Major Earthquake Coming to the Heartland of America

new madrid faultSeveral different prophetic ministers have received warnings from the Lord over the past several years regarding a major earthquake, which will hit the heartland of America. Most of the prophetic words connect the earthquake directly to the judgment of God for America’s role in pressuring Israel to divide their land.

Warning #1: Pastor Shane Warren from First Assembly of God in West Monroe LA had a prophetic vision in which he saw the heartland of America split by massive earthquakes. He shared the details of his vision on Sid Roth’s television program, “It’s Supernatural.” In his vision, he saw a news broadcast on his television. He heard the broadcaster saying:

“Ladies and gentlemen another tragedy has hit America. Right in the heartland on the new Madrid fault line a major earthquake has just hit.”

“Immediately pictures of devastation began to pop up all over the heartland of America along the new Madrid fault line as earthquakes caused entire cities to crumble. While I was sitting there, I heard a booming voice behind my ear that said, “They have divided my land. Now I will divide their land.”

“Leviticus 25:23 says Israel is God’s land. The word of God in Joel 3:1-2 goes on to prophesy that if we divide his land that God will divide our land. I had never realized the prophetic implications of that, but I knew immediately in my dream or in this vision that he was speaking about Israel and specifically Jerusalem and all that is going on right now, which tells me that this dream that I had and all of the issues that are going on with Jerusalem that are taking place right now, it tells me that this dream that I had is about to unfold because I heard that.”

Warning #2: In May 2008, Pastor John Kilpatrick from Pensacola FL had a prophetic dream in which he saw America being divided by a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault line. The transcript below was taken from an interview which he did on Sid Roth’s television program, “It’s Supernatural.”

It was a very stirring dream. I never had one that real before. When I woke up, it stirred me to the point that I asked my wife to hold me and I am, you know, a grown man. I have never done that ever before with a dream of any kind. But I dreamed of an earthquake that took place and it was shown to me and several stages but I won’t go into all of the details of it.

The Lord showed me that an earthquake was going to hit in the middle part of the country right where the new Madrid fault line is. It was so real when the Lord showed it to me that I would walk by the television set for several days after that night and in my mind I could not understand why it was not on television. That’s how real it was. But the Lord was showing me, I believe, that if we continue to fool with Jerusalem and our secretary of state and our President keep putting pressure on Israel to give up land and to give up Jerusalem for peace then I believe that a major earthquake is going to strike America. If we pressure Israel to divide their land then our land will be divided.

It was right in the middle of the country and what I saw on there was the word Indianola on what looked  like an old Spanish map. I saw the word Indianola and I saw it scroll down a little bit southwest and I saw the word Europa and that was in Missouri. If you superimpose the new Madrid fault between Indianola, Illinois and Europa, Missouri that is basically an exact replica of the new Madrid fault.

I won’t go through the details of the dream but it was very very real. That was on Tuesday. On Saturday morning I woke up and was coming out of sleep and I heard the Lord say in an audible voice as I am coming out of sleep. He said, “A storm is coming. Prepare against the summer.”

So I really feel like whatever is coming is something that the church needs to be prepared for. I would really encourage people right now, and I’m not trying to engender fear, I am not that type of person, but I really encourage people if they could put up some beans and rice and some extra cash and things like that, and other things that they can do to prepare for them and their families because I believe with all of my heart that if Pres. Obama and Secretary of State Clinton continue to put pressure on Israel to give up Jerusalem and to give up parts of Israel for peace, land for peace, I believe that America is going to go on the skids and I believe that our land is going to be divided and I believe it could be the financial and it could be the end of America as we know it.

Warning #3: Prophetic minister Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj received a prophetic word regarding war coming to Israel. He was told that Israel will be betrayed by America in a political trap that will force her to surrender part of Jerusalem. As a direct result, the judgment of God will come upon America to divide our land right down the center. The following is the transcript of his word:

Suddenly I saw an open vision right before my eyes. I saw a mighty angel with a long, drawn sword in his hand. And he stood before me speaking all of these words. Then he said, “This is what will happen to the best friend that will betray Israel and divide Jerusalem.”

When he spoke those words, I saw this map of the U.S. like in a three-dimensional. It appeared right before my eyes beside the angel. And he took the sword and he pierced right into the heart of the U.S. and he cut it into two. He said, “Likewise will this nation be divided as Jerusalem will be divided.” He cut the land into two exactly in the center.

Warning #4: Prophetic minister John Paul Jackson was given news headlines of the future. He saw them appear one at a time as newspapers were displayed in front of him. One one of them was the following headline:

the-great-divideJohn Paul Jackson explains the meaning of this headline as follows: “This was a headline from a little while after an earthquake had happened. They were no longer able to go from New Orleans all the way up the Mississippi River. Something happened with the river in an earthquake. They call it the great divide. So this is how business was now operating on the Mississippi River since they could not traverse the whole way up.”

Warning #5: Prophetic minister Terry Bennett also sees news headlines from the future and posts them on his website. In October 2012, he received the following news headline:

No Bridge Over Troubled Waters: An Impossible Deluge at the Mississippi River as 8.8 Earthquake Strikes

Terry Bennett believes the Lord told him this headline, as well as many others he received, will come to pass by the middle of 2015.

Warning #6: Prophetic minister Daniel Bohler, from Prophetic Watchman Ministries, confirms this word. He saw the Mississippi River was moved so far away from New Orleans that it no longer flowed through there. He said God was taking the seaport business away from New Orleans and giving it to Mobile, AL, which is 150 miles to the east of New Orleans.

Warning #7: In May 2009, Lindy Pierce, owner of Lion of Judah Anointing Oil, had a vision of a 9.5 earthquake destroying Chicago. Here is an excerpt from her vision:

“I saw a vision of the water from Lake Michigan coming into Chicago and what was left of the buildings after the quake (9.5) was being swept away.  I saw one closeup view of a man’s hand sticking up out of the mud and wondering if it was just a hand, or if it was attached to a body, was the body still alive, and, if not, was the man saved.  I wept and wept.  It was awful.”

I believe each of these prophetic ministers have seen different aspects of the same earthquake. Their prophetic words make it clear the coming earthquake is the result of America pressuring Israel to divide their land. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj explains this in greater detail in my article called “Three Prophetic Warnings of a New War in the Middle East.” That same article provides insights into the possible timing of the coming war in the Middle East, which will be when America turns against Israel with a political trap. The judgment of God will be released very soon after that.

The Lord has given these prophecies not to scare us, but to help us prepare for the events that are coming. The number one thing we can do to prepare is to draw closer to the Lord than we have ever been be. he safest place to be is as close to Him as we can get. We must learn to hear His voice and obey everything He tells us to do. For those who do that, God will provide His protection and provision. Those who do not know the Lord will surely be gripped by fear, but fear is not from the Lord and actually opens the door for the devil to come into our lives. Therefore, we must stand firm against fear and walk in faith, trusting the Lord. Faith is the key to receiving from God. If you would like more information on how to live by faith, please click here.

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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  1. Reginald says:

    The ruling elites have been trying to get the New Madrid fault line to move for some time now. The so called BP disaster was done to flood that line with oil for one thing. There is also a map out that clearly shows where an earthquake has already happened and the borders of America are completely changed by this earthquake because of major flooding mainly.


  2. Dave Recker says:

    James, I think this great divide also includes the people of this land. I am almost 69 and I have not seen this country so divided on about every issue.The Vietnam war was close but nothing like today.


    James Bailey Reply:

    Great point. I agree. I believe that is one of the ways the devil is seeking to destroy America. Unfortunately, we have been allowing it to happen. I believe the answer is for our country to turn back to God.


  3. Adam Selene says:

    Regarding warning 2: I have no idea where Europa Missouri is but Indianaola, Illinois is about 150-175 miles north of the New Madrid fault. Not even remotely close the the fault line.


    James Bailey Reply:

    John Kilpatrick is only the messenger, relaying what he saw and heard in his dream. It sounds like this earthquake will be centered on the New Madrid fault line but will actually extend far beyond it both south and north. The other prophetic words listed in my post provide more insights on the magnitude of the quake.


  4. Anna Wells says:

    Thank you James for making yourself available in this area in relaying to us those prophetic warnings, We live in the Pacific Oceania, and I believe we are also going through some shakings in every arenas of our nations…God is sovereign and that we have no other options but to stay aligned to the prophetic Word of warning and walk in intimacy with God…making ourselves available for Gods all in all… in this season with high wisdom anna


    James Bailey Reply:

    Amen, close to Him is the only safe place to be!


  5. Gloria wolfram says:

    In addition to the Madrid Earthquake ,a prophet said the fault will start on the eastern side of Texas near Louisa na and continue up to Illinois near the Great Lake .This lake will drain out making a huge wide river ,in some parts you won’t be able to see the other side.


  6. Bernadine Francis says:



  7. Early this year, I had vision from the Lord. In vision, he says , year 2014 onwards, and from year 2016-2020 will be important because economic troubles will happen. And year 2022, will be year to look out for natural disaster ( He dind’t say what disaster is), and both economic and natural disaster will all affect America. ( He didn’t mention about the rest of the world) So, all brothers and sisters of America, please get yourselves in shape and go back to the Lord. Be prepared for what ‘s coming .


  8. Early this year, I had vision from the Lord.In vision, I saw my senior friend speaking, ” watch out for economic Events from year 2014 onwards and especially from 2016-2020. And also year 2022 , which there will be natural disaster ( He didn’t mention what kind of disaster is). And both economic troubles and natural disaster will occur and affect America.( He didn’t mention about the rest of the world). So,all brothers and sisters of America, please get yourselves back in shape. Get back to the Lord and be prepared for what is coming to America soon.


  9. Micah Son says:

    Go to and Compare the top comment to the info presented on Than look up Harrp. The illuminati/Elite are tying in the next major economic disaster to hit POSSIBLY in 2015 with the cycle of 7s and blood moon. 2015 may be the date the Elite/Illuminati will engineer the last economic collapse. The illuminati are a people of the occult and highly into numerology hence why dates and numbers plays a role in their actions.The cycle of 7s and blood moons are related to their timeline. Here are the 3 dates: 2001–> 2008.—>2015. Around 9/11/2001 our economy too a dive around the time the twin towers fell. 7 years from that date on 2008 just as the Elite had planned America’s economy crashed again. 7 years from that will be 2015…(hence the cycle of 7) where the last of the blood moon will coincide with their plan. Many people in dreams or visions have seen America’s economy crash after a major earthquake. I believe that may brought about by the use of Harrp…weather manipulating technology or nuke. The new $50 and $100 bill are telegraphing a nuke tsunami and hoover dams destruction…part of the Elites next false flag like 9/11. Youtube Jonathan Kleck $100 nuke $50 hoover dam. The birth of the NWO is soon…symbolized by the coming destruction of hoover dam. The Elite all worship Lucifer. They let people know their intentions through movies, tv shows, and music videos before they unleash the disaster although the masses are merely entertain and do not think much of it.. I heard its part of their moral code of ethic to do so. All we can do as a people is Seek God while he is near. Jesus is coming soon.


  10. Ummm….this nation IS divided by swamps–we just forgot they have been drained. The Lord permitted us to drain them for farm land. Google the Kankakee swap on Google images then superimpose it on the above map. John Paul Jacksons prophecy takes on a whole new and bigger meaning. They didn’t call it THE EVERGLADES OF THEA NORTH for nothin’. 500,000 acres of swamp went away all so a few land speculators could become wealthy. John Paul Jackson mentioned he saw a huge river run backwards in one of his headlines and I belive that to be the Detroit river. He also mentioned desalination facilities being built around a lake and I believe that to be lake Huron and Micigan. What lies under the Detroit river and parts of Lake Huron is salt and salt mines. One majer earthquake and boom, crackes apper in the shaft allowing salt to be drawn into the river. In essence, the largest fresh water lakes in the world, suddenly and overnight, become a large inland salty sea. That,my friends, ain’t good news.


  11. Terry Rogers says:

    In a dream I saw a mighty Angel with a 5 pronged pitch fork standing near the earth. As I watched, the Angel plunged the fork into the earth. And he said ” The 5 prongs are 5 disasters that will strike the earth. The first one will be a mountain of fire that will fall into the sea at great speed, the second will be massive earthquakes and tidal waves world wide, the third will be darkness over the face of the whole earth, the fourth will be a great world wide famine, and the fifth will be pestilence and plagues.” Because of these disasters a great part of humanity will perish. I pray this was only a dream, and not prophecy of what is to come. But I believe that no matter what disasters may come, Christ shall return and heal the earth,and the nations, and the words of the Angels shall at last ring true. “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men”.


  12. I also had a vision warning about the New Madrid fault line my friends I believe the earthquake is coming soon. Even the Bible talks about Great earthquake that’s coming. What America allows to happen to isreal will come back on this nation 10 times worse i promise. We as a nation is leaving God and Jesus side therefore we as a nation will pay. Our only chance n ow is to return to God! John 3:16


  13. Dr. William L. Payne, Jr. says:

    In 2005 I was in Washington D.C. area for a series of meetings. My driver was taking me around D.C. on Saturday evening and as we were driving, I asked the Lord what kind of spirit was over D.C. The answer came back to me, “It is a city without a heart.” Immediately after that I had a vision of an old man on a bed, taking his last breaths. The Lord said, “This represents the United States and if it does not turn back to me, it is gone as a nation as you know it.” I began to weep as I shared this with my driver. The next day, Sunday, I was scheduled to speak at a church in Leesburg, VA in the morning service. I knew no one there, including the pastor. While waiting for the service to begin, I saw a man walk up to the pastor and show him a piece of paper, then he sat down. I had not intended to tell anyone there what the Lord had shown me, but after I finished speaking the pastor asked me to tell everyone what I had seen. I then knew my driver had told him about it before the service. After I finished the pastor asked the man who had shown him the paper to come up and read what he had written. It was identical to what the Lord had shown me the night before. In February of 2006, my wife and I were invited to a weekend of prayer in Fredericksburg, VA, along with a congressman friend and other key people in D.C. On Saturday, my wife and I, along with the friend who had driven me around D.C. the year before, toured the Capitol. After we exited and came down the steps, I turned around to take another look at it, since it is so beautiful. Immediately, I had an open vision and saw fire coming out of the Capitol and the top half was gone. It was burning to the ground. I told my wife and friend what I had just seen, and the next morning at breakfast, I told everyone at our prayer meeting. Almost with one voice they said, “This is not the first time we have heard this.” It has been over twelve years since these two visions were given to me and since that time our nation has continued to descend on a path of destruction and immorality. I believe God’s hand of protection has been removed over our nation and His judgments are soon to hit. Also, our administrations treatment of Israel and its leadership is an abomination and stench in God’s nostrils. He will not put up with any nation that treats Israel with distaine, tries to divide it it’s land, and caters to Israel’s enemies. There is a payday! Lastly, I believe we are soon going to see Iran make a move to take over the Middle East and its oil fields to establish a Shiite Islamic Caliphate. A confederacy of possibly Turkey, Syria (which is 85% Sunni), Egypt and Albania will make a counter move against Iran, recapture the Middle Eastern countries, establish a revived and revised Islamic Empire, out of which will come the Islamic Antichrist. You can read my full address on this subject at my web site, Thank you, James Bailey, for your insight and web site.


    James Bailey Reply:

    Wow, thanks for sharing that awesome testimony and your insights regarding the coming war in the middle east. I agree with you 100%!


  14. Dear James I have also had a vision of the USA split into two, but I am not American and live in Cape Town, South Africa. However, the Lord did call me into His service so as to warn Americans, because He loves them and wants them out of harm’s way. My story is here:


  15. I found Europa, MO. It’s down in the southwestern side of the bootheel near Arkansas…


  16. R Jamison says:

    Here is another prophetic word from Efrain Rodriquez – submitted in 2010 to President Obama and NASA. He has spoken at The Prophecy Club and Stan Johnson. The Lord is warning His people! The message: get right with Jesus and pray for your family. The Lord will preserve His people in this judgment. This is a Pre-rapture judgment to ready the Body of Christ, God’s Bride, to pour out The Holy Spirit in the greatest revival ever!! Maranatha!!


  17. Wyman Au says:

    Dear Dr. Payne Your posted comment on Jan 25, 2015 re Iran making her move appears to be coming to pass, as BHO was pushing very hard for an Iranian nuclear accord on Apr 2, 2015 & Iran Supreme Leader speaking vituperative against it! ~Drgold


  18. Hi! Bro. Sadhu mentioned during our National Prayer Gathering this April 2015 that the time when Israel will be divided is after this Blood Moon and the Feast of Tabernacles, probably until 2017/2018 time frame. He said that those who will split Israel will be punished economically too.


    James Bailey Reply:

    Thanks for sharing that! Did he say Israel will not be divided until 2017/2018?


  19. It’s more of the split may happen any time between after the Feast and 2017/2018.


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