“An Event of Such Magnitude is Here, A Judgment That Will Shake Even the Strongest to their Core”

Do you remember that day? Were you there when they crucified My Son on the Cross? When the earth shook and the Heaven’s thundered? All creation cried out as they crucified the Son of God. Creation is crying out once again, but I will not allow the wicked to crucify Him again!


An event of such great magnitude is here, a judgment that will shake even the strongest to their core.

I will cause great thunder, fire, hail and smoke as I make My presence known.… [Continue reading...]

“Agree With Me as I Am Building an Undercurrent of Victory”

I have sat on this word for quite a while and pondering it with the Lord and really praying it through. I am releasing it now as it has been stirring strongly in my spirit for a while and I feel the Lord wants to bring encouragement to His people amidst all the turbulence happening right now in the USA.

As I was spending time with the Lord recently the ‘turbulence’ happening in the spirit and in the natural over the USA right now, and the burden I have been carrying in my heart because of all I am seeing going on in the nation and the Church came flooding back to me again.… [Continue reading...]

“You Will Take the Land”

On October 21st, I was awakened at 2:00 am by the following words: “You will take the land.” I was hearing it repeated over and over.  Then, as I fully awakened, I heard it spoken loudly and very distinctly, “YOU WILL TAKE THE LAND!”

I initially took it as the Lord giving a general Word over His people – like words of affirmation over us as to what we’ll be doing in the not-too-distant future.  So I got up from bed saying, “Yes, Lord. … [Continue reading...]

A Nuclear War Came Without Any Warning and Took Down One City

On October 13 2016, I was given two separate visions during the third watch of the night. The first is shared here.

Let me preface by saying that when a prophet or prophetess brings a word from the Lord, such as a warning, it is to be done in humility because with any warning or judgment also must come a remedy or solution. All prophets must adhere when giving a word or warning, that it is from the Lord, that it is within Scriptural boundaries.… [Continue reading...]

“The Next Major Event Will Involve the Destruction of a City”

For the last two weeks, the Lord has had me reading and He has been speaking into my life the entire 139th Psalm. But today, He told me to go inside and write.

Being obedient, I did what He commanded. You can read the entire Psalm 139 for yourself, but verses 23-24 go with the main theme of what He spoke to me.

23 Search me O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts;
24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.… [Continue reading...]

“America’s Enemies Will Vie With Each Other to Take Down This Building”

The Lord said to me on 6th May 2012, “The fall of Babylon approaches and this is a city followed by a nation. New York City will be destroyed in a single hour.  The tower (One World Trade Tower, also known as The Freedom Tower) will come down first because this arrogant erection offends not only Me, but America’s enemies greatly. They will vie with each other to take down this building, The Freedom Tower.”

“So there will be time for others to flee to a safe place.… [Continue reading...]

“The Next Three Weeks Will Determine America’s History”

The Lord spoke these words to me during my early morning prayer time. He said, “The next three weeks will determine America’s history.”

I questioned the Lord. I said, “Determine America’s history? Wouldn’t that be to determine America’s future?”

He said it this way. He said,

“History is what has already come to pass. It is irremovable. What I have said has been written. Therefore, what is about to take place has already been known and it is already history to Me.… [Continue reading...]

Trump Cannot Save This Country, But Jesus Could

Is your hope in Donald Trump or in Jesus?

I tell you the truth, Trump cannot save this country, but Jesus could. The whole reason this country is in the shape it’s in is because she did not want to follow God any more.

The government of America has made many laws against the Most High God, but now they are making laws for a foreign god – allah.

People of America who call yourselves “Christians,” Attention! Persecution is coming and there will be no more luke warmness, you will either be “on fire” for Jesus or you will be totally cold toward Him.… [Continue reading...]

Destruction Coming to New York City in Two Phases

I have been given a warning word for New York City. The words the Lord has spoken to me this morning seem to have an air of finality about them.

No date or time has been given. The Lord only said the following regarding time, “I am ‘seeing’ it before it comes; the days grow shorter; the time is near.”

Here is the word I received:

“You are My witness. You are My witness. To all of these things coming upon Babylon, I have made you My witness.… [Continue reading...]

The Heavens Will Shake and the Earth Will Tremble, A Plea to Come Out of Babylon

Oh, the days ahead. So much change is upon your nation and all the nations of this world. Every high place must fall before I return to take my rightful place on the the throne. The Kings of this earth conspire to hold fast to power, but it will not be so. Not one king, one ruler, will be left when I am done.

A new “breed” of leader is rising even now, a people given over to My purposes – a people after My own heart, and I will bestow upon them the mantle and the head dress.… [Continue reading...]

“The Spirit of Elijah is Here. A Day of Reckoning is Upon You Now.”

Message received on Sept. 29, 2016 to be released for Rosh Hashanah

I am Yahushua, the only One worthy to receive the rewards of My suffering. I am the Lamb who was slain, sacrificed for the sins of all men for all time, now coming as the roaring Lion, coming in great power and great might.

I am coming to bring great shaking and to reveal Myself powerfully in the earth. Does My Word not tell you that before that great and terrible Day of the Lord that I would send forth the spirit of Elijah to prepare men’s hearts for My return?… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Poem Update for July Through September

In my previous post entitled “The First 7 Stanzas of Prophetic Poem Have Been Fulfilled,” I went over, in detail, how the the first seven stanzas, (January through June) of my prophetic poem were fulfilled. But what about the next two stanzas representing July through September? Have they come to pass?

This brings us to the purpose of this article, to once again highlight the facts showing how we as a nation and the body of Christ have fulfilled each line of the 8th and 9th stanzas with 100% accuracy.… [Continue reading...]

“This Is the Day I Will Arise and Survey the Land”

Here is a word the Father gave me this week. It is a prophetic parallel of the life of Samson and the Church, found in Judges 13-16.

“My People are blind, dumb (mute), and lame because they refuse to hear My warnings! I have called you to be the salt and light of the earth, but you refuse your position, and you reject your authority to execute My Word!

Your savor is gone, there is no taste but bitterness and the flavor of gall!… [Continue reading...]

“The Seasons are Changing and the New Age Begins”

The seasons are changing, and the new age begins. My children, much chaos is coming into your world as you know. Things will become more difficult for many of My people. You must learn to hide yourself in the secret place of protection in Me to survive all you see long term.

What is important to Me now is how you spend your time, what is in your heart. Do you have a heart for My Kingdom, or is your heart to build your own upon the earth?… [Continue reading...]

Sudden Change Coming to the United Kingdom!

A couple of weeks ago, I was given what I call a “Daniel” type vision. I say this because most of the dreams and visions that LORD gives me are direct; without too much symbolism. But this was not the case with this one. So pray for wisdom and discernment, as I did, regarding what I’m about to share.

It was about the fourth watch, and I went into a vision. In it, I saw three buildings. All three were made exactly the same, the only difference was their height.… [Continue reading...]

“The Greatest Shaking That Has Ever Occurred in Your Nation Will Commence Now”

Yesterday, I received the following word of warning in an email from Z3 contributor Casey Toda.

Two nights ago, while I was washing dishes. I heard very clearly:

“The greatest shaking that has ever occurred in your nation will commence now.”

I honestly am not sure if it was The Lord or one of His angels who spoke this but I heard it very clearly. I asked for scripture and God told me to read Isaiah chapters 8-10 and Jeremiah chapters 19-21.… [Continue reading...]

“A Great Division is Coming to the Nations!”

“My people are halted between two opinions, two ways of life; prosperity and prison. Who is right in the fight among your prophets? Some battle for the course of Babylonian captivity – others battle for freedom of prosperity and peace. Who is My Prophet that declares truth?

Thus saith the Lord, the one who warns My people of the sword of calamity and chaos to come. The one who warns that Babylon will be their home. For I have not called for peace, but a sword!… [Continue reading...]

“By This Time Next Year Things Will Be Very Different”

On Friday, September 9, 2016 the Lord spoke to me after I had spent time in worship and prayer. It had been a turbulent few days prior, and the uneasiness I was feeling in my spirit was finally broken as I worshiped and prayed! The Lord then told me to get my journal and pen ready, and this is what He told me:

“By this time next year things will be very different: economy, shelter(s), work, society, government and politics. God will be an afterthought, removed from all public life.… [Continue reading...]

“Yearn Desperately for My Truth or You Will Not Stand for What is Upon You”

I am Absolute Truth, the Author and Perfecter of your faith. My words are truth and they are life. I am the only Just Lawgiver.

Much of the church that call themselves Mine are being fed truth laced with poison, and I tell you even the littlest leaven leavens the whole lump. I do not change and I cannot lie, therefore, if you hear teachings and words that twist My holy Word, add to, or take away from the absolute truth I have taught, you must not drink from the polluted cup.… [Continue reading...]

“There Has Been A Breach of the Walls and Nations Are Being Affected.”

I had a dream recently where I heard the Lord saying over and over, “There has been a breach of the walls and nations are being affected.”

As I heard the Lord saying this over and over in my dream for hours, the sense surrounded me that many “watchmen” were not on the walls at the moment and consequently there was an ‘exposure’ that had resulted and was affecting nations. As I was sleeping and listening to the Lord say this, I had this sense of such intensity that the watchmen needed to get back onto the wall ‘standing in the gap’.… [Continue reading...]

“America, You Will Reap What You Have Sown”

“The law of sowing and reaping is one of My most basic, easily understood laws. It is is simple even for those who don’t have spiritual minds to grasp. Yet the father of lies has taken it and twisted it and deceived billions upon billions.

It is written: ‘Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.’ (Galatians 6:8)

O Earth hear the word of The LORD!… [Continue reading...]

“In the Coming Two Months a Great Wind of Fury Will Blow Across this Nation”

“This is the season of the wind blowing in several different directions. For with the wind comes blessing, and with the wind comes judgment.

Nature shows the effects of the wind, and no one can see the wind. You see its effects in nature, as hurricanes and other catastrophic weather patterns. And the wind of My spirit from whence you do not know, but I bring with it a gentle breeze, and also the sound of My fury.

For in the coming two months a great wind of fury will blow across this nation.… [Continue reading...]

Things Are About to Change Very Quickly Right Before Your Eyes

The Lord has had me writing and preaching A LOT about Amos 9:13-15 in this season:

“Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I’ll make everything right again for My people Israel:

They’ll rebuild their ruined cities. They’ll plant vineyards and drink good wine.… [Continue reading...]

I Saw Tsunami Waters Covering Highway 45 Between Dallas and Houston

In the middle of June 2016, I received two visions with the second one coming just a few minutes after the first one. In the first vision, I was driving from Dallas TX to Houston TX on Highway 45.

I’m from Dallas, so I travel back and forth quite a bit to see family and friends. While I was driving, it must have been early morning time. Traffic was flowing easy. Then all of the sudden I saw water rushing down Highway 45 and immediately by the Spirit I knew it was a Tsunami coming from the Gulf.… [Continue reading...]

“This Is the Tipping Point of All Tipping Points”

The Lord showed me a “tipping point” has happened in the spirit over the past little while and it was the “tipping point” sent off by the enemy to release a ‘domino effect of darkness’ attempting to come against many of God’s people.

I watched as the enemy tipped what looked like a domino against God’s people and it set of a “chain of unfavourable events” against many. This has been the “one thing after another” that many are experiencing.

I then saw the Lord sitting on the throne and He looked down at the enemy and the enemy was TINY and his dominoes were SO small, almost like ants.… [Continue reading...]

“The Changes Coming into Your Life Will Affect Every Area”

“My children, in this time of great change, close relationships will end suddenly and with no warning at all. Do not resist these changes, as I am behind them and I work them out for your good. Remember, I can see ahead of you and down the road. I know what you need, and I know who you need and who you do not, in your life.

The changes coming into your life will affect every area. I am starting to move through nations in ways you cannot imagine.… [Continue reading...]

Massive Flood Warning for Houston Texas

Speaking at the 2015 Lancaster Prophetic Conference, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj shares a story of how an angel of the Lord spoke to him about the city of Houston Texas. He shares this starting at the 33-minute mark in the video shown below.

“When we landed at Houston airport, we came out of the plane and we walked on the bridge. As soon as I stepped foot on Houston Airport, I heard the voice. I think this angel followed me. He said, “This city will be destroyed by a massive flood.”

He then explained the reasons why he believes this flood is coming to Houston.… [Continue reading...]

“Houston Will Be Destroyed, Desolate, and Uninhabitable.”

Since I was a little girl, I have had dreams and visions, so seeing things is not new for me, but hearing words from the Lord is. I first started hearing words from Him in 2011. When He speaks to my heart, He sometimes confirms it with scriptures, dreams, or visions, but mostly scriptures.

When I was young, my mom’s friend in Christ prophesied I was a prophet. We never talked much about it, but my mom would tell people, “My daughter sees things”.… [Continue reading...]

“We Are in a 60-Day Window of a National Heart Attack”

During my early morning prayer time on August 28 2016, the Father spoke the following words to me.

“America, I weighed you in My balances of righteousness and you have been found wanting! Your extortion and bribery is a stench that has been raised to Heaven! I will no longer look the other way. I can no longer wink at your sin! Now is the time for the payment required for your sin!

You have abandoned Me. You have rejected Me and now your heart has a void.… [Continue reading...]

The World Will Rock and Reel Like a Drunkard

“NOW is the time to come into My presence, My beloveds. Things are about to get rough in this old world. It will rock and reel like a drunkard and you must hold onto ME to keep your balance. Nothing will be the same. Life will not go on as it has been.

The enemy has had his plans, but I HAVE MINE. He will succeed in some areas, and I will allow this. His own will have a rough time of it because he will not be there for them as I will be for mine.… [Continue reading...]