TD Hale’s Dreams Tell the Future of America

The following is a transcript of an interview with Pastor TD Hale from Calvary Christian Center in Galipolis, Ohio. In the interview, Pastor Hale describes the details of two dreams that he received from the Lord. The first dream was on December 28, 2011. The second dream was the very next night.

The interview was conducted on March 27, 2012 by Rick Wiles, and was broadcast on You can listen to the interview here.


With the situation that we see going on in America, with the president and the administration certainly there are warning signs coming up. On December 28, 2011, I had been seeking the Lord for a word to give to our assembly. I went to bed that night just like any other night. The Lord just really dealt with me in the middle of the night concerning things that were coming.

I certainly was shocked when I saw what I saw. In the dream I began to see myself going across America. I was floating, suspended in the air going across America. I had no fear about what I was seeing. Then all of a sudden I began to see bombs had landed everywhere. The land was totally destroyed.

It looked like things were totally just wiped off, grass, trees, everything. Everything was gone, burned. There was nothing left. There was nothing on the trees. There was just total disaster. I don’t know if it was everywhere but it was everywhere that I could see, from the point I was at.

When I saw this I saw people standing around their homes and things that were left, holding onto each other. I saw people that laid dead, and I heard the cries of the people saying, “This should never have happened, this should never have happened.”

It was like they just kept saying it over and over again, “This should never have happened, oh Lord, this should never have happened.”

You could tell that life had changed. There was no food. There was no water. I could see babies crying, grownups, men all crying, holding onto their families. They were begging God for mercy. As I moved along I saw people running, looking for their loved ones who were missing and they were completely, completely out of their minds. Insanity had taken over.

I could see people slinging themselves off of bridges, committing suicide. It was just so vivid what I could see.

Then I came over a big city that looked like Columbus, Ohio. That is when all of a sudden I saw mass hysteria, riots and all kinds of things breaking out in the streets of the city. There were windows being busted. There were people just grabbing things left and right. But when I saw it, I did not see them grabbing things like TVs and electronics. They were grabbing food. They were grabbing chips. They were grabbing water. They were grabbing anything they could get in their hands to sustain their lives. It was all about survival. I could tell that this was different from riots that we have seen in the past.

They had come into the stores by the thousands, as many as could come in. I saw them pushing shelves over and pushing electronics aside. They were trying to grab the food, the bread, the cases of water. They were seeking everything they could get for survival.

The rioters were fighting among themselves. I saw one man grab a gun out of his pocket and shoot another man right in the head.

The next part of the dream was the most startling for me. As I left that place, I was going like at the speed of light. I found myself standing on the backside of the White House. As I stood there I looked up. I heard a voice say, “Look up to the Truman balcony.” I knew what a balcony was, but I did not know the balcony had a name. I did not know that there was a Truman balcony until I later shared this with a friend who told me there is a balcony by that name at the White House. In my mind, I believe the Lord identified that to let me know that my dream was from the Lord.

I saw the president of United States, President Obama, standing on the balcony and I saw in his hands a shotgun. All of a sudden, to my left hand side I heard a loud scream, real loud. When I turned my head to see where the scream was coming from I saw flying high in the air was a majestic eagle flying in the air around Washington DC. I knew that scream. I knew it was an eagle.

I saw all of a sudden the president of United States point that shotgun and shot that eagle dead and it fell to the ground. When it did I looked back up at him and he just had a smile on his face like a smirk. And these were the words I heard in the dream, “I’ve done it and I won’t have to deal with this in my administration.”

Then there was dead silence. Then I heard a voice say “Tell the people that this is my will, that this is my hand, this is the hand of the Almighty both upon the generation of the righteous and the cursed. The righteous will find their way and will know what to do. The cursed will wander around with no compass because the cup is full.”

There will be people running around saying we don’t understand why these things are happening, but people need to understand that God has everything under control. The Lord let me know that this is his will. This is his hand upon the righteous and the cursed and we have to accept that.

It amazes me how people have their heads buried in the sand when God is sending so many warnings to people through all kinds of His servants and yet they still will not believe. It is just like in the Bible (with ancient Israel). God sent the prophets and warned them there is going to come destruction, there’s going to come to come trouble, the nations are going to come in and take over. But the people said, “No that’s not going to happen, God is not going to let that happen. God won’t do something like that.” But then it did happen. Then the people went back to God and apologized to him and said we are sorry, but it was too late.

It is like people have fallen asleep. They don’t have a prayer life. They constantly just go on as if nothing is going to happen. They act like life is going to continue on as it is, like America is going to continue on as it is, and there is no urgency. They have their heads buried in the sand, but God is saying “it is time to wake up. Things are getting ready to happen. It is going to move at a fast rate. It is time to get a prayer life back.”

At that point in the dream I knew we were coming to a showdown between good versus evil. I saw people gathering in their homes and there were prayer meetings. People were praying in the spirit. Then I heard the Lord say, “Tell my servants and my handmaidens a special anointing will reside on you in the last days. Hold not back your voices but speak your hearts for out of them come the issues of life. Pick up the mantle of prayer and cover yourselves in a secret place of prayer. Your eyes will be anointed with a special anointing. There will be others who will be blinded to my word. All things will be revealed in their due course. There will be a supernatural wave of the spirit that will come over this generation very soon.”

The final voices are in the land to speak one last time. Yet through the ministries of tapes and DVDs and books that people would have in their possession that God will give them that spiritual food to sustain them during these times that are coming upon us. The Lord said, “There are harsh days coming.”

All of a sudden, things changed in the dream and I began to hear a voice, the voice of God. I saw in front of me a very old antique table. I knew there had been documents signed on this table, special documents. I am hesitant to say this but I saw a voting ballot laying there on the table. As I looked at the ballot I saw two names on it. I saw the President’s name and I saw Mitt Romney’s name on it. Then all of a sudden I looked and I saw the president of United States name check marked. I knew then what that meant. I looked at the ballot and I saw written on the ballot, “This is the will of the Lord.” Then I woke up.

America’s days are numbered. The handwriting is on the wall. I am telling my church to be prepared and to get their house in order. I am telling them that whatever they need to do for their families do it quickly.


The very next night I had a second dream in which I saw the American people going into slavery. In this dream I came upon a wooded area where I saw some people that were camping. They were not camping like we normally think. They were hiding. They were all standing by their tents. There were two tents. The people looked tattered. They looked like they had not taken a bath in ages. There were gallon jugs of water and they were trying to light a fire but they didn’t want to bring attention to themselves. But they had already been found out.

I saw some federal officials coming up around and they took these families. They handcuffed the adults and took them to the cars, and they took their children with them. I also saw two elderly people and they took them and put them in the car. I saw the federal agents and they said “We are from the United States government and you are under arrest.”

I knew that these people had been running to get away from being arrested. They took these people to some kind of a processing place. I was standing in front of this building where I watched them being taken in and processed. To me, it was like I was looking at the days of Hitler again. The building looked like it had been modernized and updated and painted, but it looked tattered and things were very run down. I knew they were old military bases that had been shut down. I saw them take the people inside where they were being processed. I even saw them being fingerprinted.

I saw rail cars that came up beside this place. I did not go into the rail cars so I did not see inside them. That frightened me. It really disturbed me. I knew America was in trouble when I saw that. I knew we were headed down a path that was not going to be turned around.

I felt like I had entered into a death camp. What I saw literally sickened me. I knew that America was about to change.


An interesting point about TD Hale is that when he saw Barack Obama for the very first time back in 2004, the Lord showed him Obama would eventually become the president. So he got that right. Also, the dreams were given to him in December 2011, which was about six months before Mitt Romney secured the Republican nomination. Pastor Hale saw Mitt Romney’s name on the ballot in the 2012 election so he got that right too.

At the time of this posting, it is Nov 2, 2012. The election is now only four days away. We will know then whether or not Pastor Hale’s dream is correct regarding the outcome of the election. If Obama wins then Pastor Hale’s track record remains good. If not, this post will likely not stay on my site and I will be left wondering where this dream came from.

The first dream has four parts:

1. Scene One – total destruction from bombs

2. Scene Two – mass riots in a large city in America

3. Scene Three – President Obama shooting the American eagle

4. Scene Four – election ballots with Obama winning re-election

Since we are just four days away from the election, it is safe to say the scenes are not in chronological order. In fact, my guess is they are in reverse chronological order. So my comments are listed below in reverse order.

Scene Four: This is very straightforward, Obama gets re-elected. The current polls show the race is very close. We will know in a few days whether or not the dream was accurate.

Scence Three: At some point after the election, Obama completes his destruction of our constitutional form of government and the freedoms we enjoy. It sounds like Obama will take over as a dictator at that point.

Scene Two: Many other prophetic voices have already warned about mass riots coming to America including John Paul Jackson, Terry Bennett, Shane Warren, and others. The dream did not provide any details on the timing, which is why it is important to note that John Paul Jackson connects the riots with the election. He said the riots would come because there was going to be such a furor over the election and over the fact that the American dollar has become worthless. The riots ultimately lead to martial law in many parts of America, with most of the violence and suffering concentrated in large urban areas. If you are living in the downtown area of a large city it would probably be a good idea to move out to a rural area. It would also be a good idea to stock up on canned foods, rice, beans, water, batteries, cash, and things like that. It sounds like a massive disruption is coming to our food and water supplies. Rick Joyner from Morningstar Ministries says he believes the worst part of it will last about three months and in some areas it will be less than that. Grocery stores get wiped out fast in panic situations so it is important to act before the crisis starts.

Scene One: This is very disturbing. TD Hale did not know what part of the country was hit or if all of it was hit. John Paul Jackson said a dirty bomb will explode in a coastal city making it uninhabitable for over 30 years. He also saw the tunnels that run under water in a large American city were completely filled with water. Others have seen missiles striking several large cities bringing massive destruction. No dates are provided so we do not know if this happens during the Obama administration or perhaps years later or even decades later. As with any prophetic words, we only see part of the picture. It is very important to avoid drawing conclusions beyond the details revealed to us. That only leads to misinterpreting the revelation. It is clear that this is a warning to all who have ears to hear in America. God is calling us to repent of our sins and turn to Him. John Paul Jackson said the Lord told him things will continue to get worse until we do that.

TD Hale’s second dream is also very disturbing. Others have shared similar words about American citizens being forced into concentration camps. It sounds similar to the horrible camps now used in North Korea and the Nazi camps from World War 2.

There are no dates provided so this might be very soon or it could also be years away. Based on other prophetic words received by other people, my guess is we have at least a few years before the concentration camps come. This is only a guess and could be way off. However, the reason I say that is because other prophets have indicated 2012 was the beginning of the great harvest of lost souls and that the harvest period would last about 12-15 years. The harvest will require lots of laborers so all believers cannot be locked up. Of course, it is also possible that concentration camps occur during the harvest season with some believers locked up while others are still free to bring in the harvest. This is the great harvest of the last days. We are blessed to live during these times. What an honor to be chosen by God to live during this awesome time.

My advice is to stay close to the Lord, just as Pastor Hale said. Spend time in prayer. Stay filled with the Spirit. Take no regard for your own life. Be bold to speak whatever God puts in your heart. Your words are life or death to those around you. God bless you fellow soldiers!

Update: Don’t miss our article on TD Hale’s 4th prophetic dream about the rain of fire coming to America!

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Author: James Bailey

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  1. Mrs. Hunter says:

    Can i post on my website. I also had a prophetic dream going along the same lines.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Go right ahead! God bless, Pastor Hale


  3. In December 2007 i had a vivid dream of the next president bring in the mark of the beast. As i was looking at him his face transformed into a demon or maybe it was satan. After we came under attack by foreign troops, only they weren’t shooting but rather they were releasing a poisonous gas in the air and people were dropping like flies. I literally felt this gas going down my throat and choking me. It was really really vivid. I remember it was cloudy and during the morning on a school day


  4. Charles Cooper says:

    Looks like the “FEMA” bus going to get here before the “Rapture” bus……beter think about it…


  5. dannyboy71 says:

    I had a dream a couple of years ago. It was a weird dream. But, all I remember is being in a house, not mine, and hearing a loud crash or boom. As I ran outside I see a bird, perhaps an eagle, that sort of dive bombs or crashes to the ground. Then a spew of blood erupts from where the bird landed and then it started to rain blood, or that is what I percieved it to be.


  6. Ava Anderson-Kemper says:

    I agree with what he has seen. I had my first dream of nuclear war in April 2011. I was given a few targets…Washington, D.C., Hawaii (first hit), Florida and Albuquerque, N.M. I then had a dream of 2 huge quakes…California and Austrailia with Austrailia having a huge tsunami from the South. Many more dreams and visions. I am afraid though, that we do not have a decade or more. I have not been given any dates, just “Soon.” God’s soon and my soon are 2 different amounts of time, but I strongly believe that nuclear war is just around the corner. The last word I had was that it would all begin with the California quake, which caused martial law to be implemented, while we were distracted, Iran struck.


  7. Man from Modesto says:

    The things Mr. Hale saw match the content of more than a dozen dreams the Holy Spirit has sent me over the last 18 years.


  8. Texas Aggie says:

    Hahaha…This guy is going to be the next viral laughing stock. These pastors are just making fools of themselves, proclaiming divine intervention. It was a dream! What you dream, what you see, how we interpret the world – are of these things are clouded by biases, and our personal education and experiences… How does this mean anything to anyone else?


  9. A lot of people laugh now at these predictions, I hope they can laugh when the time comes. At a very young age, I dreamed of war and there were very few who survived. I was standing by a mail box, I had the same dream 2 times and it scared me. This is not a joke, read revelation.


  10. I don’t get it. What’s your point? Get more people in church? Maybe get the giving going stronger? Hide in a cave? Shoot somebody? Get your guns ready? My Bible is very clear. Tribulation is normal for a christian, but “THE TRIBULATION” is not for the church. Was this a pizza dream? A real dream? A Joseph dream? A satanic dream? A dream? Are you kidding? We don’t get prophets! We have a Bible! TRIBULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you get it?


  11. Dee Vincent says:

    First and foremost I am a Christian. The ideology of some of the “Now” preachers teaching hate and division and politics is abominable. God will deal with these Naysayers when the time comes. Trying to divide a country through hate mongering is a disgrace, especially when it is men that say they are preachers. God WILL deal with you. Trying to discredit a man that was put into office, the second time, by calling him a socialist/marxist, demon is demeaning to them. The majority of the country voted him back in; does that tell anyone anything, or do you all follow, like sheep to the bleating of hate-filled idiocy?


  12. Standsresolute says:

    God bless this Pastor and all those who are guided by the Holy Spirit of God to know the signs of His coming. I know what the pastor has seen will happen. I have not had such a dream, but the Spirit of God is moving among His people to prepare, to believe and to be humbled before He returns. Many who criticize these messages do not know of His prophetic words in the Holy Scriptures. I am a Christian who is Mormon and count all followers of Christ as my brothers and sisters. It is His holy will that these things come to pass. The time of the separation of the wheat and tares is nigh. God bless to all – Charles


  13. Lawrence robertson says:

    The GOV droped nerve gas on a heard of sheep some years back, It killed 6 thousand, They were just as evil then as they are right now, It’s people next.,the A.C. must show up before the Tribulation. Things are happening a lot faster than most experts would like to believe, The false Prophet will probably show up on Easter, Possable Obama, It’ a wait an see game, Lots of pastors think Obama is the Antichrist, I just ain’t sure


  14. I wouldn’t say I’ve had visions, but have had very strong feelings. Essentially from the first time I saw Obama– he made my hair stand up. I knew the man has a black soul. Harvesting souls can take place within a concentration camp as well.


  15. I had a dream a few nights ago that I was trying to hide my grandchildren. We had to leave our house as “they” were coming. I looked to my right and saw an old pathway that led up to some woods. I was surprised to find that there were a lot of other people hiding as well. I usually do not ever have dreams like this.


    James Bailey Reply:

    Your dream sounds very consistent with what TD Hale saw in his dream. I wish that were not the case because it sounds like we have some harsh days ahead of us. The good news is we have an awesome God and He will be with us always. Thanks for sharing!


  16. Pastor I had a dream that people were living on tents over the water on nets. There was this family that took me in and we just started chatting, Then I told the lady , I had a dream, Then she said you mean you had a vision from God, and I agreed with her , I then told her that God told me that 2 continents were going to flood and the date he gave me was Feb 23, 2014. There was a lady in the next tent attatched to this family and she was angry because I was standing in front of her t.v , which happened to be above the spot where I was standing In the tiny tents. I walked towards her and rebuked her and made the demons leave , and she then said she felt better. Then iIexited the tent and awoke.


    James Bailey Reply:

    Thanks for sharing your dream. I will be interested to see if anyone else gets the same warning about a flood coming to two continents on Feb 23, 2014. For major events the Lord often gives the same warning to more than one person so we can have confidence we are hearing from Him. So we’ll see!


  17. Darryl Gowens says:

    @Ava Anderson-Kemper I agree, with you I had, the Lord speak to me today. About praying for California. And warn the people, which I’m about to do.


  18. caroline c says:

    I agree, THE TRIBULATION is after the rapture and yes there will be christians because those who did not believe before the rapture will believe AFTER the rapture


  19. nancy britt says:

    i;ve been trying to tell people that but no one wants to listen. they think they are all gonna be caught up in glory and the tribulation is only for the bad guys. lol. i just pray they will have built up their faith enough to stand , when the time comes


  20. nancy britt says:

    amen. we just have to hold on no matter what the cost. nothing is worth losing Jesus for


  21. Calling yourself a Christian and living the Word are two different things. Obama called himself a Christian but says that God should bless planned parenthood which is responsible for millions of babies being killed. Obama is a murderer and has a spirit of lying. Obama is judgement upon this land because the spiritual eyes of this nation are dimmed and don’t see the evil he has brought upon us. Many so called Christians have itching ears that want to hear the Gospel of love but not the judgement that God promises to a people that turn their backs on Him which is what America has done. They call good evil and evil good. The generation that sees Israel become a nation again will not pass away before the coming of the Lord so these things must come soon. Revelations talks about how the Christians that do not deny Jesus will be beheaded. Islam’s standard M.O. is to behead infidels. It’s all coming together and starting to make sense.


  22. wow , this just happened.


  23. generations says:

    I’m just wondering if you have a few scriptural references to provide that back up your thoughts or position regarding this tribulation? P.S. Context is everything to me. But without love we are dead..


  24. generations says:

    As much as I want to point fingers and blame people for their actions, I must remember what our real fight is all about. It takes place in the spiritual realm. Even though these people are doing hideous things; it all starts with a single thought. If we do not claim the mind of Christ and simultaneously hold every thought captive to obedience of Christ then the enemy has a real hay-day with our heads with every thought of perversion and cruelty imaginable is laying in wait for us to stumble. Love the people, hate the actions and the one behind these lies. Our Heavenly Father is directing His church all over the world and we are all getting the same message in many different forms, but the message is the same.


  25. America has 7 days to get its act together. It must pray that the “strike” on Syria does not happen. If Syria is struck America will fall. If Congress votes against a strike America may survive provided the vote prevents the strike from happening.


  26. I had a vision and I rarely can recall any of my dreams. It was mass hysteria and everyone was running and hiding to look for comfort. There were men walking around that seemed like demons killing everyone. The only way you survived was to profess the word of God to them and they would flee. We were taking shelter in a shop, they killed the owner in front of me and my son. Every time a demon came to us we both knew the word. It seemed so real and vivid. I woke up frantic and concerned for those that didn’t know the word for themselves.


  27. Catherine says:

    I had the eagle dream last night. I did not know this had happened. I do not watch TV but have had visions lately, nightmares, of the destruction coming. I never remember dreams, yet had a nightmare last night of a mother eagle leaving her babies in a nest and the nest wiped off the branch of the tree destroying it and killing the babies but I did not see what or who did it.


  28. In 1912 the Kenyan Luo nominya prophet Johana Owalo prophesied the destruction of America because of wickedness would be brought about by one of the Luo peoples son. Obama is a son of the Luo people of western Kenya near lake Victoria. His father Obama senior came from kogello village in Luo Nyanza . If the prophecy is true then Obama is a child of destiny who will fulfill this prophecy. Pray for the American people that they may have grace and wisdom to undergo tribulation coming on them. Repent America that God Almighty may have mercy on you.


  29. There have been many anti-Christ’s in today’s sense of the word.


  30. I have noticed that some say our President was elected a second time and you seem to imply that so many people can not be wrong. I would like you to think about Noah and the ark that saved only 8 souls. If those who drowned in the upheaval could talk to you now they would tell you that the majority is not always correct in their evaluation. I pray that your eyes be opened to what is going on around you this very day.


    James Bailey Reply:

    You have drawn a wrong conclusion. Neither Pastor TD Hale nor I ever stated or implied that Obama deserved election or re-election. The American people were greatly deceived by voting for him. He is an evil man, filled with demonic spirits. I believe he is the antichrist, as explained in my recent post:


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