Civil War Coming to the Church in America

Neville Johnson

Neville Johnson

Three prophetic Christian ministers are claiming difficult days are ahead for the church in America as a major civil war is coming. These warnings have come from Neville Johnson and Bob Jones, while Bobby Conner sees a radical Christian revolution coming.

Prophetic minister Neville Johnson says the war will be waged in every available media format including the Internet, magazines, Facebook, Twitter, etc. He claims, “It is going to be very vicious. It is going to center around moving in the realm of the spirit.”

He sees great criticism coming upon anyone who claims to see angels, or see the Lord, or visit heaven, or talk to people who are in heaven. The Lord said to Neville Johnson, “I am taking my church through the supernatural veil, and those who don’t follow, or don’t want it, or stand against it will be left behind.”

This war will be a reflection of civil war that is coming to the United States. He says, “This nation is going to see civil war for a period of time.” In the end, he claims there will be a purer church that will go on into the things of God and the church will become the spotless church of the last days as prophesied by the Apostle Paul, “That He might present to Himself the church in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that she would be holy and blameless.” (Ephesians 5:27)

Prophetic minister Bob Jones has also seen a civil war coming to the church in America. In his 2012 presentation of his annual Shepherds Rod message, he said:

“America is being called to come into a union. There is coming a civil war in the church. And each and every one of you is going to have a civil war inside of you. It is going to be the gray matter, the rebel, against the blue, the revelation of the son of Heaven.”

“So the Civil War is getting ready to start and the gray has to surrender to the blue because with the gray matter, when you think you have a thing figured out, you don’t. You can only faith it out, and you only faith it out right down here in your spirit. Faith is coming forth. Every one of you is going to have a civil war within you. You are going to have to determine, am I going to figure it out? Well I am telling you, you are not.”

“Should I buy gold? Should I buy silver? Should I buy food? That is all gray matter. It is not going to work. But when you pray and you hear something in your spirit, do that. That is going to work.”

Prophetic minister Bobby Conner, founder of Eagles View Ministries, sees Christianity in America is about to be redefined as the church breaks out of paralyzing passivity and complacency and is transformed by a radical revolution in 2013. He describes a church being totally transformed as their focus shifts from themselves to God and they begin to allow God to do what He wants to do in their meetings. For more details on Bobby Conner’s vision for the church in America, see my previous blog post: Radical Christian Revolution Coming in 2013.

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James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

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  1. Great word. All of the ”’dishonest”’ rich people will be made poor like me. Glory to God……
    Not so to the honest rich. God bless them. They got integrity.

  2. George Elliott says:

    That a revolution will come to the Church is an understatement. The same revolution will include Judaism and Mormonism. One result will be a unification of Judaism, Christianity and Mormonism. Another result will be a re-enactment of the sinking of the Titanic in which the existing forms of Judaism, Christianity, and Mormonism sink out of sight.

  3. Neville Johnson quoted from above: He sees great criticism coming upon anyone who claims to see angels, or see the Lord, or visit heaven, or talk to people who are in heaven. The Lord said to Neville Johnson, “I am taking my church through the supernatural veil, and those who don’t follow, or don’t want it, or stand against it will be left behind.”

    Does that mean Keith Moore’s testimony about going to heaven and talking to his dad in heaven (of which there is also a link to on your website) will be greatly criticized? And, if so, greatly criticized by who? Thank you for your website; I stumbled onto it by accident and have found it very eye-opening,

    • Any time people are led by the spirit they are misunderstood by people who are spiritually blind. Many Christians do not follow the leading of the Holy Spirit because they rely too much on their own carnal understanding. They think they already know some things so they are not hungry enough to press into God to be filled with His spirit. All of us are guilty of this to some degree, but some more than others. These carnal Christians think they are fighting for God when they hurl criticism at those who are led by the spirit. In reality they are fighting against God and being used by the devil to attack God’s anointed servants. We should all avoid criticizing other believers and focus on addressing our own shortcomings. Who are we to correct someone else’s servants? God never asked us to do that. He told us not to judge others.

      • Hi James,

        I have personally experienced those that we might label as spiritually blind. The criticisms can be sharper than a sword.

        The experience for a believer led by the Holy Spirit if one such person be a close friend or family member can be heart wrenching. And just try and comprehend the awesomeness of our God! Even in such a case, the believer is advised to pray for the salvation of that person!

        Such aspects of him so touch my heart that I personally feel like hugging him and telling him I want to be just like him!

  4. I agree that some people that are led by the Spirit are misunderstood. But there’s a lot of people out there claiming to be prophets, led by the Spirit, that are just plain false. I am in complete agreement that we should not be slanderers of these people. But we have to call a spade a spade. We are called to judge the messages being brought to us by our pastors, teachers, and yes, even those claiming to be prophets. As Paul put it in 2 Timothy 2:15, we are to rightly divide the truth. If a leader is teaching something that contradicts scripture, they are to be corrected publicly. That’s the Biblical standard for leaders. If they won’t hear, they are to be removed from fellowship. I sincerely hope a civil war does not come to the church. But if it does, it’s almost definitely going to be brought and waged by someone with a reputation on the line.

    • Sounds to me like you skipped a couple of very important steps in the correction process. The Bible gives us a 4-step process for correcting anyone. It does not make any difference if they are a leader or not. The process is always the same. The first step is to go speak to them privately, one on one. In the meantime we should keep quiet and not talk to other people about it unless they fail to repent. Then we can move to the second step, which is to go speak with them again privately, but with 2 or 3 witnesses. The third step is public correction. The final step is only used if they still refuse to repent, which is boot them out of the fellowship. “If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private. If he listens to you, you have won your brother. But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every fact may be confirmed. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.” (Matthew 18:15-17)

      • Martin Semrok says:

        Right on! I sent a similar message to someone who thought he was doing GOD a favour by criticizing Jonathan Cahn. I gave him Neville’s message which stated GOD will no longer tolerate “leprosy” (like Miriam). Pastors will die in the pulpit who criticize others.

  5. James, this gets rather personal so you probably don’t want it made public. read what is said and act accordingly brother. You know better.
    I guess you think going to gravesites to pray for dead people’s anointing, claiming back new age practices as if there is such a thing to begin with and guided visualizations is all of God?What about the visiting heaven James? when someone visits heaven didn’t paul say it was unlawful for the man he knew to even speak, isn’t revelation given James because it is the final piece, the revelation of Jesus Christ?
    Isn’t that why John had the experience James?
    Aren’t we commanded James to teach sound doctrine?

    What about talking to dead people James? is the apostle paul in heaven now James or is he in the realm of the dead awaiting resurrection? What about it James? I know you are hungry man, I see you praying before the Lord but you seek experiences not the risen King. you used to pray and seek the will of the Lord James, God used you, you spoke accurately the word of the Lord, but you got hurt, wounded.
    you must lay your heart down to Him and allow Him to heal you because you have many wounds that have caused you heartache.
    rejection and misunderstanding you have a true heart james I am speaking to you as my brother and not as my enemy. these things have been rampant in your life James the Lord knows you. Please brother don’t be so blind Turn to Him James you are on the path called wide, it is impossible to go to one or the other
    Privately. face to face confrontations are going to happen man, like just consider the truth of Jesus, consider what He did and the apostles did. Consider how Holy Spirit is even abused now James. when they themselves are publicly making a spectacle of Jesus it is a public show that will happen. Do you truly not see James? Think about lakeland, I appeal to you. Did God show He was not in the happenings? Do you know how many thousands of people were driven away from God James? How many even turned and became aetheists over it? Did God not even bring the secular media into it James? Was there not lies spoken on international television James? Are angels not emphasized on James? is this Holy SPirit James?JAMES WAKE UP! brother come on arise and stand in the trueness of Jesus man.

    There is much demonic stuff done in His name James it has to be dealt with Jesus has no choice but to defend us. we have allowed the enemy in our midst he is very smart and cunning but what is going on is truly of him not of Jesus, come on brother, arise and stand with the true prophets of Jesus, you know this can’t be Him James. come on. no prophet of God could say it is. James, you have yourself had many questions I know you want to believe James, but consider when Holy Spirit really does move James, it is not experience that is emphasized is it James? No. Holy Spirit performs the ministry does he lie James?

    Come on brother. please. I am trying hard to save you from these things. Your heart is laid bare before you man. Turn to Jesus my friend please don’t allow this deception to comsume you any longer, you KNOW the true power of the Lord James. you have been used of Him to even heal people. come on James arise from this nonsense. because others say it is ok you accept it, brother you are a prophet of the most High God. FALLEN before Him.Repent man because your heart has been compromised. I am reading your mail right now before the Lord. I know what I speak and you do as well. so what James are you going to do? What a pathetic thing is accepted as prophetic, don’t you see? How they speak so many words james, they sit and do research to see if they can predict events. James, James! YOU KNOW how God works James, think back how God has Himself used you, how the words you spoke came into being. how God blessed you and His favor was on you, how people rose against you, you have to remember James. wake up brother, wake up and stand and be counted.

    I mean do you not see because these are all things emphasized on it is said, people will arise to discount. do you not see how this plan has been evident and said in the open under the guise of warnings? Do you honestly not see this brother? You do see it James, conviction is upon you now, repent my brother, it is not too late, Jesus will receive you for He is your king. Oh, tsk tsk they say don’t judge, yeah so what do you do with scripture that commands all things be tested? Test the spirits. James you know this, Is Jesus declared as a spirit James? read joyners book and see if Jesus is declared as a spirit. he declares he was and is a spirit. JAMES! you have fallen, arise my brother. Arise and come home to Jesus away from the wickedness He will use you.
    You have a shepherds heart james, remember it is He who gave you the compassion for people but you yourself have spoken words of Him that were not lovey dovey. James look at jeremiah 3:15 this is how you are, but you can’t operate properly james, like hasn’t it been an evidence of the spiritual resistance you encounter? please James, listen to Jesus here.Come on brother please, please, turn to Him before you are accounted with them. There are a few who are false but they rose to the top James. What did jezebel do James? Do you not honestly see the reality of what is being said to you here? Come on James, I speak in all love to you my brother.
    How many words spoken in Jesus name fall to the ground because He never sent them to begin with? Civil war? Even those very words are contrary to the very nature of God and His heart. the agenda is not hidden, there is a reason they say this James, they know people will stand against them. what they didn’t count on is that Jesus Himself will defend His own bride. James…..

    ample warnings have gone out, now what are you going to do? I am here right now declaring to you this is going to happen, what are you going to do about it? Stay on the path called wide or repent to the Lord?
    Come on James you know full well you are being spoken to here. Come on brother enough is enough. Repent and turn from these wicked things, We WILL stand before Jesus the king. let us not hear depart from me. turn back James I call you back to the Lord. repent and turn to Him and be set free.

  6. James,
    Don’t be a fool. We are coming man, Like get that straight play time is over, I reached out in love, we come in His name and there will be an open show made sir. I warned you.
    No twisting involved and the word is clear, repent James or be accounted among them, because it has been such a deception and things have been allowed you mistake the truth of the Lord.
    He himself will defend us sir, real prophets are coming and this is not said lightly we either will come with a rod or we will come in love but make no mistake We are coming. James, they have already begun. your arrogance will be your downfall. You mock the Lord in your comment, He reached in mercy you refuse to listen as do your counterparts, warning after warning has gone out, so, don’t believe it, that doesn’t change what IS going to take place, there will be much weeping and repentance James.
    Do you wish to see come meet me You have fallen before him james. You are going to find out what is and is not of God. No scripture is needed to be twisted only truth is what matters.
    be warned and forewarned this is going to happen and has already begun, so let us see and I truly hope you turn to Him james because you are operating outside of Him and I again call you to repent and turn to Him.
    End of story accept it or see the truth this will happen and happen quickly.
    What are you going to do James? You have been warned in His mercy you will face Him in His power.
    Play time is over.
    End of story.
    -William Mino

    • Wow, now I know for sure where you are coming from. You have taken sides with the devil fighting against God’s people. You are a great example why civil war is coming to the church in America. The level of your arrogance is amazing, but that is the nature of the devil.

  7. How can there be civil war between God’s children and in God’s church? There is only one church and it is the church of Jesus Christ. Every-one who is born again and received the Spirit of Messiah belongs to Him and is part of His church. Anybody (does not matter to which denomination he/she belongs) who does not have the Son of God does not have life (1 John 5). How will we know if the prophet is false or not? The Lord Himself gave us the answer very clearly: by their fruits (Matt.7). No matter how “supernatural” a message is, if it does not result in changed lives that reflect the fruit of the Spirit, it is not the Spirit of the Lord. If it does not result in a holy life, it is not the Holy Spirit (without the sactification of the Spirit no one will see the Lord – Hebr.12:14-16). If it is full of bitterness, strife, envy, divisions etc. (Gal.5:19-26), it is not the Spirit of God. If there is going to be “civil war” it should be against the strongholds of the enemy in the church… against the powers of the darkness of this age (Eph.6). People who call themselves “Christians” and even “evangelicals” or “born again” and yet continue living in their sins, living in the flesh. People who will not repent of sin, but glory in the signs and wonders that God does through them in the Name of Jesus (read Matt.7 again). That the “church” looks exactly like the world. That we would attack brothers on issues of “doctrine” and interpretation of the Word, brothers that were accepted by God Himself in Jesus, and yet be disobedient to the clear teaching of the Word: to be one and love one another. If this civil war is against flesh and blood people, you are fighting the wrong enemy! Our fight is (supposed to be) against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Brothers, get down on your knees and learn to fight this war. So that sinners will no longer sit in churches, happy that they are “saved” while their whole life proclaims that they still belong to the enemy. So that faith will result in a different life-style, a life in the Spirit, not just “spiritual” manifestations on a Sunday morning. So that the world will once again look at the bride of Christ and see the righteous works of the saints as her clothing and be drawn to Him or reject Him, but no longer be able to point fingers to the church and say: “they are just like us, living in the same sins and powerless against the same temptations”. That our lives in the world will no longer seek to glorify ourselves and spatter mud on the Name of Jesus by our sins. Let there be a true revival, born by the Holy Spirit of God Himself!

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