An Event Will Occur That Will Begin World War 3 and There Is No Stopping It


The spirit of the living God comes to you.  Write what I say:

“An event will occur that will begin World War 3 (without debate) and there is to be no stopping it.  All the planning and scheming has led to this.  Many will lose their lives.

It is important that you rest in the shadow of the Almighty, your refuge and your strength.  I come to you to harken you to listen to all that I have to say.  The underpinnings of this attack come not from afar but from your own shores.  Do not be deceived.

Trust this good word:  I desire My children to live in light just as I am light.  See, the darkness covers the earth, yet their are pockets of light that shine forth through the darkness.  The abyss has not conquered all.  It is My children of light who shall be victorious.  Let no more false flags confound you.  They say “look here” while over there great tragedy really takes place.  I will point you to the truth.  I will point My children to all truth, which is in Me.

Look to Miami.  Look to Chicago.  Look to San Francisco.  See what is happening.  The wheels have been set in motion and they shall not be stopped.

Some will say pray so that my Father in heaven will listen and intervene.  But I, the Lamb who has already been led to slaughter, say all these things must happen that scripture be fulfilled.

I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one come to the Father but by me.  Yes!  I am the truth!  I have already paid the perfect sacrifice that you should come to me.

My children are asleep, fast asleep.  But they will awaken by the shaking.  One cannot sleep when all things around you begin to shake.  The earth shakes.  The ground beneath your feet shakes.  The economies of the earth shake.  The militaries and governments shake.  The skies shake.  Day by day, more and more will awaken to the reality of the days all of you have been chosen to live in.  Make no mistake – it is no coincidence that each of you are alive today.

God, My Father, is sovereign and there is none like Him.  There are only imitators and counterfeits.  He is the true creator.  His imagination is second to none.  Each of you is but a reflection and shimmer of His great and glorious imagination.

The culmination of the planning of the enemy is close.  The land mines have been set in place.  Watch your step!  Keep your eyes on Me that you should not stumble.

Your freedom shall be questioned, and it shall even be taken from you.  Yet, in Me you are free.  Your freedom grows as you see that you are not of this world, but made for My kingdom, which shall come.  Wait just a little longer and you shall see all the glory I will set before you as I live and love among you.

Many are confused about the events that must take place before My reign may begin.  I come to set the records straight.  Much has been sealed until this time, but My children, the light in this world today who carry my love, are ready to know truth.  I’ve placed the desire deep in their hearts to know My truth, the truth of what they were created for.  And just as I come, so shall they walk in the destiny they have in me.

My word says that you shall have tribulation and you shall be persecuted.  Yes, this is truth.  Look around you and you see it, and this shall be more and more.  Even here in the land of “the free”.  I tell you that you will face great trouble for My sake and many will perish.  But those that lose their life for My sake will gain it.

This is not the end!  But only the beginning.  My word speaks of the truth, so read it and take it into your heart.  Let it make you new.  My word is my life.  The old sinful nature must die, so that I may live in you.  A house divided against itself shall fall.  If Satan has a place in you, I cannot live there.  You must choose him or Me.  There is no in between.  You either live in agreement with what he says about who you are, or you live in agreement with who I say you are in Me.

I died so that you may live eternally, but My blood is THE life even in the body you inhabit today.  Let My blood wash over you that you would have life abundantly.  Let it make you new.  Choose to die to self that you may live as the one true body you were created for.

Look around and you will see every lust of the flesh.  Can you not see that the flesh has already died and now it is rotting?  It hangs off the bones causing repulsion.  Turn away!  Seek forgiveness and give forgiveness.  This is the only way to truly live.  I plead with you!  Can you not accept that I died for you?  What more must I say or do so that you shall know the truth, and see that you are free?  I cry out to the Father on your behalf!  Come, sit at My feet that I may comfort you My brothers and sisters.  Give me your hand and I will lead you beside still waters.  There is nothing I withhold from My family.

The beautiful thing about light is that it cuts through the darkness and even overtakes it.  Hope.  There is great hope.  I am pouring out my spirit in these last days in mighty measure.  No life has yet experienced the fullness of My spirit, but you shall.  Yes, the oil is ready.  The Angels stand ready to pour out the great anointing that I have saved up for such a time as this.  Prepare yourself to receive the anointing I have for you.  Of yourself, you can do nothing.  But in Me there is nothing you cannot do.  Preparation means to humble yourself through fasting and prayer.  Then, wait upon Me and I will wash you clean in My blood.  The Angels will anoint your head with oil and you shall go forth to conquer!  Oh, how glorious it will be!

We will co-labor together on this earth in these last days turning the hearts of the sons to their fathers and the fathers to their sons!  When a child knows their Father, and knows their place in the family, they are no longer an orphan, and this is what we shall do together.  We shall set things right.  Child after child shall be set free until the last day!

It is not time to look up for “your” redemption.  It is time to look around to your brothers and sisters on this earth and love them.  It is the question of THEIR salvation that must be on your lips and in your heart.  It is time to be the light.  I am not coming to take you away yet because instead I desire to live through you in these last days and together we will bring in the greatest harvest of souls this world has ever known.

The crafty serpent has set lies in the teeth of my pastors and evangelists that before great trouble, all those that call on my name will be called home.  This is not My truth.  I desire that you should see the lies for what they are – a deception that would keep you from the preparation in Me.  If you knew all that was coming upon the earth you would fear, if not resting and trusting in Me.  Do not stumble!  You need not stumble and fall!  I am here now proclaiming the truth that even though the days ahead are dark, I will carry you.  There is nothing to fear for those resting in Me.

I do not want you to be caught by surprise.  This is why My word instructs you to ready your lamps that the light shines forth through the darkness so that you may SEE what is ahead.  My Father does nothing before releasing it to His prophets because He wants you to see and He wants your faith in Him to grow.  Fear is of the enemy, but my Father has not given you a spirit of fear.

Fear not because I am in you.  I have prepared you and I will equip you for the trouble ahead.  There is no limit to what we can do together.  My word says that the things I have done you will do and even greater.  These are the days you are living in.  Many of you will get to experience for yourselves the fullness of who I am, and who you are in Me.  As you come out of this world, you step into My kingdom.  Understand this, My kingdom comes on this earth today!”

Rachel Baxter

Author: Rachel Baxter

Rachel Baxter is a wife and mother of four children. She earned a
Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA.

Rachel was baptized, confirmed, and married in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. She was never taught about the power of the Holy Spirit. In 2013, she was baptized into the Holy Spirit while in her bedroom crying out from her floor. Since that time, the Lord has changed her life in every way.

She felt called by God to help establish the Lord’s Mountain of Education and has a heart to see children and adults alike set into the destiny God has for them. In 2014 she founded Valor Christian Academy Omaha, a Spirit-Led Missional school in Omaha, Nebraska. The focus of the school is equipping children to walk in their God-given destiny according to Ephesians 4.

That same year the Lord began to speak to her about the things that are coming upon the earth from His redemptive judgments and from the plans of the enemy.

Rachel is also a part of One Whole Heart Ministry, an inner healing ministry, that seeks to set people free from hurt through forgiveness and repentance, and to help them hear the Lord’s voice and follow Him. She shares her insights on her blog site, called Scroll and Fig Leaf.

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Heidi Bryden
Heidi B
December 22, 2015 10:50 AM

This morning during prayer on day 3 of fast, I saw an explosion. Against a bright blue sky was an image of an electric transformer tower. All of a sudden in the centre of it was an electrical explosion. It became dark very suddenly and a city skyline was lit up from behind with bursts of orange glow as if things were exploding in the background. I couldn’t tell what city, but impression on me was the electric grid will be taken out and all will go dark.
The following verses were highlighted for me:
“Pray no more for these people Jeremiah. Do not weep or pray for them, and don’t beg me to help them, for I will not listen to you”, Jer. 7:16
“I have continued to send my servants, the prophets -day in and day out. But my people have not listened to me or even try to hear.they have been stubborn and sinful – even worse than their ancestors. Tell them all this but do not expect them to listen. Shout out your warnings but do not expect them to repent.” Jer. 7:25-27

December 22, 2015 12:06 PM

Thanks for sharing. That is a powerful vision and Scriptures. I’m sure that the “fast” helped for that to be revealed to you.

June 29, 2016 10:24 PM

Hallelujah my sister!!!! These words resonate greatly with my spirit
Thank you for your faithfulness to share them, as they have given me the direction,, instructions, and confirmations I needed
To prepare is to fast and pray. I sensed that in my spirt, but I neede the confirmation
Then the Lord will cleanse and fill me / bring me into the anointing I’ve been waiting Fort

Rachel Baxter
March 10, 2016 11:32 PM

This word has continued to stay in my heart. Specifically, I am watching for events, as I felt the Lord instructed us to do, in Miama, Chicago, and San Francisco. When these events occur, we can look there for understanding about the “false flags” or look for the “false flags” elsewhere occurring at the same time.

Something to watch is that Trump is in Miami tonight and in Chicago tomorrow night. It doesn’t look like they’ve released his schedule to show if and when he may be in San Francisco.

I am specifically watching for some kind of event that would tie the three cities together, or three events that would seem to be a chain of events. The mainstream media is doing a pretty great job of keeping all our attention on the election, and down playing the reality of the military action in and around Syria that is well under way.

January 14, 2016 12:50 PM

Jus’Say’n – Great post re: Assyrian = Club of G-d’s wrath // After You posted:
Just as “THE ASSYRIAN” (Sennacherib”) was used by G-d (“ROD OF GODS ANGER IN WHO’S HAND IS THE CLUB OF GODS WRATH”) to chasten JUDAH. The Anti-Christ will be a weapon of G-DS WRATH!!!

The light bulb just came on for me regarding making sense in light of end-times events with the Syrian Migrant crisis in Western Nations… Look at whats happening in Germany- Rape and Plunder Palooza.. It’s coming here.. Could these “Migrants” be the modern-day Club of G-d’s wrath for the US and Europe?

I think it fits part and parcel with the Solomon’s quip “There’s nothing new under the Sun”

Going a step further, what does New York, Chicago and San Francisco (i.e. Kalifornia) have in common?

Strictest Gun Laws= Lots of unprotected soft targets
Lord Help Us

December 23, 2015 9:44 PM


Linda Hasche
December 21, 2015 11:07 PM

AMAZING Word from the LORD. It is a confirmation to me that it is now time for me to release dreams I had in the 1990s regarding the end times miracles, signs and wonders; THEY WILL HAPPEN as well as all of the difficulties that are looming. WHAT EXCITING TIMES WE ARE IN!!!

A preview of things to come: those in wheelchairs will be fully restored . . . The blind will see. . The deaf will hear. . . Here’s a cool one: obese people will lose weight instantly (now that would get some attention, don’t ya think?)

I’ll share those here as the LORD leads and will be writing them up on my blog as well.

Mark Shipowick
Mark Shipowick
December 23, 2015 11:07 AM

Linda how about really thin people like me suddenly gaining normal weight. LOL. That would be great!

Mark Shipowick
Mark Shipowick
December 23, 2015 11:15 AM

BTW, I don’t doubt that both could happen. I read on further where it has. If the Lord remove or adds weight it would be for restoring health. Better appearance is a nice by-product. Extra thin folk like are not as healthy as a normal weight people generally. I’m not on meds but I don’t have the energy level I’d like.

December 22, 2015 3:46 PM

Can’t wait to hear, Linda!!! I am also excited about all that is going to be released from heaven. I tell our little group we have to BELIEVE and walk out in FAITH with EXPECTATION!! Our LORD is so good to allow us to look forward to those special treats while we are also facing such catastrophe!! I am in awe of his plan!!

Eagle Feather
Eagle Feather
November 15, 2016 3:18 PM

Eagle Feather
November 9 at 8:23am ·

Well ,,, the wheel is set into motion !!! Obama will NOT allow Trump to step into office !!!
Hang on to your hats ! MUCH chaos is coming,,, in January or before …

Rachel Baxter
April 5, 2016 9:52 PM

Before the Lord gave me this word above about Miami, I had never heard any specific prophetic word from others on Miami, though perhaps the Lord has been speaking to others about it before as well.

Tonight I listened to a recording from “Still Small Voice” where a lady shares an experience she had with the Lord when He spoke to her about Miami. She speaks about this in the first couple of minutes, and then agin around 10:30. She talks both witnessing a nuclear bomb explosion resulting in a mushroom cloud in Miami from the viewpoint of Jacksonville about 340 miles away.

This message really resonated with my spirit. If our country were to be “attacked” by a nuclear bomb in Miami, I believe this would absolutely begin World War 3. I cannot say that I know this will occur, but I believe it is in line with the word from the Lord that I heard above. What we would need to discern is if the attack was really orchestrated by our own leaders (Americans in power whether politically or economically) for their own evil purposes.

Rachel Baxter
March 16, 2016 9:44 PM

To recap a couple of keys from the word above: On December 21, the Lord gave me a word about the beginning of World War 3. The Lord spoke about an event that would trigger it. He then said “this attack” will come from our own shores, America. He said that others would try to deceive us by “false flags” but that He would point us to truth. Then He said to “look to Miami. Look to Chicago. Look to San Francisco.”

I do not have understanding about Miami yet. The only news I heard recently was that Trump was supposed to host a rally in Miami last week but at the last minute changed his schedule. Then he went to Chicago and there were violent protesters, who many believe were planted and paid for by opposition. I am definitely watching these three cities since the Lord said to. Again, I believe He has a purpose in sharing this word and will give us understanding of we ask Him and seek Him, allowing Him to guide our actions.

Related to San Francisco, I did have a short closed vision a couple of days ago about the Golden Gate Bridge. Specifically I saw the expanse of it looking from the City which is south towards the North and had the sense that something significant was going to take place on or under the bridge.

Rachel Baxter
January 23, 2016 6:00 PM

Washington Post article from Jan. 20th caught my attention today because of the reference to Florida and Miama. “Florida, Illinois officials report travel-related Zika virus cases”.
I’ve heard others reporting on the fear-mongering related to the risk of pregnant women being exposed. Something to watch…