“Watch Obama. Watch for some ‘good things’ to come from Obama. It is a trap!”

There is much coming from Obama. Here is a word the Lord spoke to us on March 20, 2018 concerning Obama.

“We are living in a very wicked time. Witchcraft is rampant. You must be very diligent to guard your heart, your eyes and your ears, because the serpent is very crafty. He will disguise his wickedness. It will be appealing. It will be cute. It will be beautiful. But you must know what it is and recognize it for what it is, that it is witchcraft!

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“You will be here when the next 911 event takes place.”

On May 2, 2018 in the morning hours, I heard the Lord speak to me that He speaks to me in things that I read and songs that I hear. And I thought back on the many times I felt Him moving in me and confirmed what He was saying to me.

Then at lunch, I felt like playing some different songs, ones that had meaning, but were not Christian (we listen to Christian music here almost non-stop, so this was different).… [Continue reading...]

This Year Will Bring Much Persecution to My Bride

The following is what the Lord spoke through my wife Deb yesterday January 1, 2017. She started crying while praying in her prayer language so I started recording.

Thus saith the Lord, the God of hosts, “To My remnant, to My beautiful and spotless Bride, know that My eye is upon you. Know that it is you that is the apple of My eye. For who in the world is more beautiful, more desirable to a groom than his bride? What is a bride to the groom but the apple of his eye?… [Continue reading...]

What is Coming Upon You Has Been Determined From Days of Old

On April 11 2016, I was reading to my family Isaiah 10 during our reading and teaching time.  I was going over how it seemed to me to parallel the United States today and what we are heading into.  Then we read the vision given to George Washington.  We were almost finished when Holy Spirit fell on my wife and she started weeping.  Then the Lord spoke the following thru her:

“My sons and My daughters, pay close attention for tragedy has befallen you. … [Continue reading...]

As Darkness Envelops the Land, You Will Search for the Prophets But You Will Not Find Them

Darrell and Deb Sansom

Yesterday evening my wife and I went out to our prayer closet. It is an octagon swing set that looks over the fields behind our house where we sit and pray. She immediately felt the Holy Spirit on her and knew the Lord had something He was going to share with us. The Lord has given her many warnings for people. So we both began praying and this is what the Lord spoke through her.

“See now, that what I spoke of, the time of great darkness, is upon you.

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