An Urgent Prophetic Warning to America

During the early morning hours of Tuesday April 25, 2017, I was awakened by the Father speaking to me, “Ezekiel 5”! As I continued to go back to sleep, He spoke the same scripture several more times.

I finally could not resist any more. I got out of bed and proceeded to read Ezekiel 5. After reading it, I meditated on the severity of this chapter. I pondered the condition of our nation. The following is what the Father spoke to me.… [Continue reading...]

“I warn you now, your enemies are at the gate!”

“The sounds of war are in the air, armaments and military might stand and stare; ready to move, ready to dare! These are the signs of the times that I revealed to the world. These are the warnings that I revealed to you My Church, but are you heeding them?

Confusion reigns in your country and your churches. Leaders sworn in to proclaim truth but live in lies, and practice deceit!

My Church has become a playhouse for puppets, moved by the strings of politicians and hidden agendas of wicked men!… [Continue reading...]

“The Next Three Weeks Will Determine America’s History”

The Lord spoke these words to me during my early morning prayer time. He said, “The next three weeks will determine America’s history.”

I questioned the Lord. I said, “Determine America’s history? Wouldn’t that be to determine America’s future?”

He said it this way. He said,

“History is what has already come to pass. It is irremovable. What I have said has been written. Therefore, what is about to take place has already been known and it is already history to Me.… [Continue reading...]

“This Is the Day I Will Arise and Survey the Land”

Here is a word the Father gave me this week. It is a prophetic parallel of the life of Samson and the Church, found in Judges 13-16.

“My People are blind, dumb (mute), and lame because they refuse to hear My warnings! I have called you to be the salt and light of the earth, but you refuse your position, and you reject your authority to execute My Word!

Your savor is gone, there is no taste but bitterness and the flavor of gall!… [Continue reading...]

“A Great Division is Coming to the Nations!”

“My people are halted between two opinions, two ways of life; prosperity and prison. Who is right in the fight among your prophets? Some battle for the course of Babylonian captivity – others battle for freedom of prosperity and peace. Who is My Prophet that declares truth?

Thus saith the Lord, the one who warns My people of the sword of calamity and chaos to come. The one who warns that Babylon will be their home. For I have not called for peace, but a sword!… [Continue reading...]

“America, Your Day Has Come, Your Time of Reckoning is Here”

I received the following word from the Father during my prayer time on September 4 2016.

“America, your journey has taken you far and wide across My Creation. I’ve allowed you to grow and prosper. Your children have seen My Glory throughout the earth. They have been partakers of My bountiful blessings, but you have turned your back on what you know to be true! You have fallen from grace and your place of authority and dignity!

War is now your only solution; confusion will be rampant in your streets!… [Continue reading...]

“We Are in a 60-Day Window of a National Heart Attack”

During my early morning prayer time on August 28 2016, the Father spoke the following words to me.

“America, I weighed you in My balances of righteousness and you have been found wanting! Your extortion and bribery is a stench that has been raised to Heaven! I will no longer look the other way. I can no longer wink at your sin! Now is the time for the payment required for your sin!

You have abandoned Me. You have rejected Me and now your heart has a void.… [Continue reading...]

“The time Has Come to Reveal the Sins of My Bride!”

On August 21 2016, the Father spoke the following word to me during my early morning prayer time.

“The time has come to reveal the sins of My Bride! She can no longer hide beneath her veil of deception the things I already know. I will reveal her true identity, her true state of being, so that I may heal her, renew her, and restore her to her place and position of authority!

I haven’t forgotten My Promise to revive My work in the midst of the darkness and peril (Habakkuk 3:2).… [Continue reading...]

“Ichabod! The Fire Has Gone Out and My Spirit Has Departed!”

The following word was received during my early morning prayer time on August 14 2016.

“Ichabod! The fire has gone out and My Spirit has departed! For the watchmen that watches has watched in vain! For he has let the fire go out, he has forsaken My Spirit’s dwelling and I have moved his habitation! For the Church desires the things of this earth rather than the treasures of Heaven!

I have prepared a table before your enemies but you have refused to come and dine, therefore you will be their portion!… [Continue reading...]

A Clarion Call is Being Released to the Remnant Right Now

The Father revealed to me the reason for the judgment that is here on the earth. He led me to the book of Jeremiah chapters 10 and 17.

In these chapters, we see Israel was near the time of entering into their Babylonian captivity. The prophet Jeremiah, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, reveals the reason why the nation was heading into captivity. In a prophetic parallel the Father is warning us and revealing to us the reasons why we are in the mess we are in.… [Continue reading...]

“August Will Be an Acceleration of Assassinations”

On July 31,2016, during my morning prayer time, the Father spoke the following word to me.

“August will be an acceleration of assassinations both in this country and the world. Officials from both corporations (including banking) and political parties will be assassinated.

The cutting off of the head will be the goal of your enemy. This will be the dividing of the nations. A great culling (selecting process) has begun, it will not stop nor decrease untill the plan is in place.… [Continue reading...]

“There is a Poisonous Pollution Being Spewed Across the Churches of America”

During my early morning prayer time on July 24 2016, the Father spoke the following words to me.

“There is a poisonous pollution being spewed across the churches of America. A false prophecy of hope, rooted in the trust of a man. I will expose this false Hananiah prophecy in the coming days! I will clear the air in My Churches with fresh revelation and fresh anointing. I am not the author of confusion! I have not sent these false prophets, who are not prophets, but mouthpieces for the wicked one!… [Continue reading...]

“Riots in the North, Turmoil in the South, Rebellion in the East, Fires in the West!”

During my prayer time on July 17 2016 at around 6:15 am, the Father spoke the following words to me.

“Anarchy, anarchy, anarchy! The seething pot of rebellion has spewed into your streets. Riots in the north, turmoil in the south, rebellion in the east, fires in the west! All of these will form your nation’s unrest! The lack of peace, is the lack of My Righteousness within the fabric and soul of this nation.

Abandonment of My Truth will be filled with rebellion and hatred of the soul!… [Continue reading...]

The Divided States of America

During my early morning prayer time on July 10 2016, the Father spoke the following sobering words to me.

“America, I have warned you the sword was coming. I sent you My prophets, but you rejected them. You rejected My counsel. You rejected My Gospel. You forfeited your place at My table! Your open rebellion has become a seething pot that has boiled over into your streets. Your fairways have become places of darkness and despair. Your avenues of laughter will now be turned to sorrow, all for the sake of rejecting Me.… [Continue reading...]

Flee This Babylon and Be Clean

During my prayer time on July 3rd around 6:30 am, the Father spoke the following words to me.

“You wave your flag above My Cross. You curse My name for vanities gain. You purge the hearts of My pure saints with your lies and evil taint.

I will arise and stand and count to see who still believes in Me. The Chosen Ones who are marked, from evil they will flee. For you oh America, thought I was as you. For you once were the jewel that shinned upon the seas, but now you are poisoned as all will shortly see!… [Continue reading...]

The Hour Has Come That Judgment On And In My House Will Begin

On June 26 2016 at about 6:30 am during my prayer time, I received the following word from the Lord. I am releasing it the way I heard it.

“Isaiah 47, the coming crash. For thus saith the Lord, the victory of England will not be your victory. For the nation that turns its back on Me, I will turn My back on them. For the hour has come that judgment on and in My House will begin. The mockery called the church has not and cannot turn the tide, but the for the sake of My Remnant I will show mercy.… [Continue reading...]

“Take in Your Hand the Sword of the Spirit and Prepare for War”

During my prayer time on June 5 2016, around 6:00 am, the Father spoke the following words to me.

“The gates of this nation are soon to be shut. The trap has been set. The devices have been prepared. A clamping down, a locking away of the freedoms of the past is at hand. This is not a time to fear, but of great faith!

Listen closely to My words and hear My plans. Enter into your prayer chambers and there I will speak.… [Continue reading...]

“July is The Starting Point for Falling Off the Cliff”

In recent days I have been wanting to know when we will see the fulfillment of the word, “In the Month of Red Blood Will Be Shed.”

In that post, I wasn’t sure if it would happen in February or not, but I thought it could be possible because of the red symbolism throughout the nation for Valentine’s Day. Then when Justice Scalia was killed, I thought this could be it. But according to the released reports there was no shedding of blood; even though murder of any kind could be viewed as shedding of blood through the loss of life.… [Continue reading...]

The Veil Will Now Be Lifted and You Will See the Land for What It Is, HELL

On May 16 2016, the Father began speaking to me about the recent tyrannical decision by president Obama; who unleashed the filth of Hell on all schools in America. He is now decreeing that transgender and gender identity students have more rights than other students, and the schools themselves! Pure insanity and pure demonic sewage is being poured out on the American people! For more details, please read the entire letter.

“Where are My shepherds, My pastors, My watchmen, My prophets, and My leadership?… [Continue reading...]

“I Am Looking for My Plowmen Who Will Labor for Me in My Fields”

During my prayer time on May 8 2016, the Father spoke the following words to me.

For thus saith the Lord, “I’m looking for My harvesters, My plowmen, My sowers, My reapers, those who will labor for Me in My fields. For My fields are white and ripe, ready to be reaped. I’m looking for those who will labor no matter the hour or wage, but are willing to work regardless of pay. For I am just and I will repay.… [Continue reading...]

“My People Must Brace Themselves for Impact! Suddenly Things Will Change”

During my early morning preparation time on April 3, 2016, I heard the Father speak the following word to me

“The hinges of sanity have fallen off the doors of America! Insanity, madness, and murder have entered her doors and gateways. Every unclean spirit will now manifest itself as this nation invites them to inhabit this once sanctified place and people!”

“Up is down and down is up. Wrong is right and right is wrong. America has lost her direction. Her moral compass is broken.

[Continue reading...]

America’s Mission Possible Revealed in Isaiah Chapter 8

I received the following word on March 13 2016 during my preparation time for our Sunday morning service. My heart was heavy from the night before, having watched the chaos at the Trump rally. The whole campaign process of all candidates has turned my stomach. The scenes of fellow Americans acting in a riotous behavior showing glimpses of the 1960’s was very disturbing.

Having seen prophetically the future chaos in America, and knowing this current behavior is just the beginning, I shared with the Father how much it disturbed me.… [Continue reading...]

Utopian Deception Now Being Perpetrated on the Church

On March 6, 2016 during my early morning prayer time, I received the following word.

“My Church is half asleep and half dressed. Deception rages within her pulpits with lies and promises of a Utopia lifestyle on this earth, free from pain, problems, and persecution. A Fairy tale lie of no sorrow exists in the sermons of this nation. My Bride has been fooled into believing all is well.

Where are the judgments prophesied? Where are the attacks? Where are the sounds of the battering rams tearing down our walls?

[Continue reading...]

The Time Has Come for Releasing Two Portions of Faith!

Here is a word I received around 6:30 AM on January 24, 2016.

“The time has come; the season is here for My releasing of two portions of faith. The first portion is for survival. The second is for revival.

In the first portion, I will pour out an anointing on to how to survive what is coming and to thrive in it. It will be a Goshen anointing (Exodus 8:22), I will teach you how to maneuver, manifest, and manufacture My strategies to overcome My time of judgment.

[Continue reading...]

In the Month of Red, Blood Will Be Shed

UPDATE: See the update to this post, July is the Starting Point for Falling Off the Cliff.”

On January 17 2016 at around 2:30 am I was awakened to the following word, which I received several times before I got up and began to write it down. The Holy Spirit spoke these words to me.

“I am mobilizing My Team, My Army to the frontlines. War is here now! Carnage will rage from Wall Street to the Main Street of America.… [Continue reading...]

2016 The Best of Times The Worst of Times

2016 will be the best of times and the worst of times. For the Church it will be the best of times because we are about to enter a time of equipping for the harvest. For the world and the Laodicean church it will be the worst of times because they are entering into their time of stripping.

2016 will be marked by both favor and vengeance (judgment). Favor for the “real” Church and vengeance released on the unrighteous. It will be our year of Jubilee!… [Continue reading...]