“I saw devastation as far as I could see.”

On 7-17-17, I dreamed I was looking out a large picture window out across the landscape. I saw devastation as far as I could see. I saw people going about their business, struggling through the destruction as if they didn’t really see it. I had compassion on them as I saw them just trying to go through their problems.

I started to feel that they weren’t aware the land was destroyed. To the right of me, I heard Barack Obama say, “I like that the country is secular now, it’s what I want.… [Continue reading...]

“I witnessed in total amazement the entire sky burning with fire.”

On April 10 2011, I dreamed I was looking up at the sky. It was filled with large, high, thunderstorm type clouds. There were areas that were gray, and darker gray. I could see flashes of orange lightning within them and I heard peals of thunder. I watched as an enormous tree trunk made its appearance as the clouds swirled out of its way. I could see the bottom of the trunk. It looked like it covered the whole sky above the Earth.… [Continue reading...]

Seven Nazi Demons Knocked Back by the Blood of the Lamb

In a dream in July 2011, I found myself sitting at a wooden picnic table in our kitchen. The walls and floor were bare wood like when we first moved in to this fixer upper.

Then I saw seven spirits. They were male and about 7 feet tall and some were very muscular. Three were sitting across from me, and one on each side of me. One was guarding the kitchen doorway. My husband was outside the doorway, immobile in the scene.… [Continue reading...]

The Statue of Liberty is going down! We are going to get hit!

It was 2008 shortly after Obama took office. I was sitting in my easy chair watching TV. I usually watched Christian programming all day. Out of nowhere and no thought of my own, I saw a vision to the right of the TV and it was like a color movie film. It went by quickly, but I saw it clearly.

I saw the Statue of Liberty with a gigantic rope tied around her waist. It was pulling her from the east.… [Continue reading...]