America is going to meet with disaster in battle.

Dearly beloved in Christ,

I desire to share some things with you that I noted down in my diary between May 24 and May 30, 2019. During this time I was meditating on Psalm 89. I regularly ask the Lord to speak to me through dreams and visions, but I also tend to find myself reluctant to share what I see, because many a time, I am just not sure if the things I see are the vain imaginations and delusions of my own mind. And I shudder at the Lord’s words in Jeremiah 14:14 to them who do so.

I acknowledge that I only know in part, and therefore, I prophesy only in part. What I see is akin to a dim image. I humbly submit what I saw and heard in my spirit to you, brethren, that you, by the Spirit of God Almighty, who lives in you, may prayerfully judge it.

The Passage

Psalm 89 seems to comprise three sections: vv. 1–29, 30–37, and 38–52.

Section 1 speaks of God’s nature and praising Him for His faithfulness, His desires, and His promises to Israel. Section 2 speaks of what God will do to Israel if she turns away from Him and His promises of restoration. Section 3 speaks of God’s disciplining of Israel and ends with the psalmist’s pleas to God for restoration, reminding Him of His loving-kindness and faithfulness. Even though the nation in question in this psalm is Israel, I believe it demonstrates God’s pattern of blessing a nation for obedience, warning of the consequences of disobedience, and actually bringing those consequences to pass, but still holding out the promise of restoration in case of repentance.

The Visions

These are visions that I saw during my quiet time with the Lord on May 25. I saw them in five parts. I believe the five parts are all related, but this is just my opinion.

In the first part, I saw a being that looked like a man but that also seemed to have the features of a woman with big eyes highlighted in black and dressed in a black sari attacking with a trident. The being seemed to resemble a Hindu goddess. (The sari is a common attire for women in the Indian subcontinent.)

In the second part, I saw the black statue of a medieval knight positioned as if striking down with a sword.

In the third part, I saw a line of evil jokers (perhaps there were two lines) marching straight toward a white building (the White House?), and one of them turned to his right and threw a javelin. I don’t know if it is significant that the jokers reminded me of the Joker character in the movie, The Dark Knight. There was no reasoning to his evil. It was in his nature to be so.

In the fourth part, I saw at least two rows of huge lamp-like structures beaming down what looked like strong rays of artificial lightning. The setting looked like some kind of military laboratory.

In the fifth part, I saw a huge gray ship, powerfully built like a warship, with some antenna-like device at its highest center. The antenna seemed to be rotating on its axis. There were two more ships like it, one behind it and one in front of it. They were all docked in a single file, from bow to stern. Many people (some of whom appeared to be Caucasians) were walking by it happily. It seemed like a public display of military assets, and the public seemed to enjoy the display.

Is it possible that there is a powerful nation (America?) whose people take great pride and joy in their military and firepower and that something terrible happens to it that causes the nation and its citizenry to become the targets of evil entities and their perverse appetites?

The Words

I received these words between May 29 and 31. I suspect these words are related to the visions, but I cannot be sure.

America will become a joke to its’ neighbors. And all who pass by will plunder it. I shall bring its fortified cities to ruin. I shall break down all its’ walls. America’s crown shall become the spittoon of its neighbors. With its walls broken down and its’ gates torn asunder and all its’ armaments smashed to the ground, its’ land will become prey for the enemy, its’ treasures shall be for the enemy’s plunder, and its’ people shall be for target practice. America shall be spurned and rejected, for it has spurned and rejected Me. Yet, in those days, when your enemies have finished having their way with you, in that fiery wilderness, when you are surrounded by the cold blackness, there shall be a remnant. Yes, there shall be so. And you shall remember Me, your Maker. You shall hearken to My words and return to Me, and these who return to Me, I shall take for myself as My people. And I shall be their God.

I shall turn America’s splendor to shame. I shall overturn its rulership. Its missiles shall fail in battle. And in the day of battle that I’ve appointed, all its troops shall fall. I shall do all this, because America has forsaken the glory of walking with Me and has instead chosen to walk in the counsel of wicked men. It has exchanged the glory of righteousness for the shame of wickedness. And so it shall reap. For all its winds of wickedness that it has allowed to blow across its lands, it shall reap whirlwinds—whirlwinds of shame and wickedness. I shall empower its’ enemies to cut short its’ days. Because it has relied on the arm of flesh, I shall empower its’ enemies to wage war against it and succeed. I shall strengthen its’ foes against it, and its’ own strength shall become dust and ashes blown away by the very winds of wickedness it has sown, strength that is here today but gone tomorrow. And America will know that I have set My face against it.

I will break the pride of Washington, and I will destroy the insolence of New York. I know how the wicked rage against Me. They shall know, in that day, the fury of the Most High against their wickedness. From the north to the south and from the east to the west, I will cover you with shame, darkness, and gloom. And in your shame, in that day of darkness and gloom, a remnant shall remember Me, and they shall return to Me. Yes, there shall be a remnant. I shall take these to be My own, and I shall be their God.

I shall save a remnant. From this country slated for destruction, I shall save a remnant. For My own Name’s sake, I shall save a remnant. I shall punish the nations that come against America; they are no more righteous than her. They shall know that it is I, the Lord, who exalts, and it is I, the Lord, who humbles. Yet, all things have their times and their seasons, and it is I, the Lord, I alone, who sets and decides them. All the earth shall know that it is I, the Lord, who Am their Maker and Creator and that their times and seasons are in My hands. And no man shall boast in My presence.

The Prompting

I also believe it is important to tell you what has prompted me to share this when I was formerly reluctant to do so. There are two things, and I believe both of them transpired by the hand of the Lord. I was very intrigued, but not convinced, at the first thing. But when I saw the second thing, I just felt that these could not be coincidences. The first thing was that this post (from 2013!) popped up in the comments here on July 15, 2019: George Washington’s Prophecy of the Invasion of America. And it happened a second time on July 16! The post was like in my face! But I wasn’t convinced.

Then the second thing transpired. I came across a comment, posted by Sarah on July 19, 2019. Of all the things that Sarah could speak about in her comment, she spoke, among other things, about Ahab’s fall at Ramoth Gilead. If we read the passage in question, 1 Kings 22, Israel, with her king, is intending to go to war to recover what she deems is rightfully hers. All her prophets prophesy victory for her. One even makes horns of iron, apparently symbolizing military strength, and decrees a crushing victory for Israel. But then Micaiah tells Ahab that God has decreed disaster for him in battle.

The post about George Washington’s prophecy of the coming invasion of America and Sarah’s comment both seemed to point as confirmation to what I’d received in my spirit, and I believe these were a prompting for me to step up and share the same. Yet, I believe the loudest prompting was this one statement in Sarah’s comment: “I am petrified of doing something wrong, so I prefer to say and do nothing—perhaps, like the man given one talent who said he was afraid.” When I read that, I instantly felt like she was describing my current state of mind, and I then decided that I would not be that man—hence, the post you’ve just read.

Sujit Thomas

Author: Sujit Thomas

Sujit was working in Chennai in late 2015 when the Lord began to nudge him to draw closer to Him. That was the beginning of a major spiritual transformation in his life, and he has not looked back since. As someone who has experienced God’s undeserving love, grace, and mercy personally, Sujit would like people to know that the Lord has no pleasure in the death of the unrighteous, but would rather see them repent and live.

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Stella Pam
July 20, 2019 5:10 PM

Please pardon me z3 family, but does it mean the Lord is not speaking or saying anything about United Kingdom. To me it seems every prophecy is about America, but as it is in that country so it is here and even worse. At least in America there are Prophetic voices warning about the sins of that nation, but here nothing, no one cares. It is as if we have been left to wallow in our debauchery and wickedness.
Right now we don’t seem to have a government; Brexit has overshadowed everything, and yet no word as to our spiritual condition and turning away from God. Church buildings here have been sold to other religions or converted into flats or clubs and yet no word.
I find it all very strange. I do my bit in praying and seeking the face of the Lord, but I am no prophet. Please family pray for this Great Britain, very politically correct!
Thank you and excuse me for my rambling.

July 20, 2019 5:36 PM

Dear Stella Pam, I understand how you feel. I live in the UK too and many times it does feel like this country has completely fallen off the radar. Recently, my church went out to distribute tracts and invite people, the response was painful. Some politely returned them to us, others refused to collect the tracts in the first place. You couldn’t even get most people to chat with you for 5 minutes. It looks like people here are politely headed to hell. As I read your post, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Elijah’s frustration at not seeing other people serving the true God but he was wrong. God had men in reserve, waiting for an appointed time.

Don’t be discouraged sister, God has not forgotten us, we just have to keep praying for this nation. There is a battle for its soul. I was speaking to my wife today. It is clear that Trump is going off spiritual track, Boris Johnson who is likely to be the next Prime Minister is Trump’s buddy. I just pray they don’t join hands to drag both countries through the mud (they probably will) . I don’t think both countries will survive another George Bush-Tony Blair bromance.

Anyway, in all this, I hold on to God. He has personally shown me some things I will do for Him in the UK. I consider myself in training and in the early stages of the work. When it all goes south for both nations, we will be the people to show them God.

Stay strong sister, God is moving even in this seemingly deafening silence.

July 21, 2019 2:10 PM

I’ve wondered this myself, but God hasn’t left the UK and he won’t forsake us. The US is the only nation I can think of that was founded on Christian principles (like Israel was founded on their covenant with God/ Torah) so maybe there’s an higher accountability hence more “words”, although I’m not sure on the theology of this!

Maybe we should be prophetic where we are and not be looking for “words” to back up our convictions?

Having said that, Richard Baker is a nice guy doing a great job collating and sharing words for the UK and wider:

And there’s:

Recently I’ve been wondering if God is raising up a new kind of “prophet” who will stand up for him in public when the established church won’t because it’s busy promoting another agenda that is “love” but isn’t the gospel.

It’s really interesting how many people are talking about Stormzy “taking Glastonbury to church” recently – gratefully worshipping the Lord in front of and leading 80,000 people:
It’s very easy to watch this and judge him and his other stuff as a work in progress, but aren’t we all?

And Bear Grylls of course:

Maybe our creative God is going to use the people, if the “priests” are unwilling/ too busy elsewhere (priesthood of all believers etc).

Anne Chivers
Anne Chivers
July 20, 2019 9:10 PM

Sujit not always easy sharing a word Many others have shared over the years .
Some ( not many) have written books also regarding the coming destruction that you have spoken of . even translated by the Spirit of God to see what was coming on an unrepentant people.. even the Fema Camps. & one witnessed the colour of Nuclear fall out.

Thinking also Pride comes before a fall. So many believe the politicians Gov’t of the day ( military prowess-might, will get them out of everything .Not so!! . but the unbelievers & scoffers cannot see this.. many have turned their face against the Pure Word of The Living God.. alas the darkness they may have to see and endure. that will shock!!.

I have read another book titled A Remnant Shall Return By Benjamin Baruch he lives in the USA. .he has given the very same warnings and backed it all with scripture..another book also Titled Global Tactics of WW111.with J.R. Nyquist
And search The Scriptures.

I did a separate study after I read that particular book as I wanted to understand more with the Holy Spirits help what constitutes a remnant. What biblically constitutes a Remnant. part that struck me was that throughout biblical history ..a remnant that is faithful to The Fathers True word ( All or His Word) often went thru a catastrophe.
Remnant verses: Ezra 9:8
Isaiah 1:9 ,11:11,16:14,
Jeremiah 44:28
Ezekiel 6:8
Joel 2:32 The Remnant whom The Lord Shall Call.[ see Micah 2:12 5:8, Romans11:5,Revelation 11:13.]

From memory The lion is the UK. The eagle with its wings plucked out USA. and The Bear – Russia.
Isaiah Chapter 13 God’s threatened destruction of Babylon. especially verse 9. & 10.. then Mystery Babylon The Great.

I felt to share this.



July 20, 2019 6:58 PM

The part about the spittoon immediately suggested Jeremiah 51:37 about Babylon being a hissing. Grief in my spirit reading this…may God have mercy on us.

James Grubbs
James Grubbs
July 21, 2019 12:41 AM

I believe this prophecy by Henry Gruver goes along with your vision.

July 20, 2019 10:27 PM

Sujit, thank you for being bold and stepping out. The person who does not speak the prophetic word is indeed never wrong, but will they receive a reward for it? SNS

July 25, 2019 5:47 AM

its a harsh word in ezekiel 33,6 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and fails to blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes away a life, then that one is taken away in his iniquity, but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood.’