Prophetic dream reveals false churches burned with fire

In a dream, I was a passenger in a vehicle. We crested a hill and began our descent into the southern Denver metro area.

Instead of seeing the communities and businesses that are actually there, all we saw were dozens and dozens of smoke stacks, belching out thick, black, noxious smoke.

As we drove into the area, the only structures seen were partially constructed, most being multifamily buildings (think apartments), which were all aflame, burning with violent intensity.  Most were so early in the construction stage that they were comprised only of wooden framing and partially enclosed with OSB (plywood) board.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic dream: US and allied planes dropping bombs on American city.

I had a dream about two weeks ago, in which I was in a large American city. The sky was filled with black clouds, shooting forth large, violent streaks of lightning.

Then WWII era US and allied planes appeared and began dropping bombs on the city. The scene changed and I was preparing a meal for my “master” or “owner”, for our people were now captive and I was a slave.


Yes, we should expect that when America falls, many of our people will be taken captive and enslaved, just as Israel was so many times when they refused to repent and obey the Lord.… [Continue reading...]

“We will begin our performance shortly.”

I was backstage at a theater. The audience was taking their seats, in anticipation of the start of a performance.

A man came to me and told me, “We will begin our performance shortly.”

I realized my fellow performers and I were not prepared; we have never practiced together, not even once! I was offended at the thought that we should be required to perform when we were not properly prepared and angrily responded by telling him we cannot possibly do it.… [Continue reading...]