Prophetic Warning: Major West Coast Earthquake is Coming Soon

dolphins in san diegoA panel of prophetic ministers met in February at the Morningstar Advanced Prophetic Ministry Conference in February, 2013. They shared what Lord has shown them regarding a major earthquake coming on the west coast of the United States from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA.

The ministers include Rick Joyner, Bob Jones, and Paul Keith Davis. Rick Joyner and Bob Jones first saw these events back in the 1970′s and 1980′s. They are raising the topic now because they believe the time for the earthquake is coming soon because the events that they were shown that would precede the west coast quake have now happened, including the Japanese earthquake that hit there in 2011. They are warning people to move away from the west coast unless God specifically tells them to stay there.

A 14 minute video of their comments is provided at the bottom of this post. The complete transcript of their comments is provided below.


Bob Jones: Off of San Diego, dolphins have come together from I don’t know how many places they would have to come together but they are 7 miles long and 5 miles wide swimming from San Diego. I really feel that this is a warning. Nature is warning us.

Rick Joyner and I wrote warnings on this in 1989. Why would that many dolphins come together? Dolphins are on top of the water. I wonder what is going on under the water. Nature’s hears it’s warnings before things happen. We ought to be praying for the United States because I think things are getting ready to happen from San Diego to Seattle. That is what the Lord told me a few years ago. Why would they be leaving? (Note: Read news story about the dolphins gathering here.)


Rick Joyner and I were not together at the same time in California in 1989. We both got prophecies, we saw things of a coming earthquake that is beyond anything you can imagine. And I have known that there is an Archangel holding the place together in California. Has California grieved the father so much that He has taken his hand off of California? Then we need to begin to pray for California to where there will be that mercy and that grace.

Rick Joyner: One of the things the Lord showed us, He showed us the big one that is coming, but He showed us a warning quake too. We went around and we had specific details and it all happened and it was shocking to us. One of the biggest shocks was how, even though we had specifics, and it was clear, and it happened just like we said, many of the church leaders said, “We don’t believe that.” It was about as clear of a warning shot as it could be and yet they said no, that is just nature. That was the shocking part to me.

We really need to pray for hearing ears. There really is a spirit of delusion as I talked about yesterday and as the apostle Paul warned there would be those who would only want their ears tickled, who could not hear these things.

We really need to pray for California. We need to pray for the whole West Coast, but there are some who hear. The encouraging thing lately is that some who had been the most adamant and saying, “This is not God. We don’t believe this.” They have had their own dreams and their own visions and their own revelation and now they really understand and know that this is really coming down. This (earthquake) is really happening.

I continue to pray for more time to get more people ready. But regardless of what happens in the natural, through human conflict or whatever, we have to get used to it being harvest time. We have to understand we are not going to run from this. We are going to run to it. It says in Joshua when they crossed over the Jordan River, the Jordan River overflowed all of its banks all of the days of the harvest. The Jordan River speaks of death. That is why Jesus baptized there and John baptized there. It empties into the Dead Sea.

We really are coming into Psalm 91 when 1,000 may fall at our side and 10,000 over here. We have to stay focused and do our job. Death has been swallowed up in victory. It is something we are not afraid of. It happens. We have to learn to stay focused and keep doing our job, but we have to learn also to run to those situations, not away from them.

We have been saying for years now, “Unless you hear God say to stay, get out.” I felt like one of the things the Lord showed us that would precede this was the Japanese quake and tsunami. I felt years ago the Lord said that when that happened tell everyone to move away from those areas who have not heard to stay. We put that warning out. We keep it out. I get asked all the time, “Well it hasn’t happened yet. It must not have been the Lord.”

Listen, there are prophecies in Scriptures that took hundreds of years to happen. We have had many that took 20 years to happen. I don’t know when it is going to happen. I believe the Lord is going to give us something specific. I feel very much that it is imminent. The last several days I have had this foreboding, a spiritual foreboding. Everything in the natural is going better than ever. In the natural I don’t have any reason to feel this way. Something is going on. When I read about those dolphins I said, “This is not good.”

It is proven that dolphins sense earthquakes days ahead of time. There is something that happens regarding the magnetics of the area, but as far as anyone knows what is going on right now with those dolphins out there is unprecedented. Nobody has heard anything quite like it.

I am praying for California and I am praying for such a revival and praying, “Lord, lessen this if there is any way that it can be spared because of revival and turning to the Lord.”Who knows what He might do. We really need to be praying for our West Coast. The Lord is deeply offended by the poison, the spiritual and moral poison that is coming out of Hollywood. This is a terrible grief and He is not going to put up with it for much longer.

Bob Jones: Years ago, I don’t remember how long, but I think it was in the mid-70s, the Lord told me that he is going to give them a warning in California. The shaking will begin in Caliente and Mexicali. When those two places shake it will shortly happen in the other places. So I think if people will listen He is going to warn them. I think the warning will be Mexicali and Caliente on the borderline. I think it is shortly going to shake. If it does then San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and right up the coast. I have never known which was going to go first, San Francisco or Los Angeles. But I have seen the tsunami that will come of the Los Angeles River. The height of it is beyond imagination. In places it looked to me like it was over 200 feet tall.

Now what is your part? Your part is to get it into your soul that these things are going to come and you are going to go through them. They are not going to take you under. You are going to go through them. Every bad thing that has happened in your lifetime, you are here and it is a sign that you went through them. You survived them. This is what I think the Holy Spirit has been doing in your lives is bringing you to a place of faith to where you can survive what takes place when the Father removes his hand. And the Father is removing his hand off of certain areas right now. I believe this area that I am in here (near Fort Mill, South Carolina) is an area of safety. I was told to come here. The first place I was told was to go to Statesville, NC. Then I was told to move from Statesville to where I am right now. I have had him to tell me to move from certain areas at different times. I think for many of you, find out what area He wants you in four there are going to be cities of refuge that are not even touched. There are going to be some states that are hardly touched. There are going to be other states that are demolished.

I brought a word about 11 northeast states, that the father was removing his hand from them. It was about six months ago. I shared why the father was removing his hand from them. It was because they all agreed on the same-sex marriage. So the father, as to whether he is judging them one way or not, when He removes his hand what do you think is going to happen? Judgment. So for those 11 northeast states, just look at what has happened to them. You take Christ out of the schools and you have dead babies. You take Christ out of the marketplace and you have an economy falling. You take him out of the protection on the lines and you have dead cities. Those hurricanes, those bridges falling, that death, if that young man that did all the killing (in Connecticut) had been introduced to Christ in school that killing would have never happened. One of our jobs of the last days is going to be bringing Christ back into the schools.

I don’t know how long some of the states are going to take their punishment because they don’t have a covering. I would be terrified if I did not have Christ in my heart. You’re talking about eternity in hell eternally. I wish that I had the ability to show the people on the earth what hell is like. The Lord has taken me there a couple of times. I don’t want to ever go there again. But hell is real and so is heaven. You are on your way to heaven, but a lot of these jokers and everything are on their way to hell. They don’t know what they are on their way to.

With what the father breathed into Adam all men become eternal. God put his conscience inside of them. So when you are conceived a part of God the father comes into you and becomes your conscience. If you let your conscience be your guide then you are going to spend eternity in heaven. This life down here is just like a drop in the bucket. It is so quick, but it determines where you will spend eternity.

I have seen heaven more than twice and it is so beautiful. Everything there is beauty. Everything there is light. There are praises continually there. The mountains and everything up there are beautiful. The colors are beyond imagination to spend eternity there with Christ and with your brothers and sisters.

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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  1. Why is the video blocked? When I tried to watch it a message came up saying this video is private. Screen went black…


    James Bailey Reply:

    Thanks so much for alerting me. I fixed the problem and the video works now. I will have to do a better job of testing my videos after posting them.


  2. There have been many of these warning throughout the years. One of these times- their bound to be right. “Soon” can mean days or decades. Need a more narrow time frame if it is to be believed.


  3. Brad Holkesvig says:

    Don’t worry, God planned the “Last Day” and didn’t tell any of us servants when that day will happen. All I know is that the whole earth will start shaking and not stop until everything on this earth is shaken apart and eventually melted by hot molten lava pours out from inside the earth. This is the “lake of fire” that can be read about in Revelation.


  4. News – Russian Military Warns Of Potential Catastrophic Quake On US West Coast


  5. My name is Harold C. and I approve of this prophecy.


  6. Is it just me or is it wierd that Governement shut down Oct 1,Fema mass orders of food and water Oct 1,and earth quake warnings Oct 3 also no milatary to take leave of absence Sept 28 to Nov. If its only me disregard this post. Take care people!


  7. I am hesitant about the visions that i have read regarding the 9.7 earthquake and tsunami that will hit San Francisco and Los Angeles Oct 3, 2013. Through out history regarding visions and dreams I have not heard anyone give state that the Lord gave them a precise date on an event that would take place. The Lord has indicated seasons on when certain events will take place but never a month especially a date and month. So if these warnings really are from God then we need to ask him in prayer. But if we start to tell people that certain individuals received visions from God that a major 9.7 earthquake will hit and then a tsunami on Oct 3, 2013 and the day comes and nothing ever happens not only would we look stupid but also loose our credibility as being people of God we would be labeled as liars. Thats why the bible states that we should always challenge the spirit because there would be false prophets coming in his name. Not saying these individuals are liars but need to be careful on what you read or hear especially from humans.


    James Bailey Reply:

    Daniel was given the specific number of years, 49 years, which is seven 7-year periods, from the date the decree was given to rebuild Jerusalem to the date the rebuilding would be completed. Then he was given the specific number of years, 434 years, which is 62 7-year periods, from the date the rebuilding of Jerusalem was completed to the date the Messiah would be cut off, crucified. Noah was told by God the rain will come in seven days and will rain for forty days. All of these specific dates were fulfilled exactly as God said. These scriptures contradict your view and there are no scriptures supporting your view.


  8. to be fair though God never gave dates. number of days/years yes but not an actual date i.e 3rd october. so there nothing in scripture to suggest a specific date is given. just the number of days/years leading to an advent.


  9. Joy Marie Hemlock says:

    Years ago..if a prophet was wrong..he was killed. There IS A MASSIVE QUAKE COMING…It is laying on my heart so heavy this past week… JESUS SHOW ME HUNDREDS in 2006-2009. God does not make mistakes ! We do…trying to interpret them. The ENORMOUS QUAKE IS IN LAS VEGAS. It WILL BE ARRIVING…warns you by visions or dreams…he is showing you the “light” and path…you MUST LISTEN! if the Lord


  10. Joy Marie Hemlock says:

    Be not fearful..these things must happen before his return! Draw close to Jesus and he will warn you and make ur feet MUST LISTEN TO HIM AND OBEY..KEY TO YOUR SAFETY …OBEY! TURN FROM YOUR SIN.. “LOOK!! PEOPLE WILL YELL OUT FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD WHEN THEY SEE SHIMMERING LAS VEGAS SHAKEN DOWN TO RUMBLES!..7H…its massive MM earthquake which will be inhabitable–nuclear plant storage that ‘someone’ purposely neglected. DARKNESS GETTING GREATER!


  11. Joy Marie Hemlock says:

    UN inhabitable! Typo! … but NOT WRONG ON THE “WHERE”


  12. Mercy Njeru says:

    I am in Kenya and something definitely is going to happen in the US West Coast, I had a dream today where I saw people packing foodstuffs hurriedly to flee, then I saw huge plumes shooting up and there was flowing a red as of a river of fire down a valley, then I saw helicopters in the air carrying huge buckets filled with water. I noted they were flying towards the direction of the ocean, not coming from the direction of the ocean. Please pray, I am praying.


  13. Richard Lane says:

    Bob Jones said he thought the precursor to the huge West coast earthquake would be warning quakes (or a quake?) at “Mexicali and Caliente on the borderline.” I know where Mexicali is but I can’t find a Caliente anywhere near the Mexico border. Does anyone know where this is?


    James Bailey Reply:

    It is a very small town and hard to find on the map. I googled it and found this on Wikipedia: “Caliente is an unincorporated community in Kern County, California. It is located 22 miles east-southeast of Bakersfield, at an elevation of 1312 feet. Caliente has a population of 1,019.”


  14. I feel the Earthquake to San Diego will be happening soon; today is Aug 2014. I have been called to move to the East Coast, inland. I knew it was in God’s will for my life at this exact time because although I had no intention of moving, suddenly it was time, and everything has easily fallen into place for me to move. I had a vision a week ago while out walking the lagoon…of water filling the coast up to the cliffs miles inland from the beach.


  15. You guys are all stupid


  16. I too noticed the big distance of Caliente from the Mexican border…….do you think the prophet might have meant Calexico which is in quite near the Mexican border or did he indeed mean Caliente?


    James Bailey Reply:

    I cannot speak for him. If he said Caliente then I would think that is what he meant. He is in heaven now so we cannot ask him. We will have to wait to find out when it happens.


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