School News

February 13, 2013

Banning Homeschooling Does Not Violate Rights: U.S. Attorney General’s Office

Obama Urges Big Preschool Expansion In State Of The Union Speech

February 12, 2013

Arkansas Bill Proposes Teaching Bible In Schools

5 Million College Grads With Jobs That Don’t Require A High School Diploma.

Minority Students In Chicago: Hostages Of The Democratic Party

Brainwashing Kids About Guns

Utah School District Agrees to Place Homosexual Book Back Into Elementary Schools Following Lawsuit

Brown University To Pay For Students’ Sex Change Procedures

February 11, 2013

County Board In Tenn. Approves Ten Commandments Displays For Public Schools

Illinois University Brings Porn Star To Teach Sex Week, Orgasm Workshop

February 8, 2013

California No Longer Requiring Eighth Graders To Take Algebra

Seattle Teachers Go On Strike, Refuse To Test Students

State Board Of Education Approves Resolution To Encourage Ending Corporal Punishment

February 7, 2013

Texas Decides To Rein In Liberal Curriculum

Another Kid Arrested For Having A Toy Gun

February 6, 2013

Rhee: Argument Against School Vouchers Holds Absolutely No Water

Student Loan Bubble Forces Yale, Penn To Sue Their Own Students

School Disciplinary Actions Over Faux Guns Do More Harm Than Good

February 5, 2013

School District To Copyright All Student Work?

Quebec School To Appeal To Canadian Supreme Court For Right To Teach Catholic Religion Course

NYC Schools Give 12,000 Plan B Drugs To Kids Without Parents OK

February 4, 2013

Fort Collins Students Read Pledge Of Allegiance In Arabic

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Master’s Degree Holders, PhDs On Food Stamps

February 1, 2013

Michael Logan, New York Substitute Teacher, Allegedly Scammed Tutoring Program

National School Choice Week Promotes More Options To Improve Education System

DaNita Wilson, Georgia Teacher, Accused Of Having Sex With 7 High School Students (VIDEO)

University Of Michigan Kicks Christian Club Off Campus

Great Video Of Dad Fighting School Board In Court Over Forced Sex-Ed Classes

School News