Financial News (Jan 20-25, 2013)

January 25, 2013

Fracking’s Rise In U.S. Inspires The World

Gallup Poll: Americans Most Negative On The Nation And Economy In 30 Years

Is Fed Monetary Policy Really Marxist?

George Soros: The Euro Is Now Here To Stay

Five Tax Mistakes That Could Have The IRS On Your Tail

The Fiscal Cliff Was A Wasted Opportunity

What Does Detroit Say About The Working Class In The Us? City Has Lost Over 25 Percent Of Its Population Since 2000. People Take Scrap Metal From Old Buildings To Export To China.

Bank Of America Issues Bond Crash Alert On Fed Tightening Fears

It’s Official: Worst. Recovery. EVER

January 24, 2013

French Private Sector Output Declines At Sharpest Rate Since March 2009

Spanish Youth Unemployment Is On The Verge Of Breaking 60%

Bank Shaking Predicted For Spring 2013

As IRS Tax Filing Season Begins, Bad News For Honest Taxpayers

Apple Plunges $50 On Short Revenue — What Does This Mean for Apple’s Leadership?

A Year After Declaring War On The Banks

Money Printing Amounts To Theft From Our Children

Europe Has Traded Its Financial Crisis For An Economic Crisis

January 23, 2013

Danger Signs Taken Lightly In 2007

Bank Of America Foreclosure Reviews: Whistleblowers Reveal Extensive Borrower Harm And Orchestrated Coverup (Part I – Executive Summary)

These Popular Delusions Could Cost Investors Fortunes In 2013

5 Reasons To Be Nervous About The US Stock Market

Google Sees Its Annual Revenue Top $50bn

82% Of Small Business Executives Think The U.S. Economy Is On The Wrong Track

There Is Too Much Risk Tolerance In The Markets

Justifying The Spending Addiction

Chinese Politicians Are Buying Billions In U.S. Real Estate

German Gold Claw Back Causes Concern

Debt Limit: Talk Of Tax Increases Distracts From Spending Problem

Embry: Gold Super-Spike To Be Dwarfed By The Mania In Silver

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The Media Is Misreporting The Housing Turnaround Story

Why Mackerel Has Been Taken Off The Ethical Fish To Eat List

January 22, 2013

Dan Greenhaus: Despite All The Happy Talk, I Expect We’re Going To See The Government Shutdown Soon

Zillow: Home Prices Climbed At Their Fastest Rate Since August 2006

20,000 Layoffs In Spanish Banks, 40% Pay Cuts, Pension Contributions Halted; Spanish Bank Unions Announce Strike; Protests Snowball; When’s The Breaking Point?”

20 Ways To Become More Self-Sufficient Before The Crunch Arrives

Impact Of Germany’s Gold Repatriation

37 Statistics Which Show How Four Years Of Obama Have Wrecked The U.S. Economy

There Is An Answer To U.S. Debt

Are We Missing Critical Inflation Data With The CPI? How The Government Over Time Has Altered The CPI To Under Report Inflation

January 21, 2013

A Housing Finance Market Without Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Preparing For The Unthinkable: A Us Default?

Income Based Repayment Plan Cementing Inflated Higher Education Costs For Graduate School: How New IBR Pay As You Earn Plan Will Be A Big Win For Graduate Students And Keep College Costs High. Student Debt To Hit $1.8 Trillion In 2020.

The Sovereign Debt Bubble Will Continue To Expand Until – BANG – The System Implodes

The Market Can Only Ignore Fundamentals For So Long

Why Cyprus Is Big Enough To Cause Trouble

Greek Eurozone Exit Still Likely Despite European Leaders Resolve, Warn Economists

Worried About Gold Confiscation? Why Not Buy Silver Instead?

7 Reasons Markets Are Overbought, And What To Do

Market Turning Points Coming Soon …

Blame The Weather As UK Heads For Unprecedented Triple-Dip-Recession

Western Banking: Money For Nothing — Literally

Fiscally We Are Between A Rock And A Hard Place

January 20, 2013

What A Great Job: Writing The Scripts For Apple’s Siri

Sentiment Drops As Consumers Weigh 4% Income Contraction Due To Higher Taxes

Bernanke Fed Was Still Skeptical Of Disaster Risk In Late 2007

Cyber-Attacks Against Banks Continue: Wall Street, We Have A Problemo, Bro

Something Substantial Has Just Changed In The Silver Market

U.S. Mint Silver Coins Run Out as Buying at 5-Year High

Greyerz – We Are Now Seeing Massive Shortages Of Silver

The World Is In Trouble

The Next Great Bubble about to Collapse

Doug Casey: We Are Living In The Middle Of The Biggest Bubble In History

2008 Again?

The Ticking Trillion Dollar Debt Bomb

The Market Rally Is Based On Four Dubious Assumptions

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