The rain is coming! A Deluge!

On December 27 2016, I had three dreams about the coming rain. I believe this is a corporate word for the body of Christ.

In the first dream, I was in a farmhouse with several other people. I was looking out the window towards the horizon and saw clouds approaching. I knew rain was coming, and that it was needed badly. The land was parched, dry and cracked and we were thirsty.  I didn’t see what we were actually doing to get ready but I knew rain was coming and that we had to get ready, because a great amount was going to pour down on us. [Continue reading...]

President Obama Now Preparing Bigger Guns for Battle Ahead

In the early morning hours on December 1 2016, I had a dream. This is my first dream about President Obama and I was surprised to receive it. It put a heavy prayer burden on me and I sought the Lord for the reason for it. I have to share it as God is directing me to for the benefit of raising up intercessors for the future of America.

In this dream, I was being trained at the White House. Someone on my left was telling me what to do.… [Continue reading...]

“I Am Preparing My Remnant to Face the Turmoil to Come”

This is something I feel I must share, despite my reservations. God has impressed it upon me strongly and won’t let it go. Today, He confirmed it when I came across something I wrote in my journal September 22 2015 with almost the identical words in the opening sentence.

“As the world gets darker rapidly, I Am preparing My remnant to face the turmoil to come.

For it shall come upon them suddenly, like a woman in travail. Just when men are saying “peace and safety,” destruction will come swiftly and suddenly.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: Hand of God Writes Warning on Trump Tower

On March 8 2016, I dreamt of being in Manhattan, New York. There was an uprising of mockery towards Donald Trump. He had done something that the people of New York were incited about and a demonstration was going to take place at a certain hour. People were gathering and they were going to do something as an abomination in this demonstration.

I was standing at the base of a tower, and in my spirit I heard “Trump a Tower”. There was writing on the wall.… [Continue reading...]

Cry No More, The Time Has Come for Judgment to Begin

As I write this I feel we are on the eve of something about take place, a time of great testing and shaking, but also a time of great signs and wonders.

A short time ago the Lord spoke very clearly to me in the early morning hours. “Something is being birthed. Call it to life!” I believe revival is being birthed and the remnant is being gifted with amazing gifts to be used soon! How exciting!

This poem once again flowed out from me today and I thought I would share it.… [Continue reading...]

Now is The Time All of Creation is Waiting For

On January 17 2016, I awoke from a dream with such a strong presence of the Holy Spirit and a crushing burden for the church.

My dream was about an evangelist that kept pleading with the people, “Do not grieve the Holy Spirit! Do not grieve Him!”

There was more to the dream, but those words lingered in the air as I awoke. The burden was so crushing and the feeling that the Lord was grieving poured through my being. In prayer He began showing me the church is a sleeping giant that needs to be awakened!… [Continue reading...]