I Was Transported into the Apocalyptic Future

In a dream on 19 Sept 2015 I saw a small part of the coming end-time apocalypse. From my perspective, it seemed like I was a visitor transported to the future where I could observe things and interact with people, but no one recognized who I was. There were 3 distinct scenes.

In the first scene it was early evening or night time, but I had enough light so that I could see because of a strange column of powerful fire about a kilometer (mile) or so from where I was standing.… [Continue reading...]

A Prophetic Word for Australia

This word was received March-June 2015.


1. Don’t be mesmerised about news coverage of the upcoming catastrophic events.

2. Sometime in the future Australia is going to be invaded by a foreign power.

3. The good news is that at that time the church will function together well.

Now is the time to hear from the Lord, man-up and get healthy.

When I came off a fast in Feb 2015, the Lord began to speak with me in more clarity than I have experienced in the past.… [Continue reading...]