“Be on your guard as your enemy has sent assignments to wear you out.”

My children, be on your guard as your enemy has sent assignments to wear you out. These assignments are meant to keep you from your highest level of functioning.

Remember that not all works are of Me. Some may even look like Me or sound like Me, but they are not all of Me. You must discern.

Watch for these assignments of exhaustion and emptiness, and come to Me for restoration and refreshing.

NOTE: I myself have come under assignments of exhaustion at various times.… [Continue reading...]

“You will now be required to war at a whole new level in order to prevail.”

Great resistance has come against My prophets and teachers in this hour. Attacks by your enemy have intensified and you will now be required to war at a whole new level in order to prevail against your enemy’s plans.

Assignments have gone forth to remove My warriors from their posts, Apostles have been removed from their places. Evangelists are being sent away. The enemy will spare nothing to stop the work of My Kingdom.

My people, look and discern what is happening around you.… [Continue reading...]

“You have entered the Time of Judgments and now shall all lands be judged.”

Ring the bell, sound the trumpet, for the Lord of Hosts has spoken. You have entered the Time of Judgments and now shall all lands be judged. All lands shall receive the fruit of their doings. Every people shall I now judge, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Prepare for war in your lands for a great war is coming and no man shall be exempt from the effects thereof. All lands shall suffer in this great war. Through wars I judge nations, and through wars some are lifted up, and some are put down.… [Continue reading...]

“I am ushering in a season where I will teach men’s hearts to fear My mighty power.”

My children, I am ushering in a season where I will teach men’s hearts to fear My mighty power. There is little fear of Me in the earth at this time, but this is not how I desire it would be.

If men do not fear My power, they are vulnerable to the Beast that is coming. Those who do not walk with Me will be destroyed. They will be easily deceived and their vulnerability to deception will lead to their destruction.… [Continue reading...]

“The Great Falling Away has begun.”

The Great Falling Away has begun. Those who are called by My Great Name are not all Mine. Only those who know Me intimately are Mine, but there are many who proclaim My Name for other purposes – to be accepted, to receive favor with people. I shall not hold guiltless those who take My Name for these purposes.

(Ex. 20:7: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.)

The Great Falling Away has begun.… [Continue reading...]

“Behind the scenes, destruction has been unleashed.”

I have told you the work of My Kingdom is to bring in this final harvest of souls. You may find these souls on the pews at your local church, or singing in the choir. They are in your men’s clubs and women’s clubs, performing good works. Some may speak My Name, but have no belief in Me.

Lost souls are all around you, My children, not just where you think they are. They themselves may believe they are not lost, but read My Word and the distinction will become clear to you.… [Continue reading...]

“The days of normalcy and coasting through life are behind you.”

Nothing in your lives will be quite normal from this point forward, My children. The days of normalcy and coasting through life are behind you. This is the time of the work of My Kingdom to bring in the final souls to be saved. Those who do the work of My Kingdom now and bring in these souls will be greatly rewarded, both on earth and in heaven, as these souls are very precious to Me.

The time approaches when few souls will be saved.… [Continue reading...]

“Any sin you participate in now will have a stronger effect than before.”

Sin is waiting for you, My people. Sin is crouching at your door waiting to tempt you. The enemy has set snares for you and desires to see the traps snap shut on you.

Any sin you participate in now will have a stronger effect than before. The snares are harder, the jaws are stronger and you will have to fight more intensely than ever before to escape if you give in, even once. This is part of the end of days and the increase of darkness in your hearts.… [Continue reading...]

“You say you want more of Me, yet you continually choose other things.”

You say you want more of Me, yet you continually choose other things over your time with Me. You say, “Look at the weather,” and run out to play like a small child. You say you want more of Me, yet you choose other people over Me. I long for time with you, yet you run to others with your time.

You say you want to know Me more, yet you continually seek more of something else. Your mind seeks out entertainments in the world, and thoughts of Me are left far behind.… [Continue reading...]

“I am now making divine connections in your lives to help you survive this Age of Chaos”

You have asked Me to prepare you for what is coming. I am now making divine connections in your lives to help you survive this Age of Chaos, and the wars that are coming to many nations.

My children, you struggle to understand why things cannot go back to the way they were – to the times of peace and prosperity, but it cannot be so now, for all scripture must be fulfilled. This will be a difficult time, as many of you wonder what has become of loved ones, as many do without basic needs, but remember the end is upon you and you will soon be home with Me.… [Continue reading...]

“America will fall to the hands of her enemies because she has turned her back on Me.”

A great storm comes to the land of America, a storm that will bring much chaos, and much indecision in high places. America is on the brink of war, but its’ general is not ready.

Fires will burn across America and much unrest shall abound. A people divided cannot stand, and the enemies of America will seize that moment to invade. America will fall to the hands of her enemies because she has turned her back on Me, and no longer has My protection.… [Continue reading...]

“The battle has shifted, My children.”

The battle has shifted, My children. You are at war and the war has intensified. The battle for your souls is very strong and you must choose which side you are on. When you choose sin, you choose Satan’s side and you will be given over to that side.

In this time, whichever you carry more of – light or darkness – will increase. If you have much sin, it will fight for mastery of you. If you have much of My Spirit, good will fight for mastery of you.… [Continue reading...]

“Judgment begins in My House and that judgment starts now.”

You who claim to be Mine, but who exchange My Truth for a lie, beware. Your calamity is coming, and twisted versions will not help you then. I warn you in love, for it is not My will that any of you perish, but you will suffer terrible woe who have twisted My Truth and taught it to My sheep.

I will not hold you guiltless who have exchanged My Truth for your own version of truth. I will not hear your pleas who have taught mistruths as My Word.… [Continue reading...]

“You will not recognize the enemy of your souls unless you are watching for the Seducer.”

Darkness is rising in your midst, My children, the enemy is coming out from cover and soon the attacks you can see will begin in earnest. The time is coming soon when men will fear to stray from their homes, for fear of death.

I have told you seducing spirits will come in this time, and your enemy is the Master of Seduction. You are looking for a beastly enemy, but he comes more subtle and if you are not watching, you will not recognize his wiles.… [Continue reading...]

“Submit to Me, humble yourself under My mighty hand and allow Me to do what must be done.”

You have entered into a time of much change and you feel the effects in your lives. Others around you also feel the instability of this hour, but fear not, My people, only believe.

I am shaking all that can be shaken in this time, and when the shaking in your life is done, some people and some things will no longer be there. I desire more of your attention and focus. I desire to have time with you that has been made impossible by these relationships in your life and I will tolerate them no longer.… [Continue reading...]

“To My children in America, prepare, for war is coming to your country.”

The time has come for My truth to fill the hearts of all people. Those who call evil good in this time shall suffer a terrible fate. I command you, My people, to call evil what it is, and declare My truth out of your mouths.

To My children in America, prepare, for war is coming to your country. War is coming to America and you are not prepared, My people, for you have not experienced war on your soils in many years.… [Continue reading...]

“This is a time of speaking the hard truths to My people.”

This is a time of speaking truth to My people. Those of you who hold back when I lead you to speak, beware. I will not tolerate those who promote compromise in this time.

This is a time of speaking the hard truths to My people. This is a time of rising up in My Spirit and proclaiming My Word. I desire the fire of My Spirit would fill your hearts and go forth into the world now, a holy fire that burns up all that is not of Me.… [Continue reading...]

“My people are entering a time of great change now.”

My people are entering a time of great change now. Not just any changes will occur in this season, but major changes. You feel the shift taking place now in your spirit, and you will begin to see the shift in the physical as well.

A time of great persecution of My people approaches. You will see it begin with My people Israel, and then migrate to My people elsewhere until it covers all the world over. My people will be persecuted for My Name’s sake, and those who refuse to deny Me will be killed.… [Continue reading...]

“The heavens will be shaken in this time.”

I have told you the heavens will be shaken in this time as well as the earth. Have you contemplated the meaning of My statement, My people? When I shake the heavens, the earth will no longer enjoy the same benefits as before, many changes will occur. When I shake the earth, you know what to expect. Do you know what to expect when I shake the heavens? The heavens have not been shaken before.

I speak this to warn you that unexpected changes will occur in these times, changes no one is prepared for, nor can you be.… [Continue reading...]

“Just as I overturned the money changers’ tables, I will now overturn this nation of murderers.”

I saw a brief vision in the spirit of Jesus. He had His hands cupped together. In His hands I saw some aborted fetuses, which I knew had been aborted here in America. I saw tears in His eyes.

Then more fell into His hands, many more, and they just kept falling and falling into His hands. Their blood was dripping from them and His hands were overflowing. He wept. I began weeping, too, at what I was seeing.

Suddenly, He shouted, “Enough!”

And His anger was very strong.… [Continue reading...]

“Let Me tell you about this famine that is coming to America.”

I was up in the wee hours praying on Friday, and the Lord said, “Let me tell you about this famine that is coming to America.”

I grabbed my phone and started typing, as I had not yet gotten out of bed.

“I am the Bread of Life, but many people do not even know Me. I am able to feed my own out of thin air, just as I fed them with manna long ago. There was no food in the desert and there were many mouths to feed, but I fed them easily even through years of famine in areas all around them.… [Continue reading...]

White Slavery is Coming to America

Wednesday as I prayed, I saw a very brief vision in the Spirit of a group of light skinned people being used as slaves. I knew the place it was happening was here in America, and what I saw was horrific.

About a week earlier, after praying many days to receive visions about the end times, I saw a very brief open vision of an infant being cooked rotisserie style over a campfire on a spittle at night, somewhere in a wooded area.… [Continue reading...]

You Will Be the Last Generation to Spread My Gospel to All Peoples

Great is My Peace upon My people. Great is My Peace upon you in this time.

It is this peace that will sustain you as the end comes and you see My Word fulfilled, to the last jot and tittle.

You have been chosen for this time, and empowered to do what you must do. You are My Voice in the earth, and I call the heathen to Myself through you.

You will be the last generation to spread My Gospel to all peoples. … [Continue reading...]

“Darkness Lurks Behind the Governments You Trust”

Treacherous times are upon you, My children, and what is coming will be far worse. The darkness and evil that awaits those who are not saved now will be worse than Hollywood’s darkest horror film, for Satan’s wrath shall be upon them.

The Door of heaven is soon to be closed and the grace upon My people shall be reduced. Everyday life will be more difficult and you will strive to keep your faith alive as everything in the earth changes.… [Continue reading...]

“The Wealth of the Wicked Shall Be Yours in This Day”

The time is coming soon when what belongs to the wicked shall become yours. I have told you about a transfer, and that transfer is on the way. It is not yet, for My Word must be fulfilled exactly, but it is coming.

The day is coming, My children, when you will awake a pauper and go to sleep wealthy, for I will direct the wicked to give to you. I will cause situations which will bring what the wicked now own into your hands as your own.… [Continue reading...]

“I Am Restoring to My People Some of What the Enemy has Stolen”

“The enemy has been stealing from My people for far too long. I am restoring to My people some of what the enemy has stolen from you.

Watch now as I bring back that which you have lost, which you never thought to see again.

For some, you have lost that which cannot be replaced, but I tell you truly, I shall bring you something even better, for I am a good Father, I am a Father who loves His children dearly.… [Continue reading...]

“Darkness Comes, and it Comes Quickly”

I was praying in the Spirit and asking the Lord for a word for today, for an open vision, about what is to come. He told me several days earlier that “Obama is a King,” but I did not know what He meant. I felt He meant something about the ten kings in Daniel, but He did not say that.

I had been praying about President Trump at the time He said it. I have no revelation on Daniel, so I did not know what to do with the information.… [Continue reading...]

“Judgment has begun in My House”

Judgment has begun in My House. I have told you you shall know them by their fruits. I will now begin revealing what those fruits are.

For some of My children, you have done very well. You have been kind and generous, you have been in My Word often, you have prayed much. Your fruit will be revealed to be the good fruit it is.

For some, you have spoken falsely in My Great Name. You have been unkind and withheld from Me and others what you should have given to bless.… [Continue reading...]

“Chaos Will Indeed Enter Into Everything in This Time”

My children, I have told you this is the Age of Chaos. Chaos will indeed enter into everything in this time. You have seen its effect in your political systems. You have seen its effect in your streets, but it is only started, it shall become far worse.

As chaos continues to spread, it shall enter into your houses. It shall enter into workplaces and schools and churches. If you allow it to, this chaos will steal away your peace and your joy and make you fearful, but I desire this would not be so.… [Continue reading...]

“I Will Surround Those Who Are Truly Mine With My Firewall Protection”

In this time of many horrors, those of My Remnant shall have a protection like none other. Those who have not hesitated to sacrifice for My Glory, those who have not hesitated when I said, “Give,” those who have not gone with the ways of the world, but who follow My Word and obey Me in all things, will have no need to fear.

When the enemy strikes at these, he shall be met with My Firewall Protection. A wall of fire from My Spirit shall consume the enemy where they stand, and leave My Chosen Ones untouched.… [Continue reading...]

“My True Children Will Shine Like a Beacon in this Dark Time”

“Much strife and confusion is coming to the earth. There will be eruptions of violence, murder, strife and infighting in various places.

Much tension shall abound, and brother shall strike out at brother. The line is being drawn tight.

(NOTE: In the spirit here, I saw a line, like a tightrope wire, being tightened and tightened, until it looked like it would just snap from the tension.)

When I speak to the angels, what is holding back the war will be released, and battles will break out in many places.… [Continue reading...]

Soon It Will Be Night as Gross Darkness Covers the Earth

My people do not believe what I have told them is coming. They believe it only for someone else.

My children, do you not see? Do you not see in My Holy Word that all I tell you is about to transpire? Do you not see the lateness of the hour?

Now is the time to press into My Presence, to pray for all those who are still lost, and to make your preparations to enter your heavenly home, for soon you will leave your earthly one forever.… [Continue reading...]

“Oh America, America, Nation of Idolaters”

Oh America, America, nation of idolaters – how I have longed to draw you close to Me, but you would not. You have preferred your sins to My ways. You have preferred your entertainments to My Holy Word. You care nothing at all for the mighty God who established you, on whose foundations your nation was established.

The time approaches when you will cry out for Me and desire My help. Nations from afar shall attack you and enter your borders.… [Continue reading...]

“You are Entering a Season Like None Other”

You are entering a season like none other because you live in a time like no other – the time of the end. All that has been foretold in scripture shall now take place. You shall marvel as you see each jot and tittle happen just as it was foretold thousands of years ago.

Make no mistake, My people, you are not waiting for a time in the future now, the time is now. The time when all of Revelation, as foretold by my prophet John, will happen in the earth.… [Continue reading...]

“My Children, Prepare for the War Coming to America”

My children, prepare for the war that is coming to America. This will not be a war fought in other countries, but a war fought in your own streets. You will see many you know die before your eyes.

There is dissension brewing in the heart of America, and it will soon boil over. America, though greeted by smiles, also has many enemies. The combination of the two shall be her downfall.

My people are not ready for war, for they hesitate even at using the weapons I have left them in My Word.… [Continue reading...]

“The Seasons are Changing and the New Age Begins”

The seasons are changing, and the new age begins. My children, much chaos is coming into your world as you know. Things will become more difficult for many of My people. You must learn to hide yourself in the secret place of protection in Me to survive all you see long term.

What is important to Me now is how you spend your time, what is in your heart. Do you have a heart for My Kingdom, or is your heart to build your own upon the earth?… [Continue reading...]

“The Changes Coming into Your Life Will Affect Every Area”

“My children, in this time of great change, close relationships will end suddenly and with no warning at all. Do not resist these changes, as I am behind them and I work them out for your good. Remember, I can see ahead of you and down the road. I know what you need, and I know who you need and who you do not, in your life.

The changes coming into your life will affect every area. I am starting to move through nations in ways you cannot imagine.… [Continue reading...]

“My People Will See the Invisible Realm”

In the world around you in times to come, My people will see the invisible realm. For those of you who do not see now, this will be frightening, but it is for your good that I shall open your eyes then. Otherwise would the deception be so great, none of My people would survive at all.

The creatures you shall see then are from the pits of hell, where the enemy of your soul reigns. They will attempt to terrify you, but I command you now – Fear not!… [Continue reading...]

“A Plan is Underway to Surprise You With an Attack That Will Shock the World”

“My shaking is coming to your government, America, for My Judgments are at the door.”

Note: In the spirit, I saw panic, disorder and chaos in the White House, but not the reason for it – it appeared that something very upsetting had happened on a very large scale.

“Darkness has invaded America and the enemy lurks within its borders. A plan is underway to surprise you with an attack that will shock the world. In days past, I would have shielded you (America), but you no longer walk in My Ways, preferring abomination to blessing.… [Continue reading...]

My People Are Poised for a New Beginning

“My people, you are on the edge. You are poised for a new beginning.

I am taking My prepared ones into the beginning of the next chapter of their lives. Glorious changes shall take place overnight as you watch the fulfillment of My promises  (that I made) to you long ago.

You have remained faithful and now you will be rewarded! I desire My people would enjoy their rewards in this time  (I felt He meant before the judgments and so much disaster are widespread).… [Continue reading...]