America’s Enemies Pressing In from Every Side

About two weeks after I received a vision of four horses in a fervent race to America, I received another powerful and compassionate cry from the heart of God warning America that she was in great sin and that if the nation did not repent from her destructive ways and turn back to Him three things would begin to happen.

On the night of December 5, 2007, I was reading an excerpt from George Washington’s prayer journal. I then went to bed and was extremely restless in intercession for our nation.… [Continue reading...]

Four Horses in Fervent Race to America

In 2007 during a time of prayer, I received the following visions and prophetic words. Although these may be very serious in nature, as with many biblical prophecies of warning, they also carry with them a ray of hope.

It all began a couple days after thanksgiving in 2007. During prayer with my husband Darrel late one night, I sensed a great weight of God’s presence. Then I had a very intense vision that left me stunned and speechless for some time.… [Continue reading...]