Financial News (Jan 28 – Feb 1, 2013)

February 1, 2013

Morningland Dairy Destroyed By Feds, $250,000 Inventory Stolen By Government Thugs During Armed Raid

How Obama Is Causing The Double Dip Recession

QB Projects Shadow Gold Price To Be $15,000 In One Year!

Don’t Be Fooled, Real 4Q12 GDP Was Even Worse Than 0.14%

15 Signs That You Better Get Prepared For The Obama Recession Of 2013

Fraud, Fraud Everywhere

Gap Between Economic Reality And Market Fantasy Hits New High

Workers Prepare Budgets Because Congress Won’t

January 31, 2013

Senators Demand That Banks Be Punished – But Not The Fed

GDP Reverses Course Into Negative Territory

Obama’s Incredible Shrinking Economy

GDP Shows Federal Reserve Just Screwing The Average American

U.S. Economy Shrinks For First Time In Three Years

Bonds Are Breaking Down All Over

The Market Rally Tells Us Nothing About The Economy

The Fed Is Beginning To Splinter… What Comes Next?

2013 Could Be An Ugly Year For BRICs

Record Withdrawals At U.S. Banks As Americans Lose Trust In Financial System

10 Achievements America Accomplished Without The Federal Income Tax

January 30, 2013

Santelli’s Paradox And Why The Fed’s Exit Will Be Very, Very Messy

(Hong Kong) Kaye – We Will See A Global Financial Meltdown

If The New Limitation On Itemized Deductions Has You Planning To Reduce Your Charitable Contributions, You’re Making A Mistake

IRS Tips Won’t Protect You From Identity Theft Tax Fraud

You Know You’re No Longer Living In A Free Country When…

Kansas, Nebraska And Louisiana Eliminating Income Tax

The Farce Must Go On: Senate Suddenly Furious With Eric Holder For Allowing Banks To Become Too Big To Jail

Spain’s Crisis Strategy Under Fire As Economy Buckles Again

U.S. Debt Headed Toward 200 Percent Of GDP Even After Fiscal Cliff

U.S. Silver Coin Sales Hit An All-Time High In January

The Market Rally Tells Us Nothing About The Economy

Amazon Making Less Than $0.01 For Every Dollar Of Revenue?

China Tells U.S. To Slow Money Printing Presses

January 29, 2013

Army Puts Brakes On All Non-War Related Spending, Projects Huge Cuts

BOE’s Haldane: Too Big To Fail Is Far From Gone

Simple Steps To Boost Your Credit Score By 100 Points

Federal Reserve Money Printing Is The Real Reason Why The Stock Market Is Soaring

Labor Minister Says France Is Totally Bankrupt

France Totally Bankrupt Says Labour Minister; Inappropriate or Inaccurate?

Latest Postage Stamp Price Hike Buys The US Postal Service Two Weeks Of Extra Time

Hidden Taxes

January 28, 2013

EPA Rules Kill Texas Power Plant, 3,900 Jobs

Peter Schiff On Politics, Precious Metals And President Obama’s Second Term

Why Employment Is Dead In The Water

Bank Of England Gold – The Doubts Remain

James Turk: Central Banks Are Losing The War To Suppress Gold & Silver Prices

Green Stimulus Money Funds Chinese Tech Advancement

Italian Scandal Widens As Italy’s Third Largest Bank Set To Get Third Bailout In 3 Years; Draghi, Monti Implicated

Chart Of The Week: Union Membership Continues To Decline

Starting Yesterday, Retailers Are Free To Charge Customers Fees For Using Credit Cards

href="" target="_blank">Suspended Debt Ceiling Playing With Fire

Europe’s Bank Sector Involvement

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