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To the pure in heart you show yourself pure. ~ Psalm 18:26

Meet a man who’s caught a glimpse of the future reign of our soon-coming King. In dreams, he rides a chariot in morning glory – a chariot on which his name is written: Daniel – Christ at the reins, driving him to sights unseen. They travel at the speed of light, arrive at their destination in the blink of an eye.

One moment he and our Blessed Lord are standing by a seashore.… [Continue reading...]

Pope Francis Continues Shock and Awe Campaign

“For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” (Matthew 24:24)
Has anyone else noticed that every single day the Pope makes headline news? Some news isn’t worth printing while other news should raise your spiritual antenna to the highest level. Would you call this a newsworthy headline: “Pope Scolds Over-Exuberant Pilgrim after He Makes Him Fall over a Child?” Apparently the Pontiff lost his temper during his visit to Mexico after one of his zealous followers pulled the “Holy Father” toward him and caused him to fall over a child in front of him.… [Continue reading...]

Two Kingdoms Now Looking to Oil as Key to the Future

Big Oil that fuels the world is currently making top headlines: “World economy seems trapped in ‘death spiral”… Jim Cramer: Keep an eye on oil prices…How long can Saudi Arabia live with $30 oil…Russia’s 10-billion barrel game of oil bluffing…Chief: Oil nations face years of pain…”

Citi strategists warn that the global economy is trapped in a ‘death spiral’ that will lead to “weaker oil/commodity prices, weaker world trade/petrodollar liquidity, weaker EM (and global growth…and repeat. Ad infinitum, this would lead to Oilmageddon.” Oilmageddon?!… [Continue reading...]

Muslim Jihadists Confiscate American Property and Wreak Havoc

My third Islamic invasion dream occurred on 11-22-15. Jihadist invaders were now occupying my “homeland,” my father’s land where I was born and raised. And so I fled north, searching for a safe haven in the neighborhood.

First I stopped by my nephew’s home where the orchards had once stood to see if they had room to hide us, my family and me.

As I walked up the steps to enter their home, I met my nephew’s ex-wife and her mother coming down the steps, and I stopped for a moment and spoke with them.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Regime Swiftly Bringing About America’s Demise

I had a dream/vision on February 16 2010, a few days prior to Obama’s nationally televised health care summit at the Blair House. In the dream the president’s face appeared. Then I saw a MASSIVE coffin shaped like a cross with rounded edges, overlaid with gold brocade.

My first thought after waking: someone will assassinate the president. Immediately I prayed, thinking he’d soon be dead. I didn’t pray that he would die, of course – although, in all honesty, I felt like it.… [Continue reading...]

Christian Woman Given One Week Stay of Execution by Muslim Jihadists

My second jihadist dream occurred on 11-12-15. I was at my father’s birthplace, across the orchards from where I grew up. ISIS came for me. As in my first dream, they were dressed in black and wearing ski masks, as we see in all the videos they release.

I begged them for another week to get myself prepared before they beheaded me, or crucified me, or whatever heinous form of death they had planned for me. Imagine how surprised I was by one young man’s mercy toward me.… [Continue reading...]

Christians and Jews Flee for Their Lives from Muslim Jihadists

In the month of November 2015, I had three dreams of a jihadist homeland invasion. The first came on 11-3-15.

My friend Danit was with me at an Assembly of God on Gold Street where I once worked as a music minister. We were in the sanctuary when jihadists stormed in to attack. They were dressed in ISIS black, ski masks covering their faces, and were in hot pursuit of my friend, Danit, from Jerusalem, Israel.

I knew that if they were after her, they’d come after me too, but first they pursued her with a vengeance.… [Continue reading...]

Serpents Have Flooded the Earth

Of Obama’s refugee plan, Charlie Daniels used the analogy of someone dumping a load of snakes in your backyard, and you walking out and hoping and praying that one of the venomous varieties doesn’t strike you…

But when rulers are determined to change the political demographic and implode the economy, forget sound judgment. Obama’s plan is deliberate, calculated, and cunning. He knows exactly what he’s doing to our once great nation.

The Dream/Vision

I saw it in the eighties, my backyard infested with snakes.… [Continue reading...]