There were many countries marching behind this flag.

After reading about Kasey Burt’s dream about seeing 666 on the Iranian flag, I have a dream from 2004 I’d like to share.

I was on the road with my family. It was dark and we were running away from the burning city that had been hit by a nuclear bomb. As we we running, we saw an army marching toward us. The front line was marching and holding a flag which I didn’t recognize. Later, I googled it and found out it was the flag of Iran.… [Continue reading...]

“I knew we were in the tribulation. There was no doubt about it.”

On September 1, 2018, I dreamed I was standing in a field with many others when a swarm of locusts was suddenly everywhere. As the swarm left, we were vomiting and coughing up locusts. I started yelling to everyone, “This is the end-time that is talked about in Revelation.”

People looked at me with disbelief. I even had some disbelief about this. I said, “Haven’t you watched the news… birds dying and dropping out of the air suddenly, fish dying in the sea.”

Right as I was saying this, the next plague hit.… [Continue reading...]