Prophetic dream reveals warning to the apostate church

In the fourth watch of Tuesday morning, February 13, I had a short dream in which a woman called Diana got in a beat up brown import car and drove away from where I was.

There were no trees or buildings present as she went down a road, which I could not see, but I saw her weave and then fall out of the car. I went to help and was suddenly there. I asked her if she was okay. She said yes (with pride and indignation).… [Continue reading...]

“The time of testing is coming to a close, but the time of testing for the false church is coming upon it.”

I received these words while resting on my lunch hour at work over several days, April 4th-26th. I feel different now in expectation than I ever have. I think the time is at hand for calling a Holy convocation, a holy assembly for prayer and fasting.

“The time of testing is coming to a close, for what will be multiplied in My spirit, but the time of testing for the false church is coming upon it.”

Note: I believe this meant we who have been undergoing a hard testing will be multiplied in power in that area.… [Continue reading...]

“Have I not stated My victory? Refreshing will come.”

I received the following word on June 24th 2015.

“My beloved don’t you see My fingerprint on all this? Don’t you know I have said, that what I started I will finish? Have you said that I am a good God? You have heard the screams and have discerned a battle going on. Why then do you fret?

Have I not stated My victory? Refreshing will come. I will change the economy. I will change the guard over you.

I am judging the earth’s people and I have promised refuge cities to go to (Isaiah 61:4-6).… [Continue reading...]

End Time Assignments Coming to Prepare the Bride

On October 6 2015, I had two dreams in the fourth watch of the night. In the first dream, I was sitting behind a car on its right. It was a large area and brightly lit. I knew I was there for the purpose of imparting and speaking to the driver of the car, so I got up and walked over to the car and tapped on the right rear window.

Inside the vehicle were four women. I said to the driver, “I need to speak to you.”

So she got out of the car and walked around the front to meet me on the right side.… [Continue reading...]

“The Wealth of the Wicked is Stored Up for the Righteous”

After praying on the evening of Sunday August 23rd 2009, and then again Monday morning the 24th, to know whether the inner voice I was hearing was the Holy Spirit or my own inner man, on Monday morning, the Holy Spirit told me, “Get in your car and drive to Gunnison where I will give you further instructions.”

It took me several hours to convince myself, but I finally decided to do it. Before I left, I was put in a short trance and given a vision in which I saw what looked like a strange grouping of large ponderosa trees going uphill to a small cabin where there was a Mexican man wearing a huge sombrero and sleeping in siesta fashion against the door post.… [Continue reading...]