“I Saw the One Called “Mohammed” in Hell, as He Was Burning in a Pit of Lava”

I saw in a vision, the founder of the demonic religion of Islam in hell. I saw the one called “Mohammed” in hell, as he was burning in a pit of lava.

A demonic spirit walked over to him as he was burning, and then violently dragged him out of the lava by the top of his head. He fell to the dry, cracked ground in front of me. His skin was charred black with a very hard and flaky texture.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Vision Reveals Obama’s Plans for Martial Law and Beyond

I was talking with the Lord when I saw a vision of Obama standing at a podium, on the news, beside the American flag as news cameras were flashing all around him as he spoke. He had a small smile as he seemed to be making a speech.

Then I heard a news anchor say, “It’s President Barack Obama.”

As he started speaking, he said confidently, “I will be President again. Ever since martial law was declared it has been more peaceful.… [Continue reading...]