Deadly Pestilences are Coming—Part Three

This is Part Three of a seven-part series exposing the enemy’s scheme to bring deadly pestilences, and equipping the saints to understand and deal with them.

Part Three — Physical & Spiritual Effects; Fix DNA Changes

It is strongly suggested that you first read the preceding parts:

Physical & Spiritual Effects of DNA Modification

Most of this section is based on revelation given to Dr.[Continue reading...]

Deadly Pestilences Are Coming – Part Two

This post is Part Two of a seven-part series equipping the saints and exposing the enemy’s scheme to bring deadly pestilences.

Part Two – Physical Effects; Eat Non-GMO & Organic

It is strongly suggested that you first read Part One—It’s All About the Blood! No Vaccines! Take what you read here to prayer for confirmation. God is infallible; I am not!

Physical Effects of this Pestilence and Vaccine:

Healthy hardy people (without God’s supernatural covering) who get the pestilence might survive without the vaccine, but it will be quite hard on them.… [Continue reading...]

Deadly Pestilences Are Coming – Part One

The Lord Jesus warned us plagues would come in various places during the end-times (Luke 21:11). The Apostle John warned when the fourth seal is broken a rider on a green horse would be given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill through a variety of ways, including pestilence (Revelation 6:7-8).

This post is Part One of a seven-part series equipping the saints and exposing the enemy’s scheme to bring deadly pestilences.

Part One – It’s All About the Blood![Continue reading...]

Islamic Jihadist Threatens “The Bloodbath of 2016”

Tonight (December 9, 2015) I learned that a Christian lady was online on a social media site when an Islamic jihadist began threatening her online. In the attempt to terrorize her, this person began making hints and threats that ultimately turned quite specific. They claimed Islamic Jihad is to begin with what they have named “The Bloodbath of 2016,” and said no one can stop it.

I believe this Islamic jihadist was referring to the imminent jihad in America, beginning primarily against church kids, as prophesied through Nicole Moore and myself in other posts on this site.… [Continue reading...]

Pastors Secretly Storing Up Food for Themselves While Refusing to Warn Their People

Last month Nicole Moore received a troubling revelation from the Lord regarding church leaders.

This is the time of Acts 2:17 “And it will be in the last days,” says God, “that I will pour out My Spirit on all humanity; then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.” I am having spontaneous thoughts and pictures come into my head while praying, and then they come to pass.

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Orchestrated EMP Attacks Planned for U.S. Cities

Nicole Moore shared the following dream in which she saw masses of people in broad daylight on a work day walking out of an American city—that was not destroyed. The city was hit by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack.

On Thursday, 19th November, I was eating dinner and suddenly I knew in my spirit that the Lord was going to give me a dream. I have never had that happen before. I went to bed that night and did my usual routine; I awoke to pray at 2:16 AM and finished at 3:30AM.

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The Nephilim: We’re Baa-ack!

Neville Johnson said, “Jesus said you need to know about this because it is going to happen in your day and age. That’s why I’m telling you. I don’t like to preach this kind of stuff. You know; it’s a bit unsavory. But Jesus said you need to know. You can’t put your head in the sand, you know, like an ostrich.”

I’ve periodically asked God various questions about angels (why don’t they have wives?), evil spirits (are they all fallen angels as I’ve been taught?; are some of them ghosts?; do ghosts really exist?), and the Nephilim or children of Anak (can You explain this to me more?).… [Continue reading...]

Islamic Attack on Church Kids, Revisited

Forgive my delay in posting this. I wanted to be sure. When the Holy Spirit was giving me insights on Nicole Moore’s series of dreams, visions, and insights From last October to this February (see her post, Islamic Plot to Murder America’s Christian Children Revealed), I believe He gave me an even broader understanding:

  1. The attack is not planned to be just against Christian churches, so others should not be complacent. The Islamic goal is to wipe out all other religions, with Jews and Christians being at the top of a very long list.
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Prophetic Dream: Wave upon Wave

Here is another confirmation of Linda Clay’s post, Prophetic Dream: Supernatural Protection from Sudden Disaster. November 20, 2014, I recorded my first dream of the previous evening: I was in the ocean, either standing on the ocean floor in water to my shoulders, or vertically floating, toes skimming the sand beneath. The sea was quite calm.

Suddenly the ocean began to change. Wave upon wave came from behind me with no warning, much faster than is natural, and each wave lifted me higher.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: American Citizens Hiding as Refugees to Avoid FEMA Camps

On June 10, 2015, I had a prophetic dream about American refugees, hiding out. I was one of them.

There were small groups of less than 10 people, mostly 3 to 5, camping in the open together, but separate. These groups were in the mountains and wilderness areas surrounding cities all over the country. They were just trying to survive in freedom.

Sometimes a forest clearing or desert oasis would house three or even four small groups for a time, but the groups did not join together.… [Continue reading...]

Debra Walker: Americans Numbered for Execution

Somehow I knew what was going to happen, like a vision within the dream. Everyone was to be evaluated and given a number, 1 to 9. If you had a lot of money (like hundreds of millions of dollars), or if you had a job they wanted (like some particular kind of doctor), then you were 8 or 9. Homeless were 1, with everyone else in between.

I saw people being called in from their homes or work for the numbering interviews.… [Continue reading...]

Debra Walker: The Russian States of America

I awoke just after 1:00 am on June 11, 2014 from a dream which still haunts me. I was with three or four other people, and we were all just standing and talking quietly. We were in a very large, ornate room, sparsely but very expensively furnished only around the perimeter. It looked as I would imagine a ballroom in the White House or a European castle with marble, gold-leafed moldings, huge crystal chandeliers, matching wall sconces, and antique tapestries.

I don’t know what building we were in, but I know we were in America, in the future.… [Continue reading...]