“What has not been seen or heard is done in this day.”

While I know war and trials will come, that’s not all that’s coming – or has come, and I think what God is going to do needs some air time, certainly just as much as what He will allow Satan to do.

God is not going to judge this nation in full until He has given it and every other nation around the world, one last opportunity, and if you’re listening to God, you know He has planned a New Thing for this day.… [Continue reading...]

We’re here, it’s time, and we are about to see our callings fulfilled as never before.

Some time ago, I had a dream that was very significant, but when I got it, I did not feel it was the time to bring it forth and make it public. However, since early this year there has been a huge change in the direction of the Spirit, an upsurge that I know is preparing those who have developed their relationship with Jesus, for His coming move. I now feel the time has come for this dream to be spoken.… [Continue reading...]

Trump: the Sign, the Signal, and the Message

While having a conversation with a friend about what God is doing in various places on the earth at this time, I received a spontaneous revelation from the Spirit of God on a completely unrelated topic. It came with a prophetic message regarding President Trump. What follows is what I received.

Trump is a Sign:

  • He appeared on the scene in the Presidential race as if from out of nowhere, entering a race he didn’t seem to belong in.
  • He stands out because his ways and mannerisms are unlike those of his polished fellows.
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The Simultaneous Glory and Falling Away

One morning number of years ago I had an experience in which I heard the audible voice of God speaking to me.  I was just waking up – you know those few seconds where you know you were sleeping, and are now waking up, and I heard God’s voice very clearly and distinctly.  The moment I heard Him begin to speak, I snapped myself awake, and as I was getting ready for work this is the word-for-word message He gave me:

“And as Moses, who when he came down the mountain from having an experience with God, put a veil over his face to hide from Israel that his glory was a fading glory, so will many of My people be, especially Spirit filled, who are in one of these categories;

Trusting in past experiences;  Trusting in a fading Glory;  Trusting in the rapture

Very soon they are going to wake up to find that their glory is a fading glory, and they will look across to groups and individuals whom they have classed as:

Satanic, Heretic, or just plain ‘Stay-away-from’,

and they will see the glory coming in their midst, and they shall hide away in shame and defeat.  

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Here Comes the Bride

I had a dream on September 18 2012 and another the next day, but did not realize until I had the second one that they were both concerning the same topic and were meant to be together. The first dream I called ‘One Wife, One Husband’, and it goes as follows:

I saw a young man who appeared to be in his 20’s, walking all around a certain city. This city was not specifically named in the dream but I understood it to be a relatively good and clean city.… [Continue reading...]

How to Avoid the Great Falling Away

Jesus warned us about a time coming before he returns when his followers would fall away from the faith and would betray one another.

Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of My name. At that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another. (Matthew 24:9-10)

Increased pressure from persecution and tribulation will cause many to abandon their faith and even turn against other believers.… [Continue reading...]