2012 Shepherd’s Rod from Bob Jones

2012 Shepherd's Rod by Bob JonesBob Jones gets with the Lord every year to receive revelation about what God is going to be doing in the coming year. He calls this the Shepherds Rod. The following is a verbatim transcript of his message given at MorningStar ministries at the start of 2012. You can also download or print a copy of the 2012 Shepherd’s Rod complete transcript. Or scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch the complete video presentation.

I am posting this with only two months left to go in the year but the major events of the year are still yet to happen. Besides that, many things covered in this word go beyond 2012 to 2015, 2020, and beyond.

The first time I heard this word, earlier this year, I thought it was good but it did not have a major impact on me. Then about a month ago, I listened to it again and that time every word of it was a clear word from God for me personally. So to help me soak it all in and to keep it forever in my files, I transcribed the whole thing. I hope it helps you as much as it did me.

The meeting began with Bob Jones passing the microphone to his wife, Bonnie. Here is what she had to say…


I know what Bob is going to talk about and he really wanted me to share something first. I just wrote a book called “The Power of the Spoken Word,” and actually it is being delivered tomorrow.

It is so powerful the words that we speak. The Lord told me we must take an aggressive stand against the spoken word because it gives the enemy permission to use those words against us. We have negative or positive words. We really activate everything by the words we speak. We can bless or curse, we can heal or resurrect with the words we speak.

But it goes even farther than that. Where do our words come from? It says out of the overflow or the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, but all of our words originate with a thought. And we need to take every thought captive because once that thought becomes a word and it goes out of our mouth, that is where the power is. So are we going to bless or curse with it?

We need to discern our thoughts. Paul says that we can take our thoughts captive so I believe that it is possible. I think that we would speak a lot less if we considered our thoughts. We need to discern where our thoughts are coming from. They are either coming from the Lord or they are coming from the devil or they are coming from our own conscience.

Once we ask forgiveness for something God no longer remembers that, but the devil does. Only God knows our thoughts, the devil doesn’t. But the devil will provoke the things of our past, things that we have repented from, the devil will provoke those thoughts To make us think that we did not forgive that person or that we are still in sin, et cetera.

We really need to discern our thoughts. And then not allow those negative thoughts to become words and speak them out. If we can’t bless somebody, lift them up, or bring them joy, then we really need to be quiet. I think that is a prelude to what Bob is going to speak about now.

Bonnie then passed the microphone back to Bob Jones…

The truth is established by two witnesses. I think you’ve had two witnesses today. Bonnie has been working on that book for six months and she got it printed and it is supposed to arrive tomorrow, 3,500 of them. I believe the two witnesses are saying you’re going to have to bridle your tongue. You’re going to have to bridle your conversation, your expression and your presentation because if the anointing is coming there is going to be life in what you say. And if you say wrong there will be death in it. So I think He is bringing two strong witnesses forward.

A few days ago the Lord began to deal with me on a thing. The angel of this nation is called you unity, union. If you study George Washington’s prophecy you see that this is the angel that appeared to him in his darkest hour. And there were some reckless things that took place with George Washington. His enemies in battle began to believe that he couldn’t be killed because they would shoot at him and shoot the horse out from underneath of him but he had a divine hand on him. I believe that divine hand is coming again to America.

And America is being called to come into a union. There is coming a civil war in the church. And each and every one of you is going to have a civil war inside of you. It is going to be the gray matter, the rebel, against the blue, the revelation of the son of Heaven.

We have tried to bring a unity in our mind for a few hundred years in America. There has been no unity. There can only be unity when we become united in the spirit. The mind without a control over it, without a servant attitude in it, becomes a land mine. Anybody that steps on your doctrine, you are going to blow their legs off. Anybody that says something in church that offends you, you are going to blow them off. God is calling for the mind to become a gold mine. Getting offended is not an option to you. A gold mine is going to have what a person needs when they need it. Colossians 3:2, a gold mine is a mind that is settled on things above, not on things on the earth. So our soul has enslaved our spirit. It was never meant to be that way. You don’t worship the Lord in your soul you worship him in spirit and in truth. So you are going to have to worship him in the spirit to get the truth. We have been trying to do it in our mind when our mind should be our servant and our spirit should be the master.

The revelation gifts are in every one of your spirits. There is a real need for the soul to have the word of God in there because then you will know whether it is the Holy Spirit or not, because what you hear will agree with what is written. The soul has been the master for too long and the rebel is in the soul and the rebellion and the gray matter. You are not going to be able to figure out what to do in the future. You are not going to get the answers you need in your mind. People are not going to be able to give you the answer. The answer is in you, but it is in your spirit man. The spirit man is the same in men and women alike. The spirit of a woman is a spirit man.

This is what he is beginning to deal with, that you would become literally love slaves, that the mind would become a love slave to the Spirit of God that is in you. Every one of you when you were born a piece of God the father came out at your conception. When you were conceived, you were conceived to live forever and you are going to live forever some place. You determine where you are going to live.

When that seed in you gets ready to break forth is when you begin to seek Christ. You see him first in the written word. But it is time now that we go on and let the Spirit of God come into us so the Holy Spirit can reveal to our spirit the future.

And then when our mind becomes a love slave it does only what we hear in our spirit. And when you use the name of Jesus that you have heard in your spirit and you bring the word of knowledge there is going to be a tremendous release of healings. We are on the verge of awesome healings, but there is something that is getting greater than healings. The word of knowledge is really good and it is not going to stop, but we are getting ready for the word of wisdom. The word of wisdom will come not only to tell you the future but it will tell you how to avoid needing to be healed. The wisdom of God is getting ready to be released and you will know what decisions you need to make for the future, what you should be saving and what you should not be saving, where you should be. So he is looking for people who will let the word of wisdom come and dwell in their spirit.

I have seen very little of the word of wisdom. I have seen it a few times, but we are getting ready for it to be released. With that there will not only be miraculous healings but there will be the miracles. I have seen strokes and things like that healed, but with the word of wisdom you know how to stay healed. You will know what decisions to make for tomorrow.

But you are going to need that ear ring in your ear because you are going to need to hear. When that ear ring was put in the ear it was in a person who had been released from slavery, but they had chosen to remain joined to their master. They became a slave to their master, a love slave.

This is what is getting ready to happen. There is a remnant of people who are getting ready to come forth like love slaves. Their ear will be tuned to the master.

One of the things the Lord was dealing with me this morning was how much do we pray in the spirit? We pray in our understanding a lot, don’t we? But praying in the spirit is where we hear. Paul was a brilliant man, and did you know he prayed in the spirit more than anybody else? He did not get it in his mind, he got it in his spirit.

So the Civil War is getting ready to start and the gray has to surrender to the blue because with the gray matter, when you think you have a thing figured out, you don’t. You can only faith it out, and you only faith it out right down here in your spirit. Faith is coming forth. Every one of you is going to have a civil war within you. You are going to have to determine, am I going to figure it out? Well I am telling you, you are not.

Should I buy gold? Should I buy silver? Should I buy food? That is all gray matter. It is not going to work. But when you pray and you hear something in your spirit, do that. That is going to work.

I am not getting ready to become a Yankee. I can still keep my southern heritage. But this time I’m going to put on the blue, and so are you if you’re going to go any place. When you put on the blue you become an army, an army in unity. Do you have any idea what an army in unity can do?

There are principalities and powers, thrones and dominions that are reigning over this town. Do you know what an army of blue would do? We would pull down those principalities. One of you can’t do it. A hundred of you can’t do it. A thousand of you can’t do it. But several churches joining together in unity can take down the enemy.

He is calling for us to become an army that stays in step with one another, that does not go AWOL, or get out of step, marching together in unity, and that is going to be by the Spirit.

The word of knowledge and the word of wisdom is getting ready to come into each and every one of your spirits. When a man like me brings a word, you ought to already know whether it’s from the Lord or not because you are already getting it for yourself. One thing I have noticed that Bonnie and I are doing lately is we are bringing the revelation but all it is doing is bringing confirmation of what they already have. Then you can become in agreement with one another. And that is what he is saying, that we would come into agreement with one another. He wants us to be an army that marches by revelation, revelation of the son of Heaven.

Then for what you are going to proclaim, then you are going to need the mind. Because once you hear it in your spirit and you speak in the name of Jesus, it is created!

You are getting ready to see creative miracles like you have never seen before. I have seen created body parts on the inside. I have never seen one on the outside. I believe the reason he did that is because people were not ready for it. But I think there is a hunger and a thirst now for people to have the real thing.

The things that are in the father’s heart are in the holy spirit’s heart and the Holy Spirit is right there in your spirit. Your spirit is your conscience, and when your conscience feels something and reveals it to your mind, your mind’s job is to proclaim it and speak it into existence.

This is in Isaiah chapter 48:6-7.

It will be called into being by the word of prophecy. I believe we have come to the end of religion, three days ago on Rosh Hashanah, and a beginning of Christianity.

“You have heard; look at all this. And you, will you not declare it?
I proclaim to you new things from this time, even hidden things which you have not known. “They are created now and not long ago; and before today you have not heard them, so that you will not say, ‘Behold, I knew them.’ (Isaiah 48:6-7 NASB)

I believe wisdom is going to justify her children. And she is looking for her children to step forward. And what she speaks in their spirit, with their soul they will proclaim it and bring it into being.

We have come to the end of one time, and the beginning of the next. I believe the Lord has been preparing us in a strong way for the last three years. This is the year of the man, 2012. This is the year that godly wisdom is returning to the body of Christ. It works by the fear of the Lord returning.

I believe we have come to that place of realizing that we don’t know anything.

When we use the name of Jesus and we use it from our spirit there is not any demonic force that can stop it. You can literally tear the gates off of a town.

I believe there is a remnant that is coming forth. I don’t believe they are very mature yet. But they are going to change. The change is taking place. There has been a preparation for the last three years. With this year comes the ear ring.

Being sent forth by the Holy Spirit of God, and knowing the Spirit and the truth, I am afraid that a lot of heresy has entered the body of Christ and the truth is getting ready to reveal it. I see all kinds of heresies, like God does not heal anymore, and all kinds of stuff like this. We are getting ready to find out what God does do. We have been saying what he does not do, but we are getting ready, by this wisdom, to find out what he is going to do and who He is going to do it through.

If he was going to do it himself he would have already done it. He is going to do it through you. If you become that servant, that slave, and you spend time with him in the spirit, and you hear what he is saying in the spirit, and you worship him in spirit, and as you worship him in spirit that creates a truth in you. We are getting ready for the truth.

Bonnie was given the 85th Psalm the other day. Truth is going to rise up from the earth and righteousness is going to come down and kiss it.

Lovingkindness and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Truth springs from the earth, and righteousness looks down from heaven. (Psalm 85:10, 11 NASB)

I am telling you, wisdom has come to kiss her children and to justify them. I would put it this way, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Wherever two of these come together in agreement in the spirit, the Lord is in your midst to accomplish what you are praying. I believe we are getting ready to honor the father on a level like never before. That is what the father seeks, those who will grow up and begin to look like his son. His son would do nothing except what he saw the father do, and that’s what he is calling you to do, that you would do nothing except what you saw the father do, and then you would do all things.

Get ready, because in the last few years of the Shepherd’s Rod, in the beginning there was the ox, the servant, the sacrifice. The year after that, 2009, 2010, was the year of the eagle, revelation. We have just come through 2011, the year of the lion, authority.

Now get ready for the man to take all of these and begin to walk it out over the earth. 2012 is the year that the man comes forth, and we need to begin to ask for the nations. Ask for the nations because the Holy Spirit is going to release people to go to the nations that you never thought would be receiving from him.

So godly wisdom is coming forth, but first you have to resolve the civil war within yourself. The gray matter is good, but it must be the slave. It has enslaved the spirit, and has forced our spirit, our conscience, to do things that we know are wrong. It is time that we let our conscience be our guide.

The remnant that is coming forth at first is only going to be a remnant. It is going to be Isaiah chapter 11:11 again. And he has been speaking this to us since 1999.

Then it will happen on that day that the Lord will again recover the second time with His hand the remnant of His people, who will remain, from Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Cush, Elam, Shinar, Hamath, and from the islands of the sea. (Isaiah 11:11 NASB)

A remnant is coming forth. A remnant is going to be guides for the rest of us in the body of Christ. Once you begin to walk that spirit trail, and you begin to obey the things of God, instead of there being one Jesus down here on the earth there will be thousands. And they will be called to do the things that he did, and they will only do the things that they hear in their spirit, and they have trained their minds to proclaim it.
Now you still need to train the mind, because a slave needs to know how to please the master. So there is a real need to get into the word, and to know the word, but it is still law until you hear from the Spirit. The religious spirit which is legalism, opinion, debate, judgment, and criticism is coming down. And in its place will be apostles, evangelists, pastors, prophets, and teachers. God’s government is coming up. And 2012 is the year it begins.

This is going to be a year of the best of times for those that walk this way, and the worst of times for those who are trying to figure out what to do. So you do not have to figure out anything. You are not going to be able to.

He is waiting for sons and daughters to talk to him by the spirit so he can reveal the future to you. One of the first things he will tell you is quit looking back, you do not have any past. Look to today and tomorrow. Rejoice in your past because it has gotten you to where you are today. Look to what he is telling you to do today. If he is not telling you to do anything then you have the day off. But if he begins to impress you to do some things, then be quick to hear and quick to obey, as a slave would to his master.

Do you know who the closest to the master is? The love slave. He is right there next to him. The love slave is sometimes just watching the Master’s eyes, and the Master’s eyes will tell him exactly what to do. The Master’s hands will tell him what to do. He can feel what’s in the Master’s heart and he goes and does it.

It’s a time that we begin to move in the holy spirit of God. It’s a time that we learn from the apostle Paul, the most brilliant man in Scripture but he couldn’t do it on his own. He had to go into the desert and lose his mind to find it. We are getting ready for our minds to be blown, and become a gold mine. Once you become a gold mine whatever counsel you need it’s there in you.

Really, the Holy Spirit is in you. How many gifts are in him? The same amount of gifts that are in him, when you got him, they are in you. So if you’re going to ask for gifts, ask for all of them. But right now what we need the most is the word of wisdom and it is going to come, and the signs and wonders.

I saw some things recently. There is great joy in heaven right now because the father has whispered something into the son’s ear, and Jesus does not keep secrets. You may not understand that, but he does not keep secrets. He has told everybody in heaven what is getting ready to happen. And heaven is getting ready to touch the earth. And he has told them, “I am getting ready to do some of the greatest healings you have ever seen. I am getting ready to release the word of knowledge in ways you’ve never seen before. I’m also getting ready to release the word of wisdom so that you don’t get sick anymore, where you know what to do, where you know where to do it.”

Wisdom is on her way. I believe it has started. On the seventh and eighth is the day of atonement. We are in the time of trumpets right now, in the days of awe. I have been taught from the very beginning to follow my daddy’s calendar. The Jews claim it is theirs, but it isn’t, it is his.

And the signal fires are burning on the mountain right now saying, “come back to him. Come back to Christ. Come back to Him in the spirit. Come back and let the Holy Spirit speak to your spirit man. Let the Holy Spirit reveal into your conscience where you are missing God.”

One of the next things that I believe is getting ready to take place is repentance on a scale you have never known before. And it is going to be the very best who are doing the repenting because we have been letting the gray reign over the blue. We are going to need to give up the authority of the gray and let the Holy Spirit become the Lord that reveals this, because he is part of the Lord. He is the only God down here. And that is what he is calling us to, that we would come and begin to obey him. You don’t lose any battles then. And you sure are not going to lose any war.

I believe we are in a key time in history, and this preparation of the man going forth is the beginning of the harvest. I believe this is the year that the harvest is going to begin, and I don’t know to what extent, but I know it is going to really escalate by the year 2015. And I know that what He is talking about in this one harvest He is talking about over 1 billion youth is getting ready to come in. They will only come in where wisdom dwells. Wisdom is looking for a place to move in down here now, and she is coming down here to take over the father’s business, and where wisdom is reigning over the father’s business, you are talking big numbers. And we are also talking about going worldwide.

So this is the year that our feet should be prepared, shod with the preparation of the gospel, that the Holy Spirit would direct our feet into the places he wants us to walk, and would begin to reveal the true hope to people who have none.

Those who are depending on the gray matter, with what is ready to take place, they will not have the answers. You will have the answer. They are going to be hopeless. Brokenness without understanding brings hopelessness. Brokenness with understanding brings hopefulness. So what I am trying to say to you is get ready to get broken in your mind so that the mind surrenders and obeys what the Holy Spirit is saying for you to do in your spirit.

And it is going to bring a fullness. And those out there who have no hope don’t realize it, but you are their hope.

The mind without an anchor in these coming days is going to be insanity, but a mind with an anchor of hope is like a ship that goes out to sea when a hurricane is coming. They let that anchor down and the anchor just lifts it up and down over the waves. But if it stays ashore, then the hurricane will just destroy it. And there are all kinds of perfect storms headed our way. They have been telling you that it is all over, but it is not all over. The shaking is yet to come. And what he wants to do is shake the devil out of the church until the Holy Spirit reigns over it. And when the Holy Spirit reigns over you, there is not going to be anything that will reach out and grab you because that wisdom is going to have you in a place of protection and a place of hope. Hope is a confident expectation in God that will not be let loose. The anchor will hold. So we need to anchor our soul, tie it down, and really let our spirit man go, our conscience, and let the Holy Spirit reveal the heart of the father in us, and we need to go before shedding the love of God, shed it abroad into people’s hearts.

So it is a different season. I have known for many years that 2012 was a time to live for. So you who are in the church, get ready for what you have waited for. For you it is the best of times. You are not going to starve. I mean, Scripture says that. You are not going to be blown away.

This nation is going to be humbled. It even could come to a place, if it stays in disobedience, that it becomes a third world power. But if it does, we will do what we are called to do. This nation is founded on God, on the rock. We will always come back to the rock. It is time for us to fall on that rock again and let that salvation work in us. It is a time of brokenness.

So what is going on first is the church is going through a time of brokenness so it can be brought into a time of fullness. Get ready for the fullness to begin this year. Seek wisdom, knock on her door and you will find her.

It begins by being awed by God, by the fear of the Lord, or better yet, you let your conscience tell you what to do. Your conscience does guide you. It is a part of the father’s heart that is in you. And you know when you were doing right and you know when you are doing wrong, so what you have done wrong, repent of it, so that you can do what is right.

Get ready to be led. Worship the father in spirit and in truth. Subdue the gray matter to slavery. Submit the blue matter to the master.

Then Bonnie shared the following word that the Lord shared with her ten years ago.

I think this will maybe help you with the Civil War within you. The Lord would have me begin by saying, “I submit my soul to my spirit.” So I am bringing my soul in to submission to my spirit. Then I surrender my spirit to the Holy Spirit. So I did that, and then I would ask the Lord, show me what is in me that is not of you. Because I want all the things that are of God but I don’t want anything that is not of him. So that was like a process he was taking me through. And I believe what he is calling us to do, by surrendering our soul to our spirit, and then giving our spirit to the Holy Spirit, is like Jesus when he came into Gethsemane. It is that place of repentance. When we repent we need to turn from it.

If God would have shown me everything that was wrong with me at once I would have shriveled up and collapsed I guess. So as he shows us, as he would show me, I began to give that over to him and repent of it. He was showing me those things in me that are not of him. He is a holy God. He wants a holy bride. We cannot enter into that fullness of him with all the stuff that we still have. So that is just a little nugget of how the Lord began to show me, and if it is going to help you, it is a time that we need to lay aside those foolish things and walk with the Lord.
Then Bob Jones took the microphone again and said, “There is just one other thing I want to share with you.”

Seek him. Find out what he wants you to do. Don’t let men tell you what to do. Let the Holy Spirit of God tell you what to do, and the first thing that he’ll tell you is to worship him in spirit so that he can reveal the truth to you. And truth will be your guide.

So we are in a very key time, but I think we are in one of the greatest seasons that has ever been. Some are going to shake that don’t know Christ, but you that do know him are going to be shaken to where you can come right to him.

Download or print a PDF file copy of the 2012 Shepherd’s Rod complete transcript. You can also watch the 49 minute video here:

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November 18, 2012 5:42 PM

So glad You posted this on Facebook and I was able to read it, digest it and share it! Thanks!

January 2, 2013 2:02 PM

With all due respect, I cannot put too much stock into what someone says who openly speaks about “going into trances” on his website. It doesn’t mean that some of this stuff won’t happen. After all, Nebuchadnezzar; pagan king of Babylon, was shown, pretty much, the history of the world, in a dream!

I put Bob Jones and others in the same category with Edgar Casey, and Nostradamus, who also “went into trances”.