is a 12-minute video that describes what I believe to be the Lord’s insight to the micro structure of the equity market as we begin to move to the first diamond top hill. I have integrated the Douglas Lake, Landlord Mountain, and Farm Tractor Mountain dreams and integrated them with the earlier macro understandings. I believe much of the macro structure is still in place, and that we’re moving closer to fulfillment of some of the early sequences. Click this link to watch the video and ask the Lord to give you insight.… [Continue reading...]

Recent Revelations for the Equities Market

I’ve thought about the recent revelations for the equities market and feel like I have some understanding on how it fits together. This is not trading advice, but only my best attempt at synthesizing the Lord’s messaging to me. I decided it was best to portray this in a 15-minute video. Click the link to watch.


 … [Continue reading...]

Discover God’s Prophetic Trading Methods and Language with The Handbook of Prophetic Trading

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work. ―2 Cor. 9:8

Grace, sufficiency, and abundance for every good work― that is an exciting promise.  As we become aligned with Kingdom agendas and realities, the resources of Heaven become available to us.  This is His promise, and we should expect this reality in our lives.  His spoken Word is one of those resources. … [Continue reading...]