A Blood Bath is Coming

On September 4 2014, I had been listening to the news about the rise of this terrorist group ISIS and all of their threats and beheadings of Christians and others who refuse to convert to Islam. When I hear things like that, like many others around the world, I run to God for answers and insights as to what we are seeing and where it’s all headed.

I was sitting down in my prayer chair in my chapel and I had a great heaviness on me.… [Continue reading...]

Position Left Vacant by Adolph Hitler Soon to be Filled by Antichrist

Adolph Hitler’s private study

I had this dream October 01, 2008. This is one of those dreams that you know means something very serious. Every single detail of the dream I can still see and smell.

The dream began with me walking down a long dark hall. To my left I found a door. I opened the door and walked into a very dimly lit room. The room had heavy dark drapes on the windows and a very large oak desk.

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The Coming Judgment and Triumph of the Church

The following tells about a dream I had with five different scenes. After each scene, I have provided my interpretation.

Scene One: In the first scene, I saw a church building and the property was like a small school campus or a summer camp. The sanctuary was one long narrow room with no pews. Instead, it had amphitheater style seating that was covered in light beige carpet and the color of the walls was also light beige.

The dream began with me just being there in the sanctuary and realizing the service was about to begin.… [Continue reading...]