America’s national anthem split could be a sign World War 3 is close

In 1917, the 1st World War ended and America was galvanized like never before. Within a few months after the war, and with patriotism at its peak, the Star Spangle Banner was played in the 1918 World Series and America’s sense of unity was amplified by it. However, it was played at only a few sporting events nationwide. It wasn’t until after the next World war (WWII) that it became a prelude to every professional/non-professional sporting event played throughout the nation.… [Continue reading...]

American Flag Merged with Islamic Flag

On December 24 2016, I dreamed I was passing some type of ceremony where an American flag was merged with a red flag with a half crescent moon and a star.  As I walked by it, I was filled with indignation and asked out loud, “Why has our flag been merged together with this one?”

I had no idea whose flag it was, but I knew it had something to do with Islam. I looked online for an example of what I saw and I couldn’t believe it, but I found exactly what I saw in the dream, as shown in the photo above.… [Continue reading...]

America’s Future Revealed in Two Visions of the Eagle

In 2015, I received two visions of the American eagle, which I believe showed the future of the United States of America.

First Vision: I received the first vision on Passover 2015, which was also the day of one of the tetrad blood moons. I was in prayer when I saw a sick eagle with a hung head, like it was very tired and sick, to the point that it seemed ready to die.  The scene changed and the eagle was flying. … [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: Martial Law Was Officially Here

On December 9 2016, I dreamed two informants told me there was going to be a false flag event within hours that would trigger martial law, so I began to warn my family. Some of them did not seemed convinced, but they decided to listen to me anyway. I led them outside and they went to safety.

Then I went back upstairs to retrieve two of my sons, who were asleep. When we got outside and were ready to leave the area, I noticed a soldier dressed in military attire.… [Continue reading...]

“I Am the No-Name Brand Made for Our Destruction”

On August 3 2016, I dreamed a close relative and I were at an event where President Obama was on a stage and had either just finished giving a speech or was getting ready to give one.

While he was on the stage, he spotted my relative and walked over to him. He bent down and whispered as if he had something very secretive to tell him.  He said, “I am the no-name brand made for our destruction.”

When I heard it, I woke up immediately and said, “Wow.”


My wife heard me and asked me what was going on.  … [Continue reading...]

Dream Reveals Government Plan to Implant Microchips in Everyone

I recently had a dream that government agents were giving classes on a new microchip, which was to be implanted within the participant’s bodies.  They passed out the microchips to everyone in the classroom.

The agents tried to have an innocent demeanor however, I sensed their evil plot.  The people seemed eager to get their new found toy implanted, as if it was the newest gadget, such as the new iPhone or something on that scale.  Afterwards, I was outside talking to some of them and I just came out and said, “This is the mark of the beast.”

Almost everyone who heard me seemed as if they did not believe me or did not care.  … [Continue reading...]