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THERE was a time in america ,IF YOU HARMED ANYONES CHILD,they would TAR AND FEATHER YOU, after a good beating,then the HANG YOU FROM A TREE LIMB AT THE EDGE OF TOWN WITH A SIGN AROUND YOUR NECK,to let everyone know what you had done,THE GOOD PEOPLE of america DID NOT WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT GOD MENT when he told everyone NOT TO HARM HIS CHILDREN,and he ment ..throw you into the lake of fire in hell…NO ONE DARED HURT CHILDREN,..but in modern america it perfecly OK to kill ,rape,torture,beat or do anything you want to children, because they have NO VALUE TO ANYONE..hahaha,DOES ANYONE IN DEMONIC AMERICA have any Idea whats coming on you soon..YOUR GOING TO BE COMPLETELY DESTROYED,as you should be,and IT’ll be a total bloodbath in every town in america,NO ONE will escape..AND YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM GOD,he knows where your hiding…