“2018 will be a Year of Governmental Emergence and Convergence.”

On Christmas day, I was shown the significance of the gift of the 13 starred Betsy Ross U.S. Flag from “Valley Forge”. In a vision, I saw the upper torso of a person sitting in a chair, sewing on the US flag. They were sewing the stars onto the flag. As the stars were sown onto the flag, the stars then lifted up with wings and flew up into the air. I realized that they were the 13 angels that were assigned to the 13 states represented on the flag being shown to me in the vision. I knew that God was highlighting the East Coast of the US as representing the original 13-colony area as the spiritual foundation of the government of the US, and He wanted to reveal His desire for us as a nation. I also realized that the Heavenly Scrolls originally determined for cities, regions, states, and nations will now begin to unroll so they can be properly be governed and stewarded in the earth.

On December 28th, 2017, I received a prophetic experience of the Governing Seats. I was standing within the Lord on a brilliant spiritual plane. I knew it was a new level that we had all achieved this past year. When I say that I was standing within the Lord, I was really inside of Him, and I also moved as He moved. It was as if I was suspended within the atmosphere within Him, our spirits flowing together as one spirit. We both were standing there on that new spiritual plane together.

I could feel His satisfaction all through me and I could also feel pleasure at us being here. I could also feel a deep responsibility too and this sobered me. He then began to speak to me about our ruling and reigning with Him this year in higher Governmental Capacities:

“You stand here at the beginning of the new that I have for all of you, Sue. My People must learn to rule and reign with Me, and this is learned best through adversity. This is not only reckoned as a new year unto you, but I want you to understand that you have also grown up into a new position of authority that I have brought My people into. Each level that you all grow up into, you also have to learn to function within it and upon it. You all have matured sufficiently because of this past year’s trials and the purification process you each went through. Now you stand ready to move into My greater purposes and timing for you.

I have brought you through a cycle of one year of testing and of severe trials to prove you all, and to determine who would move into this New Year with me. You have come through the fires, the deeper lonely waters, and through the iron forge with Me. I forced you all to root yourselves deeply into Me and to utterly depend upon Me throughout your preparation period of 2017. You must realize that I cannot trust My higher purposes and authority to those who are not serious in their walks with Me. Only at the end of this period now will you see why you had to fully move into deeper union with Me, in order to see where I am now going to bring you all into. Each of you will now move forward in an accelerated process into your new governmental roles.

I do not choose My leaders as the world does. I am not merely concerned about gifting, anointing, mantles, and talents. I not only look upon the heart and minds of those I am inspecting and choosing, but I also look at your responses to Me throughout your testing and trials. There will be no pride found in My people who have learned to inwardly abide. I will humble those who will stand faithfully in bearing the work of My Kingdom with Me.

What I want you each to understand is the accelerated shift that you will now all move through, as I reposition every one of you. It is not to be taken as one’s position being greater than another’s, but you need to see it as varied assignments given as they are needed, to each one I choose to use.”

The Governing Seats:

“Now come, lets get started”, the Lord spoke. He then walked over to an area where there were multitudes of waiting seats. I saw that each seat was different, but I instantly knew that each was made for the recipient who would sit there. They looked like Fiery Ottomans full of eyes, which turned continually within them.

The Lord then pointed to them, and said, “These are Governing Seats. Through your trials that I allowed each of you to be refined within in 2017, I also put within you the capacity to now begin to move into governmental things with Me. This is a time where My Government will not just learn to function, but will now begin to function in the earth in greater capacities in 2018.

This does not mean that one is better than the other in ranking with Me, but it means that each of you will now be given different assignments from Me and with Me, and you will begin to flow in governmentally in the earth in 2018. Sometimes you will work alone on assignments, and at other times you will need to work together in teams in your seats to accomplish bigger assignments that I will give to some of you together. So this year of 2018 will be a year of governmental emergence and convergence, not only between heaven and earth, but between you and each other to accomplish the things that I will reveal to you.

There are things that I have trained you in already, and many of you were forced to learn them through your various hardships and trials that I brought you through, such as each of you learning to access some of the courts of heaven where you had to learn to get victory in the necessary areas of your lives in order to move forward into the new that I have now prepared for you. This was necessary training so you could each learn the protocols of heaven, but also to function within the spiritual laws that govern them. I gave you trial runs in 2017 to teach you to follow My lead and to work together on assignments. All of which served to prepare for you for the trust and responsibility that will be entrusted to you in this new year.

So it is your turn now to see the things I have prepared for your generation come to pass in its ordained timing and process. There are things that each generation must learn in order to obtain the things I have ordained for that generation to move into. Every generation must overcome its evils and darkness in order to advance the kingdom of light into the earth.

This year of 2018, is also the Year of Transference of Governmental Roles and Inheritances. You each have earned the right to not only inherit what is promised to you and to your generation, but you will also now learn to govern it judicially through the assignments I will give to you, but you will also help to steward those things faithfully into the earth beyond 2018.

This is also a Governmental Bridge Year. What you successfully govern with Me in 2018 will also be inherited by your generation for decades to come and even beyond. Sue, You are all still at the Beginning, and it is to be to you a Holy Year. This year will come with much enemy resistance and opposition to your commissions, but you are to remember, that you sit above those things, even though he will attempt to lure you from those seats. Every leader that I have ever chosen has always had the same requirements and temptations before to them.

You must remain seated within Me and only decide each case that I bring before you with the Wisdom that I give to you for it. Your decisions cannot be your own, or what others want you to decide. You do not decide by what you see in the assignments, by what you hear others say, or even by what you currently know. You are to decide with Me. You will decide within your Union with Me, and by what we both will agree governmentally in that case. You are also My Judges, and we must judge righteously, and with the judgment of the Father.

I have only just begun to show the things I have prepared for you and also for your nation. It is the quality of the choices that you have all made that have brought you to this point. I have been dealing with your spiritual foundations in preparation for My Glory to rest in many places in your nation, not only for visitation, but for the building of My Habitations. This you already know, but there is more that I want to bring you into because of My timing for you all. I have made you ready to build now with Me. It is time to sit upon your Governing Seats, and it is time to begin to move with Me as I direct you into your various assignments this new year that will solidify the preparations that you have already laid together in 2017.

Listen, for I am ready to not only begin to give you new assignments, but I am also ready to now gather My Councils and Governing Boards all around the world. I have plans for people, for homes, for churches, for businesses, for cities, for regions, and for the nations that are waiting to be implemented. You all will begin to be moved around so you can work on various assignments together. I will speak to you all, and rearrange things so you can flow together more harmoniously.

I tell you do not be alarmed at the changes that I will now bring. Do not pre-judge the movements of My hand nor of My choices I make for you or for others. I have made you each ready to serve with Me in your various capacities and I will give you the Grace to function and to lead as you continue to sit in your seats with Me.

The nations are ripe and are looking for leadership. Everything is in readiness for your generation to now receive the Wisdom and Strategies, which are waiting to be administrated from above. The Harvest of the Ages has been assigned to you, to My Church. The responsibility of being My Governing Instrument has been also given unto you all. Your success will be determined by your obedience to Me, but also by your faithfulness to move together as My Body in your various capacities. Come, take your seats – your new assignments, your new alignments, and the nations as your inheritance are now ready. Let us begin for we are ready to usher them in.”

The significance of the four years and four progressively dated files that appeared on my desktop after I finished typing up this outline. 2018 to 2021. Four years have been given to us to fully implement this phase that has begun.

Rev Susan O'Marra

Author: Rev Susan O’Marra

Rev Susan O’Marra and her husband Patrick are pastors of The Salvation of God Church in Rochester NY, which is a charismatic Assembly of God prophetic training and equipping center focusing on equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry. She shares her dreams and visions on her blog, In the Image of His Glory Ministries. Susan enjoys camping, archaeology, travel, gardening, and missions.

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Oved Ben Levi
Oved Ben Levi
January 2, 2018 10:08 PM
Wow wow WOW!!!! As I was reading this, it was as if you had read a report on what the Lord has been doing in me and with me in the past year or so, but more importantly, in the past couple of months. The vastness inside the Lord? I experienced that!!!!! I was suspended/”floating” inside of him! There’s essentially a whole other dimension within him full of warm, loving light that extends in every direction without end! It is eternal!! The governmental positions, especially the part about the royal priesthood? He’s been showing that in ALL SORTS of ways. He’s been particularly keen on showing me the combination of indigo and gold (which are royal colors by his standards [the high priest of the tabernacle wore these colors] and these colors represented royalty in the Elizabethan era). The part about the proper distribution of his specific inheritance for us? Oh man… He was on a role teaching me about the importance of our true identity (the identity HE has given us [which is well known in his kingdom] and not the one the earth gives us). Only when we assume our true, God-given identity can our assigned lot be properly handed down to us. And when you mentioned that he called us “judges” I lost it, haha! That was the last thing he expounded into my spirit in the last week or so. He specifically took me to 1 Cor. 6:3 where Paul says “know ye not that we shall judge angels?” (Not men… ANGELS!!! *mind blown*). Basically, he’s giving us the most serious and weighty positions of governance in existence below him. It’s a VERY big deal. I can’t adequately express how impactful these couple of months have been (starting right after Yom Kippur, basically the beginning of… Read more »