Russia Strikes Mighty Blow Suddenly

On the late evening of May 19 2016, and into the early hours of May 20 2016, I was heavy in spirit and praying to the Lord God about the prophecies of many, searching God about the prophecies.

The Holy Spirit instructed me, “Write child”:

“This day has come
My judgement.

I AM God Everlasting
the True and Mighty King.

Yeshua HaMashiach
I AM the One
I AM the Vine
King of all
of every nation.

You are to tell the people
Tell them, warn them

Prepare in Me
Come to Me,
all you who are weary and heavy
burdened.… [Continue reading...]

“I Have Given You Over To Every Nation Who Abhors You”

On the morning of February 11, 2016, I had completed reading the book of Daniel and was spending a quiet moment with the Lord. Then He gave me an interpretation to my daughter’s Jade Helm dream, which I had been praying about for four days.

After having received this interpretation, I thanked the Lord and went back into prayer asking Him for a Scripture. Jeremiah 2 came to my mind, so I read it. After considering its’ message, I went to the Lord and asked Him if this was about America.… [Continue reading...]

The Time of Peace Runs Out, The Clock Has Struck Twelve

I feel led to share what Holy Spirit gave to me on Mar 28, 2016. I prayed and asked the Lord if there be anything He wanted to tell me through Holy Spirit and then I submitted myself to His will to write what He would have me know. I took my pen and waited in faith, then these words came forth.

The day dawns, light breaks forth,
My goodness revealed.

Be merciful as I AM merciful,
Hold fast, the day is coming.… [Continue reading...]

Warning of Jade Helm Operation in Winter

On November 11 2015, my family was living in Granbury TX when the Lord told me we would be moving. He said, “You will move child. This place was never permanent. It was for a time and a half. The journey is nigh. Seek Me while you can. Give yourself unto Me. Let the Spirit speak. Come now, the time is near.”

Needless to say, this message from Holy Spirit was disappointing and shocking, but I obeyed and gave my husband this word from Holy Spirit and we prayed about it from that point forward.… [Continue reading...]