This Passover Season is Like No Other in Our Lifetime

This week, I was asked to speak on a blog talk radio program and the Lord gave me a powerful warning concerning this Passover. Well, there I was, all ready to do my radio show and yet unable to connect with the host. Finally, he informed me that there had been a miscalculation in the time difference and the time they had given me was an hour late!!

What a let down. But as usual, the Lord is unphased. He just said to me, “Yes, Beloved, the hour is late!… [Continue reading...]

What if These Two Opposites, Obama and Trump, Are Different Sides of the Same Coin?

After the election of the new president of the United States, I mentioned in my podcast that I did not think the election of this man had anything to do with making America great again and likened him to a touchstone. A touchstone is defined as ‘a black siliceous stone formerly used to test the purity of gold and silver by the streak left on the stone when rubbed by the metal; a test or criterion for determining the quality or genuineness of a thing’.… [Continue reading...]

We Are Entering the Day that Burns Like An Oven

Recently, I  shared a vision called ‘Save the last dance for Me’ and the Lord has continued to dwell on the theme of the last dance or the ‘grand finale’. Last week, I visited a wine estate in our area called Webersburg. When I heard this name, the Spirit reminded me that a Weber is a barbecue kettle with a domed lid; in effect, an oven and He took me immediately to the scripture that says ‘the day comes that shall burn like an oven’ (Malachi 4:1).… [Continue reading...]

Don’t Miss the Wedding – Time to Stop Worrying About Things that Don’t Matter

I had this dream almost three and a half years ago, a significant time period in itself, and this week the Holy Spirit again reminded me of its contents.

After waking with the alarm and then falling asleep again, I dreamt I was my sister Gayle’s bridesmaid and we were standing outside a building with all the equipment and suitcases needed to get ready for the wedding. I had curlers in my hair and was struggling with the multi-layered hairstyle. It began to rain lightly and Gayle went inside.… [Continue reading...]

It’s Time for the Last Song: “Save the Last Dance for Me”

Dancing with the Bridegroom to the music that is next on Heaven’s playing list is going to be a challenge. It is a song unlike any we have ever heard before and the rhythm and tempo is unfamiliar – it has never before been played on earth in our hearing. It is a song which has been reserved for this moment in our life and this hour in history and the Bridegroom has already written His Name on our dance card.… [Continue reading...]