Breath of God Burning Up False Churches and False Doctrines

I had a terrifying dream yesterday morning. A hot wind began to blow. It came through my house and debris was blowing all around. The wind was hot and due to it’s intensity things were burning, flowers dried up, and it was like no wind I have ever experienced.

I walked through the house to close the doors and windows, but none were open, yet the wind was blowing. I looked outside, but there was not one tree or bush stirring, just inside the house.… [Continue reading...]

God Reveals Evil Spirits Operating in False Church

I had a dream many years ago about false religion and false brethren in the church.

In this dream, I was in a church. They were having a coffee social before the service. Everyone was smiling and chatting, but I noticed it was not normal. The service was about to start, so I went inside.

As the service proceeded, all the people began to swell up and sort of grunt and growl. They continued to swell up until they couldn’t move and could barely breathe.… [Continue reading...]

The Oil of God’s Spirit Will Flow in 2016

I had a dream on the morning of December 23 2015.  In this dream I was in a hotel somewhere, waiting for someone or something.  I looked around and thought the place looked shabby.

Then I saw someone come to the door and it was Donald Trump, or at least someone who looked like him. Then I realized I was in Las Vegas, which is in the desert.  I told him, “This room looks so run down.”

Then he looked around, then back at me and said, “You don’t look like someone who deals cards.”… [Continue reading...]

The Dark Pearl from Out of the Deep

I had a dream back in 2007-2008.  I saw what I thought was an angel gliding down from above.  It was framed somehow as if I was looking through a window.  I was amazed.  It came from the right upper side across to the left lower side.

I then noticed that it didn’t shine, no glory attending.  It had a luster, as if from within.  I noticed that it did not have a face, but instead it looked like a dark pearl, a black pearl. … [Continue reading...]

I Saw a Beast Rise Up Out of the Sea

I had this dream in early 2014.

I was walking on what seemed to be near a high steep cliff. It was dark, but I wasn’t sure if it was early morning or night. As I was walking across a hilly place, I saw a little light coming as a streak over the grass.

I noticed a pattern barely discernible in the tall grass. I stood there and realized it was like an arrowhead shape pointing in the direction beyond the cliff, so I looked in that direction across the ocean.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream: Full False Flag

I had this dream in 2014.  I call it Full False Flag.

I heard, “Honey is coming”. Then I heard the words, “Full False Flag”, which I understood as disclosure of the mark of the beast, 666.

It juxtaposed two seemingly unrelated ideas; the sweetness of honey, which is revelation knowledge, with the bitterness of betrayal, symbolized as a false flag. Increased revelation is coming, sweet like honey, but it is revealing something bitter, the son of perdition and the mark of the beast.… [Continue reading...]

Red Dragon Moving Across Our Cities and States

I had this dream in late 2007. I call it the Red Dragon dream.

I was looking down on a world map laid flat with the focus on America. I saw a drop of water that began to run over the cities and states of the United States on the map. As it moved, the drop magnified the names of the cities and states it went over. Then the drop of water turned red and became blood. Then it became a red dragon.… [Continue reading...]

Sweet Sabbath: Warning of Judgment Coming to America

Some of my dreams come as seeing dreams, others come as listening dreams. This one was a listening dream. I call it the Sweet Sabbath dream, yet it is a warning of judgment. It came to me as twelve verses, like poetry.

It came on July 2, 2015, between the Supreme Court ruling announcement on 6/26 and Independence Day on 7/4.

Sweet Sabbath.

Land of Details, you will perish.

Land of Laws, your laws to protect will now enslave you.

You have eaten deliciously and live far from Me.

[Continue reading...]