“The Season Shift Has Occurred!”

“The season has changed, the bondage of your barren winter has ended, and the season of hiding is over and gone. The rains have soaked the earth and left it bright with blossoming flowers. The season for singing and pruning the vines has arrived. I hear the cooing of doves in our land, filling the air with songs to awaken you and guide you forth. Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? The early signs of my purposes and plans are bursting forth.… [Continue reading...]

“I Am Sending SHOCK into the Pools Around You”

“I am sending SHOCK into the pools all around you.  In the midst of these pools, fish will begin to jump and say, ‘The water has been shocked!’ Because I am shocking the water, there will be no further delay in catching fish.  I will cause whatever fish you need to jump before you.  You’ll find the coin in the fish’s mouth for taxes!  You’ll find what you need for reparations. You’ll find what you need for your positioning. I am shocking the waters and the fish are beginning to jump!… [Continue reading...]

“A New Day is Breaking for My People and Locks Are Shaking”

“You have seen many doors close and others be sealed so that your access was blocked. However, doors are beginning to open in new ways. In My wisdom, I shut many doors so that you would be positioned to enter the one that I’m opening for you now. Don’t resent the doors that were closed to you. Your door of entry is now opening, and you will see Me leading you forward. Get ready, be favored, and stop trying to go back through what I’ve shut.… [Continue reading...]

“An Unexpected Authority Will Open Up the Way for You”

“I will have an unexpected authority open up a way of access for you. There have been doors locked, chained, and even grown rusty. I will bring you up, and an unexpected authority will open up the way for you to come in. Things that you need to progress in your restoration will now be unlocked. The next step you take will reconcile what you have missed in the past. Time will be redeemed quickly and you will see your path to cross from your past to your future.… [Continue reading...]

“I Am Raising Up An Unlocking Generation That Can Go In and Recover All”

“My voice must continue through the generations. A new generation will rise up with a new voice of authority. I AM loosing an anointing for prophetic evangelism. I will do something unusual and different that will cause the next generation to lead people into the Good News of the Gospel. You need grace. There is a grace to still be attained.

Decree a divine reversal over two generations of your bloodline! There’s a turning from suppression and oppression to boldness and power!… [Continue reading...]

“A New Mantle of the Prophetic is Forming and Being Imparted”

“If you want to go to a new level prophetically, there is a whole new birthing of the prophetic anointing and of My prophetic mantle. A new mantle of the prophetic is forming and being imparted. I am redefining the prophetic gift that flows from heaven through this Divine connection to you. You’re not just going to come and dip your prophetic torch, but you will become a fire that will not go out! You will be a fire starter! The torch of revelation that I am bringing to and through you, will ‘fire’ many.… [Continue reading...]

“I Am Removing the Veil and Causing Your Eyes to be Aware and Watching”

“This is a time that I am breaking open clear vision for My people.  No longer will you walk in what you think is going to happen and what you think you will be seeing.  I am now coming down to say, ‘This is what you are looking for!’  I am the Anointed One who watches over you and opens your eyelids.  Where you have been closed and veiled and not able to see what you need to see, I am removing the veil and causing your eyes to be aware and watching. … [Continue reading...]

“You Will See Now and Pursue Your Enemy and Overtake All!”

“For this is an hour that you are going to see in a new way. For far too long the vision of My people has been veiled. But in this hour I am doing a shaking and an unraveling. I am doing a shaking and shifting so that My people will begin to gain access, to see in new ways. Lift up, lift up, lift up your eyes, for in this hour you will begin to see that which was hidden.… [Continue reading...]

“I Will Release a New Seeking Draw Upon Your Life”

“This will be a time that I will release a new seeking draw upon your life. You will begin to seek Me and long for Me. You will begin to say ‘I must have intervention! I must have a breaking-in of God’s presence and His life!’

I am going to draw you, and you will seek Me in a way you haven’t sought Me! You will know Me in a way you haven’t known Me! Feel the drawing, and submit to the drawing.… [Continue reading...]

“By Feast of Tabernacles of This Year, There Will Be Intifadas Arising Throughout the Earth”

We are all deeply touched by the latest terrorist attack in France. Prior to our “Starting the Year Off Right Conference,” my daughter, Rebekah Faubion, had a vivid dream set in Paris. I asked her to share this dream publicly on January 2, 2016 since I knew it applied to the warfare season we have entered. She shared:

“In my dream, my husband, Nathan, and I were on House Hunters International (a television show) looking for an apartment in Paris. I knew it was Paris because I recognized the woman showing us properties from the TV show, and she took me by the Eiffel Tower.… [Continue reading...]

“This is a Season for Taking Plunder!”

“There are many blessings over you that have never fallen into your atmosphere in earth. This is a time for you to shake the heavens and loose your blessings! Shake the heavens! Shake the heavens, and I will send the wind of Heaven down. Shake! I will allow the windows of Heaven to come and align over you. The winds of Heaven will blow your blessings through this window.

“I will put a new turban around your head. I will remove the ceiling over you.… [Continue reading...]

“Now I Come Forth as Redeemer, Restorer and Rebuilder”

“Embrace your turning point. Over this past season you’ve been sifted and you’ve been strained, and you have even fought for your very breath. But this is a day of change! This is a day of rearranging! This is a time that I AM sending a three-fold cord of empowerment into your soul that cannot be broken. For many of your nerves were strained and broken over the last seven years. Many covenants that you thought would last are now lying by the wayside.… [Continue reading...]

The Sound of Recovery is Blowing in the Wind!

“There’s a cadence of the wind in the tops of the trees.  The sound of hidden angelic hosts is moving in your region. This is a sound of Divine Recovery. This is a sound of Ultimate Triumph over what stopped you in the past. You’ll now come from behind.  Where the enemy once captured and held you behind, you will now catch up and overtake the enemy!

“You have felt abandoned and lost. Now, a wind of Recovery is blowing.  I can go to the depths of where you are.… [Continue reading...]

A New Armor, A New Identity, A New War Ahead!

“I have a people that are forming. They must cast off the armor that they have warred with in a past season. That armor was used to win many battles. However, that is not the armor that is necessary for you in the days ahead. I will shine pieces, re-mold other pieces from past victories, and give new weapons for new wars. Put on the full armor for this season. You will know when you are completely clothed. I am sending some pieces that you need for this season.… [Continue reading...]