“The cash is now worthless, you should have bought silver and gold.”

Last month, I attended the Fire and Glory outpouring that has been happening in Southern California for almost two years. They were having a special conference that I felt like the Lord wanted me to attend.

In the afternoon session on Saturday (11/11), Miranda Nelson was preaching. Towards the end of her message, she began to prophesy and minister to people that God was highlighting. I happened to be one of them and she began to speak many things from the Lord about my call and purpose.… [Continue reading...]

Prepare of War in Both Spiritual and Natural Realms

A resounding word I have received in my times of prayer and also when I have been just going about normal business is, “Prepare for war.” I have been hearing this regularly for the past six to eight months.

When I sought The Lord for further information, He said, “It is both spiritual and natural.”

There is a war in the spirit realm and there will be a literal “hot war” in the natural realm.

Recently, there have been confirmed reports of Russian and other foreign troops training in the US.… [Continue reading...]

“The Elite Have Issued a Bypass in Their Plans and Escalated Their Course of Action”

On July 31, the Lord shared the following urgent warning with me and a call for His people to pray.

“Because of the shakings now taking place, an awakening has begun in people who were previously asleep, which has ignited a desire in them to know the truth. Although their focus initially is wanting to know truth about natural events, I am using this desire to lead them to Myself. Many people are more malleable and open to Me than they ever were before because of what is happening.… [Continue reading...]

A Plan to Kill the American Church

I received a strong warning dream on May 15 2016. The Lord has been giving me more warnings and dreams lately. I believe He wants me to understand things are happening more quickly under the surface than we can grasp.

The dream begins during the day time in an older apartment/townhouse setting. I was there with about 15-20 other believers, young adults, about 20-30 years old, for what seemed to be a time of fellowship, hanging out, and fun. The atmosphere was one of sweet koinonia (fellowship) among the people there.… [Continue reading...]

This is a Time When I Am Taking You Higher and Deeper

Like many in the Body, I have been seeking God for specific direction since last year. I have been wanting to know why it has seemed that He has been resisting some of my own pursuits to find a new job and to go after some new things in life for the new year.

I have been in a season of care taking for my mother and have worked the past several years in pet care. Financially, it has put it me in a very difficult position with a sizable amount of debt.… [Continue reading...]

America Suddenly Invaded by Russian Air Force

I had this dream a few weeks ago. I want to say I have not been too focused on the news or alternative shows like times past. I have been trying to stay focused on building up my spiritual strength in going after the Lord and keeping my focus primarily on Him. I say this because to me it brings even more credibility that these dreams are God inspired.

It was a bright sunny day. I was in a nice park, which was spread out in an open area surrounded by different shops and restaurants.… [Continue reading...]

Civil War Coming Between America’s Elite Soldiers

This dream is difficult to explain from a natural perspective but I really understood what was happening and just knew certain things.

It began in a covert location where I saw a team of about 10 high-level elite military soldiers, like Navy Seals or Recon. I knew they were good guys, active military and true patriots. The location was like a dark top secret airport hangar. These good guys had broken in to find out what the bad guys, basically the federal government was planning.… [Continue reading...]